Saturday, April 05, 2008

Indianapolis, Again

Just an FYI I will be serving on the jury of the I.I.F.F. again this year albeit in a different category (last year's coverage) --my favorite movie from last year's fest is only available through Film Movement currently.

Have a look at IIFF's competition lineup and tell me which films you'd most like to hear about right here. I'll see them. I'll also try to snag an interview with Famke Jannsen (who I hear might show). Coverage will start the last week of this month. If you're a reader from Indy, say "hi"! Or whatever it is they say in the midwest these days. Don't be shy. I'm there for a week, so please suggest some good restaurants at the very least. Or buy me a drink once I get there. I'm thirsty.


Anonymous said...

I know better than to make recommendations in the World cinema category - I will let you tell me what is worthwhile on the foreign language front. "Take", with Minnie Driver as a crime victim, sounds like a winner. You might give that one a look.

Anonymous said...

Famke Janssen ?

Famke Janssen ?

You bastard !

Barry said...

Watch Take it sounds really good.

Unknown said...

um...this has nothing 2 do with Indianapolis but, reading your Predix I'm pretty sure you forgot The Chronicles of Narnia is coming out this year... I'm talking about Makeup and Visual Effects.

ant said...

I said this last year, but go to Yats!

Boyd said...

Munyurangabo is something you should not miss, I keep hearing wonderful things about it from everyone I know.

In the City of Sylvia is great if you like contemplative mood pieces. There is only one conversation of about two minutes in the film, all the rest is just watching. It was on my 2007 top ten list.

In Memory of Myself is a very strong new film from Saverio Costanzo, the man who made the Palestianian-Israeli drama Private.It is about a man's decision to enter a Jesuit monastery in Venice and all the doubts that come with it. Heavy stuff, cerebral and with some not-so-latent homoeroticism inside the monastery walls. It was my number 3 best film of 2007.

Dr. S said...

Ooo, if you like steak, go to St. Elmo's Steakhouse. Tasty. If you like Jewish delis, go to Shapiro's. I love that place. I predict you'll go many times. Hot pastrami on rye: delicious. Big chicken noodles? Also delicious. It's near the RCA Dome, or whatever it's being called now that (I think?) it's being rebuilt or replaced or something.

Brian Darr said...

I haven't seen any of these yet, but a few are crossover titles to the concurrent San Francisco International Film Festival. I'm hoping to see In the City of Sylvia and Cochochi, which come with praise from some trustworthy corners. 1000 Journals I'm on the fence for. I'm a tad disappointed that Munyurangabo isn't in our festival's lineup; hopefully another local festival will pick it up later.

A few other films have come through town at other festivals, and I somehow recall hearing good things about Pop Skull and Spine Tingler. I'm particularly disappointed that I missed the latter.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nathaniel!!

Actually, Famke Janssen and Chris Eigeman are rock solid confirmed (unless either of them gets severely injured or something) for Friday, April 25. So, if you're here, you can at least meet her.

See you soon,