Sunday, April 27, 2008

Linkup on South Street

Rob Scheer loves those actors but still hates Deception
The Hot Blog quotable Ang Lee @ Ebertfest
GreenCine Daily The Lola Awards in Germany. Fatih Akin wins big
Thompson on Hollywood anticipating Synecdoche New York (production still!)
Filmmaker Directors Fortnight at Cannes heavy on French film. One from the US.
Victim of the Time on Happy Go Lucky and Son of Rambow
Coming Soon Tilda Swinton to star in an Italian film
Guardian Unlimited on the British reaction to the Cannes lineup

StinkyLulu's "Supporting Actress Smackdown"s are my favorite thing about the last Sunday in each month. Today he and his rotating team of actress freaks (I couldn't participate due to my trip) take on Grace Kelly  in Mogambo, Geraldine Page in Honcho, Marjorie Rambeau in Torch Song, Thelma Ritter in Pickup on South Street and Donna Reed in the best picture winner From Here To Eternity, the supporting actress field of 1953. They dismiss Oscar's eventual choice (Donna Reed in From Here To Eternity ... I'm fond of her performance and the film) but their imaginary winner results are a true nail biter. If Charlie Parker..., participates unknowingly in this Smackdown delivering a photo of Grace Kelly preparing for a role.

And while we're on the actress front: Here's a video about Julianne Moore's mermaid shoot for Disney


RJ said...

I wish Deception was a good movie. I want to see Michelle Williams as a sex god.

adam k. said...

As much as I love Julianne and am glad she did that shoot, I wonder why they didn't ask Amy Adams? She's also a redhead, she's younger, and she's also a real disney princess. If anyone's the living embodiment of Ariel, she's it.

But still, more power to Julianne.

Michael B. said...

Adam K., I think you answered your own question. Amy Adams is a real disney princess and they probably want to use her in other ads, and kids these days get confused very easily. I do think that Adams was a better choice tho.


it'slike youguys don't even realize what blog you're at ;)

Anonymous said...

The film is Hondo, not "Honcho". My favorite film directed by Mia Farrow's dad, with assist by John Ford.