Friday, April 11, 2008


Webster's Is My Bitch "fangasm" with Willow & Wesley (for Buffy fans only)
Defamer racism at Sundance? Why is there no distributor for the excellent documentary Trouble The Water. For those who don't remember I reviewed the film for Zoom-In.
Buzz Sugar has more names for the omnibus film New York, I Love You
The Bad and the Ugly has a SPOILER pic from the same film
Anne Thompson why Iron Man will be huge (but how -- $$$ -- huge?)
Lazy Circles loves James McAvoy as much as Courtney Love does
Oscar and the City original songs in Sex & The City? Oscar nods?
Awards Daily Photos from The Edge of Love, a bio (of sorts) of the poet Dylan Thomas with a yummy romantic quadrangle featuring Keira Knightley, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys. Here's the final piece of that quartet: Sienna Miller...

Readers with elephantine memory will note that when I interviewed "14" of The Gallery of the Absurd she said...
There are some faces I just can't seem to "see". I can't paint Sienna Miller or Hillary Duff because I can't get my head around what they look like.
Yes, that. It's so true. I can never remember her face from one film to the next.
The Egalitarian Bookworm in semi-related news --I'm stretching -- hates the casting of Keira Knightley and other young actresses in literary biopics
MNPP... and we're back to yummy pictures: a couple more from that Emile Hirsch photoshoot we were talking about yesterday

And just because I can't seem to stop today ... here's Jason Patric spanking Cameron Diaz. You know she deserved it! One for each crappy movie she's made.

[more where this came from @ A Socialite's Life]


Dominique said...

Oh my God, my mother and I have been saying Sienna Miller has no face since she was only known as the-chick-Jude-Law-cheated-on-with-the-nanny.

Anonymous said...

re: the outrage over literary/biopic casting:

- In that list of actresses, PORTMAN is the one who's too skinny? Uh... Keira? And even then, so?

- Haven't Knightley and especially Portman and Wood already demonstrated that they have talent, heft, and gravitas? Hathaway, too, certainly has talent, and in Brokeback Mountain exhibited flashes of heft and gravitas.

I guess my point is: These are all talented actresses. In certain cases they seem young for their roles, but let's judge the director's interpretation/the actress's performance on their own merits, shall we?

I guess I understand that it's frustrating that the same group of talented young actresses get the best roles, but that's nothing new. It could be way worse. I mean, it's not like they're casting Jessica Alba or something.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the link for the spoiler pic (thinking rightly that it was for "New York, I Love You") but when I saw the title of the picture at the top of the page, I almost flipped out, thinking that Nat had tried to trick us all by posting a spoiler picture from a certain OTHER film that that particular actor is in this year. Thankfully I was wrong.

Shouldn't have doubted you ;)

Anonymous said...

I could spank Cam in my torture chamber any time.

Anonymous said...

I could spank Cam in my torture chamber any time.