Wednesday, June 17, 2009


First and Last: the first image post opening credits and the last image prior to the credit scroll

Can you guess the movie?
Highlight for the answer: This is the haunting underseen Olivier Assayas film demonlover with cinematography by Denis Lenoir

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Carl Joseph Papa said...

errr demonlover?

Carl Joseph Papa said...

im super guessing hahaha

Carl Joseph Papa said...

paris je t'aime ? ahahaha can't remember. totally blank

Lev Lewis said...

That's most certainly 'Demonlover'. Underrated movie that.

Have you seen 'Summer Hours' yet, Nate? It's only being released in Toronto this weekend, but I'm looking forward. Supposedly phenomenal.


It is demonlover, yes. Wow I really thought that would be harder to guess.

The image right before the dna toy is totally creepy... Connie Nielsen's face on the computer screen looking out with something like resignation/despair.

that movie icks me out so much. (in a good way)

Carl Joseph Papa said...

yay! finally got the first response. oh and i really liked this film. back then, when i first saw it. now my memory is all clouded. i am so enjoying this game. i wait for it every day! ahahahh