Saturday, April 19, 2008

Julianne, Nous Vous Aimons

jolie culottes. rrrowr.
(Is Amber Waves back? Or pre-conversion Sarah Miles. Dare I hope?)

Edited to add
Meanwhile: Here's Julianne stateside for Harper's Bazaar...

But then I've always loved this freckled movie star.

Predictably of course there are blogs beginning to bitch that Miss Julie is too old for this sort of photoshoot. To them I say: You should probably schedule a visit to the optometrist. I'm sorry you've lost your eyesight at such a young age! Or if I'm feeling mean: May no one ever see your worth past 40! Average life expectancy keeps going up. Do you really want half of your life to be sexytime-less? Get over it and get with the new era. Moore, Pfeiffer, Madonna, [insert your favorite celebrity late-40something here --that just happens to be my holy trinity]; they're not bringing sexy back; they're just refusing to ever let it leave in the first place. Good for them.



Cinesnatch said...

W.O.W. !


I know right?

Still I'm worried about her thigh. Perhaps if she actually punctures it with her stilleto, they can crank up the PJ Harvey

"I'll make you lick my injuries
Lick my legs. I'm on fire"

and I'm sure there'd be some takers.


Anonymous said...

Vous êtes très séduisante Madame Moore.
Vous prendriez bien un verre de rouge ?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen her spread in Harper's Bazaar? My friend and I were looking at it yesterday, and it's pretty fantastic.


mmmm Trey, thanks.

I shall add it to the post

Anonymous said...

and there is the american Savage Grace theatrical trailer... isn't she brilliant?

adam k. said...

OMG That trailer is awesome. I want to buy this movie already.

But yeah, looks like oscar won't go near it with a 10-foot pole, not with Blindness around to showcase a more palatable Juli.

And she looks totally hot in the spread, too, she's not too old at all.

The Siren said...

This month's Vanity Fair asks what Madonna is gonna sell when sex with her "seems like a fetish," an incredibly bitchy remark in my book. And I say this as someone who really can't stand Madonna much past "Like a Prayer."

I have seen Ms Moore out and about here in the city, children in tow, and all I can say is if that's over the hill, start pushing me down the other side right now, baby.

Anonymous said...

50+ too please! I think Ellen Barkin is incredibley sexy. I hope to look that good when I'm 54! Heck, even 34!


coincidence that Ellen Barkin and Julianne Moore are best friends then?

probably not. like seeking like and whatnot