Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Metabolically, it's not my rhythm"

2 random 'Top 5's... just because!

I had the poster to Woody Allen's Husbands and Wives (1992) above my drawing table in my college apartment for a whole year plus. I was obsessed with the movie and it remains among my top five from Woody Allen's filmography. The public and media were too entranced by the tabloid-ready Allen/Farrow split that preceded its release to notice how damn good the movie was. My five favorites (the top four being total freaking masterpieces to put it bluntly) are...
  1. Manhattan (1979)
  2. The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)
  3. Annie Hall (1977) sometimes this is #4
  4. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) sometimes this is #3
  5. Husbands and Wives (1992)

Even as the film was mostly ignored in favor of the scandals (it says a lot about Farrow and Allen's trouper professionalism after 13 films together that they made it through this one despite their nuclear meltdown offscreen) the towering performance of Judy Davis was impossible to shove aside in quite the same way. Though she eventually lost the Oscar many thought she would win, her turn remains one of the very best of the 1990s. This was revelatory work. Her "Sally" was alternately proud, juvenile, fussy, uncomfortable, pitiable, hilarious and despairing but it always an entire person you were seeing. So I want to wish a Happy 53rd birthday to the wondrous Judy Davis today! I still despise the movies for letting her drift away.

If they only had the Oscars once a decade, I'd still be nominating Judy for that performance and she'd be a threat to win. My ballot for Best Supporting Actress of the 90s would (probably ~ I haven't revisited) read...
  • Patricia Clarkson as "Greta" in High Art (1998)
  • Judy Davis as "Sally" in Husbands and Wives (1992)
  • Catherine Keener as "Maxine" in Being John Malkovich (1999)
  • Julianne Moore as "Amber Waves" in Boogie Nights (1997)
  • Dianne Wiest as "Helen Sinclair" in Bullets Over Broadway (1994)
That comes with apologies to a whole lotta ladies some of whom are frequently discussed on this here blog. Obviously if you convinced me that Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns was supporting (I understand both arguments... I've just never firmly performed a demotion) you'd have to politely escort Keener from the list to make room. And she's kind of an über bitch, so move carefully.

You know you want to share your top 5 of the supporting actress 90s in the comments. And your top five Woodys, too!


Anonymous said...

Definitely Dianne Weist in Bullets over Broadway but I think my favourite performance from the 90's is Joan Allen in Nixon. Gives me goosebumps, that one

Glenn said...

Wow. Ummm... wow. Okay. Keep in mind that I have still yet to see so many movies from the '90s although the only one of your five nominees that I have not seen is High Art.

Judy Davis as "Sally" in Husbands & Wives (1992)

Diane Ladd as "Marietta Fortune" in Wild at Heart (1990)

Courtney Love as "Althea Leasure Flynt" in The People Vs Larry Flynt (1996)

Michelle Pfeiffer as "Selina Kyle / Catwoman" in Batman Returns (1992)

Christina Ricci as "Wednesday Addams" in Addams Family Values (1993)

With big giant massive honourable mentions to Joan Allen in Pleasantville, Dianne Weist in Bullets over Broadway, Lisa Kudrow in The Opposite of Sex, Drew Barrymore in Scream and Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights.

I have Pfeiffer down as supporting in my 1992 notes, but if I had a change of heart and made her a lead I'd replace her with Allen.

Anonymous said...

Forgot about Lisa Kudrow, Glenn! That one should have had Oscsr written all over it! fantastic!

Dame James said...

Top 5 Supporting Actresses:
Catherine Keener, Being John Malkovich
Lisa Kudrow, The Opposite of Sex
Julianne Moore, Boogie Nights
Miranda Richardson, The Crying Game
Dianne Weist, Bullets Over Broadway

Runner-Ups: Whoopi Goldberg, Ghost, Victoria Adams (Beckham) Spice World, Jennifer Tilly, Bullets Over Broadway

Top 5 Woody Allen:
1. Annie Hall
2. Sleeper
3. Bullets Over Broadway
4. Broadway Danny Rose
5. Everyone Says I Love You
As you can see, I prefer funny Woody.


Glenn ---why the "um wow"? which performance is the shocker?

I do want to note that CHRISTINA RICCI who you listed is my winner for 93 ... so i love that performance too. but i can't see COURTNEY LOVE as anything but a lead in The People Vs. Larry Flynt. I should probably see the movie again because i never understood the fervor for her performance (she didn't make my best actress list that year) I even had arguments with people at the time that were trying to tell me she was better than Frances McDormand.

and then i had an aneurysm from shock.


also after i typed up the list i realized that only one of my top five won the Oscar. My love is a curse upon oscar hopeful ladies!

great performances that made me sad to leave off:

GERSHON showgirls
WINSLET sense & sensibility
THURMAN henry & june
BENING the grifters
THURMAN pulp fiction
RICCI addams family values

and i'm probably forgetting someone...

I've never seen NIXON. so Joan Allen was out. I'm not sure why i've never seen it. I feel so ashamed.

Anonymous said...

But NIXON is so great! And I don't normally even like Oliver Stone. Joan Allen is a lot of the reason why I like it, so maybe that's it.

Anyhoo, I just saw "Another Woman" and really, really liked it (Gena Rowlands! And superyoung Martha Plimpton!). I also found "Match Point" much better than I was expecting.

Anonymous said...

Top 5 Woody Allen Films:

01. Annie Hall
02. Hannah and Her Sisters
03. Radio Days
04. Manhattan
05. Bullets Over Broadway

Easily one of my favourite directors. I also love Match Point, Interiors, Everyone Says I Love You, The Purple Rose of Cairo and Manhattan Murder Mystery


i should never start talking about WOODY cuz i have trouble stopping.

the way I see it


(arguably great. but the haters might have a point)
(also to be enjoyed thoroughly)

i don't remember Broadway Danny Rose well enough to include it. Should revisit. I've seen most of his movies but I still haven't seen ZELIG. I have been meaning to for centuries.

Unknown said...

I usually post semi-anonymously as steve - just decided to embrace the Google/gmail feature of the blog - why not?

Anyway, fun lists!

My own thoughts:

1. Hannah and Her Sisters
2. Annie Hall
3. Manhattan
4. The Purple Rose of Cairo
5. Bullets Over Broadway

with major apologies to Crimes and Misdemeanors and Interiors (and, to a lesser degree, Husbands and Wives)

SUPPORTING ACTRESSES (in no particular order)
- Judy Davis - Husbands and Wives
- Julianne Moore - Boogie Nights
- Anna Paquin - The Piano
- Uma Thurman - Pulp Fiction
- Dianne Wiest - Bullets Over Broadway

Sorry to: Whoopi Goldberg, Diane Ladd, Vanessa Redgrave, Gong Li, Joan Allen (x2), Barbara Hershey, Lisa Kudrow, and Patricia Clarkson

Surprising amount of overlap, given the wealth of choices

Glenn said...

Nat, I haven't seen Nixon either. But as far as I know it's never been released on DVD here so I have an excuse. I also regretted not putting Gina Gershon on there, too. Why didn't I give her an honourable mention? Same for Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction (haven't seen Henry & June).

And the "um wow" part was because you were asking us to just instantly choose our five favourites. That's a hard task!

In terms of Allen...

1. Manhattan
2. Husbands & Wives
3. Hannah and Her Sisters
4. Manhattan Murder Mystery
5. Interiors

I'm not actually that big a fan of Annie Hall, and sadly haven't seen a lot of his films. The state of his films on DVD here is depressing. No C&M, Zelig, Purple Rose and so on...

Anonymous said...

Broadway Danny Rose is my favorite Woody with Mia.


Glenn you have simply GOT to buy an all region player and order from outside Australia. This is getting ridiculous ;)

dirty shameful secret: I wasn't a huge fan of Annie Hall at first either. I don't think i was ready for it the first time i saw it. Some comedies are much funnier to adults than teenagers. Plus, the entire romantic comedy genre was affected by it so it felt like i had seen it before even the first time through. But after a few viewings in my 30s i now find it indisputably awesome.

Catherine said...

I haven't seen enough Allen films to even start a list, but I think my top 3 so far are:

1. Hannah and Her Sisters
2. Manhattan
3. Purple Rose of Cairo

Anonymous said...

Oh, Woody Allen. How I love all his films. As in "all except A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy and Celebrity".

Let me attempt a Top 5 nevertheless:

1. Hannah and Her Sisters
2. Annie Hall
3. Love and Death
4. Radio Days
5. Cries and Misdemeanors

With Match Point, Manhattan and Another Woman being the closest runner-ups.

He's also responsible for 40% of my Top 5 Supporting Actresses of the 90s (alphabetical order):
Anjelica Huston in Manhattan Murder Mystery
Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights
Lynn Redgrave in Gods and Monsters
Antonia San Juan in All About My Mother
Dianne Wiest in Bullets Over Broadway

And I really regret omitting:
Catherine Keener in Being John Malkovich, Helen Mirren in The Madness of King George, Sarah Polley in The Sweet Hereafter, Jane Birkin's rather short but wonderful performance in A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries and, yes, Judy Davis in Husbands and Wives.

J.D. said...

My collective Supporting Actress of the 90's:

Thora Birch, American Beauty
Angelina Jolie, Girl, Interrupted
Julianne Moore, Boogie Nights
Mena Suvari, American Beauty
Kate Winslet, Sense & Sensibility

And my Woody Allen ranking:

1. Match Point
2. Scoop

I suck. *sigh*

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

My 5 favourite Woodys:
- Annie Hall, because it's perfect;
- Purple Rose of Cairo, because ditto;
- Hannah and Her Sisters, because it's rich and beautifully acted;
- Manhattan, because it's unbearably gorgeous;
- Zelig, because it's hypnotic and astoundingly well put together.

And I'd love to squeeze Love and Death in there somewhere as well.

I saw Husbands and Wives when I was far too young. Ditto, Crimes and Misdemeanors. I look forward to catching up with each of them soon.

It would take me too long to figure out my 5 favourite supporting actresses of the 90s. But Lisa Kudrow in Opposite of Sex would most likely top my list.

Dave said...

Ooh, lists! Fun.

I have to say, I was rather underwhelmed when I saw Husbands and Wives, although I did still see the value in Judy Davis. But the movie was hardly up there with my favourites. Which, incidentally, are:

1. The Purple Rose of Cairo (not technically his best, but it holds a large chunk of my heart)
2. Hannah and her Sisters
3. Annie Hall
4. Manhattan
5. Bullets Over Broadway or Sleeper

Whew. That removes the horrible taste of Anything Else from my head. I really should see things like Interiors, Love and Death and Crimes and Misdemeanours...

As for collective supp. actress, it might look like this:
Joan Allen, Pleasantville
Toni Collette, The Sixth Sense
Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Secrets & Lies
Nicole Kidman, Eyes Wide Shut
Anna Paquin, The Piano

Anonymous said...

I'll leave Woody out, cos I've seen, like, nothing...


Juliette Lewis, Strange Days
Christina Ricci, The Addams Family Values
Julianne Moore, Boogie Nights
Joan Allen, Pleasantville
Chloe Sevigny, Boys Don't Cry

Probably go Sevigny, Moore, Allen, Ricci and Lewis.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nobody's mentioned Barbara Hershey (Overlooked as always) in The Portrait of a Lady (1996). I haven't seen a lot of the films you all are mentioning, but I would definitely bump Patricia Clarkson (High Art) from Nat's list to make room for Barbara. (Don't get me wrong, I love Patty - she regularly wipes the floor with everyone else in the room, her talent is so large. Loved her in Dogville, the Station Master, Pieces of April - where IS her Oscar? - but High Art is not my favorite of her perfs. Maybe the faux-German accent got in the way - reminded me a little too much of Madeline Kahn's in Blazing Saddles, and I don't think that's the intended effect.)

Nat's post has me thinking about a "Criminally underrated ladies list" or a "where is her Oscar, damnit?" list (Clarkson, LInney, Winslet, Hershey, etc etc etc.)

Brodie, I loved Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut - completely blew me away - and I still think she was unfairly robbed of either awards or critical love (forget the public, they were never going to "get" that film) because of the controversy/letdown surrounding the film (based on rumors, inflated expectations, etc). But I'm not sure if that's really a "Supporting Actress" performance or not. It's the whole catagory fraud thing y'all have mentioned frequently and I think I'm finally starting to get it. As in - if your name is above the line and your image is prominently placed on the poster, you aren't Supporting. (I'm talking to you, Zeta-Jones, Zellweger, Blanchett....the list goes on and on.)

I haven't seen enough Woody to play along - loved Annie Hall from the first time I saw it way back when, yes to Purple Rose of Cairo. I need to play catch up on his oevre, unfortunately I am still (seven years after seeing it) trying to wash the bad taste of Picking Up the Pieces out of my mouth. (I know he didn't direct it - but still...)


Janice said...

Nat, I just stumbled on "LAMB" (the large association of film blogs), know anything about it?


i don't really but i see two blogbuddies on the list.

Anonymous said...

Here;s my top 12

1. Diane Wiest, Bullets over Broadway
2. Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman Returns
3. Miranda Richardson, Damage
4. Shirley McLaine, Postcards from the Edge
5. Judy Davis, Husbands and Wives
6. Juliette Binoche, The English Patient
7. Rachel Griffiths, Hilary and Jackie
8. Whoopi Goldberg, Ghost
9. Alison Elliot, The Wings of the Dove
10.Cate Blanchett, The Talented Mr Ripley
11.Rosemary Harris, Tom and Viv
12. Kate Winslet, Sense and Sensibility

Anonymous said...

Top Five W.A.:

1. Broadway Danny Rose
2. Everyone Says I Love You
3. Love and Death
4. Stardust Memories
5. Radio Days

But I couldn't have a complete list without: Annie Hall, Another Woman, Alice, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Bananas, Deconstructing Harry, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Match Point.

Also---Is anyone else tired of critics bemoaning every new WA film as a far cry from his "golden years"? Personally, I think Anything Else and Scoop, detested by most critics, are actually two of his best films of this decade. Awardsdaily just posted an item about this year's Cannes festival which spoke poorly about not only Vicky Cristina Barcelona but also his next one that is currently in production. Let's give this man credit. As F.F Coppola said, Woody is the guy he admires most of his generation, because he is the only one who has constantly a)had steady work, b)funding, and c)total artistic control.

Sorry if this turned into a rant:)

Glenn said...

Nat, I do have an all region player (duh), but it costs $$$ to get movies from overseas that I have no idea if I'll even like.

Glenn said...

Oh, and I've had that experience a few times. I didn't too much care for Cabaret or Carrie when I was younger either, and now they're two of my all time favourites. I've been meaning to give Annie Hall a redo for a while now.

Anonymous said...


1) ANNIE HALL: Probably the best and funniest romantic comedy of all-time
2) MATCH POINT: A wonderful and compelling drama about crime and punishment
3) HANNAH AND HER SISTERS: A wonderful serio-comedy about life, love, death and everything in between
4) CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS: Another wonderful and compelling drama about crime and punishment
5) MANHATTAN: One of the reasons because of Woody Allen is among the 10 things that make life worth living

Runner-ups: "Manhattan Murder Mystery" and "Bullets Over Broadway"

Anonymous said...


1) Annette Bening, The Grifters
2) Judy Davis, Husbands and Wives
3) Miranda Richardson, Damage
4) Lauren Bacall, The Mirror Has Two Faces
5) Dianne Wiest, Bullets Over Broadway

Anonymous said...

Being a movie dork, such as I am, means spending lots of time sitting around secretly hoping someone will say, "Hey, quick name your top 5 Woody Allen movies. Also, lets pretend that they only give out the Oscar once a decade and make a ballot!" So, thank you Nathaniel. Thank you very much.

Top 5 Woody Allen

1. Annie Hall (Obvious? I don't care)
2. Manhattan
3. Crimes and Misdemeanors
4. Hannah and Her Sisters
5. Sweet and Lowdown (My choice for most underrated Woody flick)

Top 5 Supporting Actress of 90's

1. Lorraine Bracco - Goodfellas
2. Catherine Keener - Being John Malkovich
3. Samantha Morton - Sweet and Lowdown
4. Kathy Bates - Primary Colors
5. Jessica Lange - Rob Roy (Might be lead. Whatever. I'll take any opportunity to point out how much I love this movie)


i'm surprised no one has mentioned Juliette Lewis in cape fear.

Anonymous said...

I nearly mentioned Juliette's Dannielle, then I remembered her Faith and I forgot about Cape Fear

Anonymous said...

I nearly mentioned Juliette's Dannielle, then I remembered her Faith and I forgot about Cape Fear

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

I just wanted to support Chad re: Anything Else. I finally got around to seeing it just last month and not only is it the best thing Woody's come up with this decade (along with maybe Match Point), it's sharper and wittier than most romantic comedies of the aughts.

It's becoming too fashionable to trash Woody lately. Just because Anything Else doesn't compare to Manhattan, it doesn't make it a failure.

And Vicky Cristina Barcelona looks very promising to me. As does the notion of Larry David playing Woody. (That said, I hope he doesn't actually seduce Evan Rachel Wood, like all the publicity stills are threatening.)

Anonymous said...

Nicole Kidman - Eyes Wide Shut
Angelina Jolie - Girl, interrupted
Antonia San Juan - Todo sobre mi madre
Uma Thurman - Pulp Fiction
Michelle Pfeiffer - Batman Returns

RU :
Uma Thurman - Henry & June
Catherine Keener - Being John Malkovich
Whoopi Goldberg - Ghost
Courtney Love - The people vs Larry Flint
Julianne Moore - Booghie Nights


I like Anything Else too. I didn't get the hate for that movie. Certainly it was the best role Woody wrote for himself in quite a long time.

Anonymous said...

why the keener love for malkovich did no one see your friends and neighbors the year before she gives a similar performance in both films but is better in the former diaz was miles better better character arc better everything.

my top 5 1990's nominated supp performances

1 - dianne wiest - bullets over broadway
2 - judy davis - husnands and wives
3 - anna paquin - the piano
4- babara hershey - the portrairt of a lady
juliette lewis - cape fear

top 5 unnominated supp performances

1 - sigourney weaver - the ice storm
2 - judy parfitt -dolores claiborne
3 - helena bonham carter - howard's end
4 - shirley maclaine -postcards from the edge
5 - cameron diaz -being john malkovich

Adam said...

I've been on a Woody Allen jag as of late so this is helpful. I'm definitely not one of Woody's usual fans because I think his dramas are absolutely on par with his funnier fare.

My top 5 at the moment would go something like this, though there's quite a number I've yet to see...

"Hannah and Her Sisters"
"Husbands and Wives"
"Another Woman"
"Annie Hall"

Kudos to everyone mentioning Lisa Kudrow also. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who loves her.


smugguy --i think a lot of people love her. It's just that she doesn't get enough interesting film roles for people to remember from one to the next.

she is great in THE OPPOSITE OF SEX. so deserved a nomination that year above most of the actual nominees.

Anonymous said...

You really like lists ;)

I'm completely unable to make a list of actresses deserving supporting role nominations. My memory isn't that good. I'll just say La Pfeiffer should've got it for Batman Returns at least, no matter if supporting, leading or just plainly "Almighty Actress". It's one of those cases that gives meaning to the word "overdue" (which is used too often, imo). The other overdue names that come to my mind right now are Sigourney Weaver and Glenn Close.

Interesting you have joined these two topics, supporting actresses and Allen in one post. For some years, I thought playing a supporting female role in a Woody Allen movie guaranteed a nomination.

My list of Allen's movies changes depending on my mood, these days I'm more for the light hearted comedies: Bullets Over Broadway, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Scoop and even A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy. The fifth would probably be Match Point, not to make them all comedies.

I would need to review Manhattan and Annie Hall and most of movies from that time, it's been so long I saw them I can't give an opinion.



well Iggy, Woody is synonimous with supporting actresses to some degree with Oscar. Which is how you know things have gone wrong for him in the public eye. When's the last time someone was nominated from one of his movies?

And still, despite years of no nominations for his cast members he's still way up their in the record books. He's tied for 10th place in terms of directors who've directed the most nominated performances and tied for 4th place for the director who has directed the most Oscar winning roles.


and by their i mean there obviously. argh

Thombeau said...

When I was in high school, I had a "Manhattan" poster over my bed. Eventually it was replaced by "The Rose". Gay much?

DL said...

Oooh, two of my favourite things: supporting actresses and the films of Woody Allen! :)

My top 5 Supporting Actresses of the 90s would probably be

Lisa Kudrow - The Opposite of Sex (absolutely amazing)
Juliette Lewis - Cape Fear (there you go, Nathaniel, someone mentioned her)
Julianne Moore - Boogie Nights (totally deserving of being on everyone's lists, as it seems)
Michelle Pfeiffer - Batman Returns (if she was lead, she would win my Best Actress 92 probably)
Uma Thurman - Henry & June (a smidge better than her work in Pulp Fiction, if you ask me)

And my Top 5 Woody's are

1. Annie Hall
2. Hannah and Her Sisters
3. The Purple Rose of Cairo
4. Crimes & Misdemeanors
5. Manhattan (although I think I should see Manhattan again. It's been a while, but I don't remember being as head-over-heels in love with it as the other 4 mentioned. Its greatness is undeniable though.)

DL said...

Oh, and I unfortunately have never seen Husbands and Wives, so that's the reason for its exclusion for both lists.

Anonymous said...

So true, Nat. That's one of the reasons why I don't expect Academy love for Cruz or Johansson.

And also the list of actors and actresses that have been at his disposal to play any part, no matter how small, is just so... awesome. Looking back in time, it's true that the tendency to hire big names (Roberts or Moore at the time, just to name two) began after all his personal stuff seemed would end with his career, which fortunately has not.

I don't know, I just really admire this guy who recovered from all that, and that at his age, keeps making a movie a year, movies which are at least pretty decent if not really good ones. I'd just like more love for him in the US Box office.

That said, it's been a freaking weird day today (sorry for coming and going to reply so oddly), so I think I'll borrow one of your resting days if you don't mind, my eyes definitely need some rest.


Duncan said...

Top 5 Woody:

1. Hannah and Her Sisters
2. Annie Hall
3. Anything Else
4. Stardust Memories
4. Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

Unknown said...

Judy Davis is just amazing in this film. She would definitely make my top 5 supporting actresses of the decade.

Anonymous said...

Favourite Woody's (as for today)

1. Annie Hall
2. Crimes and Misdeameanors
3. Husbands and Wives
4. ullets over Broadway
5. Manhatten (although it's ages ago I saw it. I bought the dvd and will see it again soon)

Favourite performances of the nineties:
1. Julliette Lewis, Cape Fear (and almost all the other films she was in during the '90s)
2. Chloë Sevigny, Boys Don't Cry (and Kids, Trees Lounge and Gummo)
3. Jullianne Moore, Boogie Nights (and almost all the other films she was during the '90's)
4. Christina Ricci, Ice Storm
5. Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction

(I have the same age as Chloe Sevigny and Christina Ricci, and I am a bit younger than Julliette Lewis and Uma Thurman. I grew up completely in love with all of them)

Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot Saray Polley in Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter!

Another of my 90's-godesses! Gee, how do I miss the nineties :o)

Dave said...

RedSatinDoll, I'm going to assume you were talking to me since Brodie didn't mention Nicole Kidman... I don't really think category fraud has anything to do with the campaigns and posters, etc., since they're generally nothing to do with the makers of the films themselves and how the performances work. Kidman may have been above the title or whatever, but she was in a lot less of the film than Tom was and it's not as though she ever got her own thread or even her own scene without him (at least as I remember). So I'd definitely put her in supporting.

Also, since I'm the one who first mentioned Anything Else, I feel compelled to say that I hate that film with the fire of a thousand suns and I wish I could somehow rinse it from my memory. But I'm entirely willing to give him a chance with VCB, and whatever else he makes... one bad film does not a bad filmmaker make.

Anonymous said...

Uma Thurman – Pulp Fiction (1994)
Kate Winslet – Sense and sensibility (1995)
Barbara Hershey – Portrait of a lady (1996)
Laura Linney – The Truman Show (1998)
Julianne Moore – Magnolia (1999)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad there's at least someone else out there who appreciates Husbands and Wives for what it is.

My Top Five Allen Films Would Have To Be:
1. Annie Hall
It's just so perfect in every way. I have too much sentimental attachment to it to not make it #1.
2. Hannah and Her Sisters
3. The Purple Rose of Cairo
4. Love & Death
5. Crimes & Misdemeanors

My Top Five Supporting Female Performances of the 90s would have to be:
Judy Davis, Husbands & Wives
Catherine Keener, Being John Malkovich
Julianne Moore, Magnolia
Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction
Dianne Wiest, Bullets Over Broadway

Matt Sigl said...

Ranking Woody? Almost impossible. Perhaps more truly great films than any other director (IMHO). Everything about this list is open to negotiation in my mind except #1, my favorite movie of all time.

1. Manhattan
2. Crimes And Misdearmeanors
3. Hannah And Her Sisters
4. Manhattan Murder Mystery
5. Broadway Danny Rose

though not having Another Woman, Bullets Over Broadway, Deconstructing Harry or Husbands and Wives on the list nearly kills me.

Anonymous said...

I really think Woody Allen is a genius. I even love the movies that no one mentions...Shadows and Fog, Alice, September, Another Woman, Midsummer Night, Celebrity etc.(I think I have those titles right), but my absolute favourite is Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Jennifer Jason Leigh in Georgia.