Saturday, November 29, 2008

"All In" for Wolverine?

Lookie here, it's Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) as Gambit in the upcoming Wolverine movie (May 2009)

Off topic: I miss Friday Night Lights.

On topic: I know that Gambit isn't opposed to wearing purple or vests in the comics but I worry that following 2008's mania for The Joker, everybody is going to be wearing vests and greens and/or purples in blockbusters for years to come. "Super" films are really unimaginative this way. After Terminator 2 everybody used cold blue filters for action. Following The Matrix all super-powered folks were suddenly opposed to primary colors and costumed in black. Following The Phantom Menace Samuel L Jackson was cast in seven more (intended) super franchises. Etcetera.

Anyway... doesn't it seem like X-Men Origins: Wolverine should already be on DVD -- like we've been hearing about it for years? I'm curious to see how well it fares given the overall crappiness of the X-Men finale (Last Stand), the popularity of the character, Hugh Jackman's ever rising fame but questionable bankability, and the upcoming glut of comic book movies (the genre seems unstoppable now but oversaturation will eventually kill it).


Anonymous said...

'X-men Origins: Wolverine'
Wow, props to whoeever came up with that memorable, interesting, snappy title. NOT.
Would n't it be simpler calling it 'Wolverine'.

MKD said...

I worry that, despite The Dark Knight’s critical and commercial success, comic book films may already be on the precipice of oversaturation. Leave it to Hollywood to latch on to a popular genre and drive it into the ground. That ginormous list of 84 comics being turned into movies just compounds my concern.

Let’s look back at the studios' comic/film track record: for every Dark Knight, there is a Spawn, a Daredevil, or a Punisher (Lundgren, Jane, or Stevenson – such variety). For every Spider-man 2, there is a Spider-man 3. Or a Ghostrider. Or a wretched movie about Captain America and The Fantastic Four.

True – every now and then the studios somehow manage to let slip a film like Ghostworld, or A History of Violence. Yet the good comic book (or graphic novel) films seem to be far outweighed by the junk.

There have been so many comic based movies released in the past 5-10 years that I’m not sure there can’t be a backlash. Even if more of the movies had been of a higher quality, I suspect oversaturation would still be a problem. I get the feeling that The Dark Knight’s success will be the exception rather than the rule – the result of solid filmmaking and an excellent marketing campaign.

As for Wolverine… Yes, that title sounds just a little cumbersome, doesn’t it? It has Jackman, which is a plus, but after that last X-Men, I’m cautious.

Peter Chan said...

Nat! I did not know you're a FNL fan as well. Though I was never a Riggins guy (Street/Saracen here), I can see Kitsch fit very well as Gambit. Just wait til you see this season, it's been too good.

Chris Na Taraja said...

As someone who collected comics for a very brief period, I'm hoping that hollywood will come to the same conclusion that I did.

1. There's not much you can do with superheros.

2. All the story lines are the same.

3. It's all really pre porn repressed sexuality for teens.

Maybe someone will do something innovative sometime, but I won't hold my breath

Karen said...

Taylor Kitsch as Gambit...ooh la la. I miss Friday Night Lights too.

Anonymous said...

Taylor as Gambit is a good news, but never as good as it could have been to know that we'll have THE COVENANT 2...that would be pretty awesome!!!