Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sigourney Is The Best Medicine

JA from MNPP here. Earlier this week came the news that my beloved Sigourney Weaver would probably be joining the cast of Paul, the alien-comedy directed by Greg Mottola (director of Superbad and Adventureland) and written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (aka the stars of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) as well as co-starring the two of them plus Jason Bateman and Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen and Jane Lynch, and I wondered if there'd ever been a cooler thing ever. I still haven't found one.

But today comes word that besides officially joining that movie, Sigourney has also added another comedy to her upcoming roster (via):

"... [Sigourney] will then star in “You Again” with Kristen Bell for director Andy Fickman. Bell will play a young woman who returns home for her brother’s wedding and is horrified to find he’s marrying her high school nemesis. Weaver will play the bride’s filthy-rich aunt."

Okay, Sigourney and my beloved Veronica Mars together? My body has turned into goo, y'all. And from the director of She's The Man, no less! Okay, I kid on that last snark - Fickman brought a gloriously deranged performance out of Bell once before in the filmed version of Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical and perhaps he'll channel that side again.

But we're talking Siggy here, and I think we need to revel a lil' in her continued devotion to and excellence in comedies. The topic came up in the comments to my post on Paul and so it's something I've had on my mind this week. What's your favorite Sigourney performance in a comedy? We have bunches to choose from.

(Clockwise: Sigourney as Lenny in The TV Set, as Gwen DeMarco in Galaxy Quest,
as Max Conners in Heartbreakers, as First Lady Ellen Mitchell in Dave,
and as Katherine Parker in Working Girl)

And what about Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters or Chaffee the obscenely fertile surrogate coach in Baby Mama? I'd be hard-pressed to choose a favorite, but it'd probably be between Working Girl and Galaxy Quest, leaning towards the latter. Something about the way she delivers everything with exasperated amazement. "Ducts? Why is it always ducts?" And of course the immortal, "Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!" Love.

Which is your favorite?


Scott said...

It's hard enough getting it down to just two favorites (Lenny and Gwen DeMarco) - there's no way I can choose between them.

Fernando Moss said...

Heartbreakers or Galaxy Quest or Working Girl.

Dean said...

I'd have to say her role in the Ice Storm is the best. She steals the movie.

Andrew K. said...

Definitely Heartbreakers for favourite. It's Sigourney just the way I like her sexy and deathly...and I was so busy enjoying her that I did not have to think about that insufferable Jennifer Love Hewitt and her chicken face.

PS. Why does it surprise that you like Veronica Mars?

Anonymous said...

Her character in the movie "Jeffery" is brief but hi-lar-i-ous. "Why are these aryclic?" You tube it!

Michael in DC

mrripley said...


i'm eternally devoted to her im not called mrripley for nothing!!!

loved her too in the tv set some choice one liners there 6th on my supp actress list although i could dump susan sarandon for her 7 minutes for in the valley of elah!!!

i love gwen demarco too it really is her devotion to it no gg nod either in a weak year 99,now siggie just o a great drama role to win that oscar please the one you should've got in 97 when you gave the best supporting actress turn that year sorry ms moore.

nat would you do a siggie month when its her b'day in october 60 same as meryl pretty please!!!

Wayne B. said...

Fernando Moss - ditto on all three. If I had to choose just one comedic performance of hers I wouldn't be able to.


@Michael YES. I totally forgot about her cameo in Jeffrey. It must be that statuesque feeling that makes her so good at the guru types.

Sean said...

I'd have to say her performance in The TV Set was probably my favorite. It's a very mediocre film, but I want to watch her performance over and over again.

Glenn Dunks said...

Definitely Galaxy Quest and Working Girl.

And, yeah, the movie was quite atrocious but SigWeave was great in The TV Set.

par3182 said...

considering the zillion and one times i've quoted

and i am, after all, me

i have to go with katherine parker

Derreck said...

Gwen DeMarco in Galaxy Quest. ah, i loved her in that role.

i think my favorite part is when they reach the big steel clomps blocking them from reaching the Omega 13. She looks at it with pure terror and says "well, fuck that!!" (even though it's dubbed as "well, screw that!"

then after she manages to get through and screams "whoever wrote this episode should DIE!".

ah, i may need to watch that over again. :)

I didn't really enjoy HEARTBREAKERS at all, but i do remember her small role as the abnormally fertile older woman in BABY MAMA. A bright spot in an ok movie.

Bailey said...

Omg. Heartbreakers is such an intensely guilty pleasure of mine. I watch it every time I see it on HBO or Showtime. It's terrible, but Sigourney and JLove have good chemistry, and I've always loved Ray Liotta for some reason. Sometimes I like to pretend that La Weaver goes around in her day-to-day life, grifting just for fun, and it makes me smile.

jesss said...

I think Weaver will have her shot at the Oscar with Night Train, a gritty drama which starts shooting next september. It's a powerfule role, I'm sure she'll be up against non-winners Naomi Watts for Fair Game and Julianne Moore for The Special Relationship.

Ryan said...

HEARTBREAKERS all the way...

"We have a bitch alert". LOL!

Brian24 said...

"You can't busy the quarterback with passing out the lemonade." --Katherine Parker