Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Just Adore Connecticut. That Feeling It Gives.

Real life doesn’t often feel like reel life. Yet when events, people, or places somehow do run closely parallel with cinematic twins, it’s hard not to notice. I am currently in Hartford Connecticut. This is my third trip out here to spend some time with Nick. Each time I arrive I remain disappointed that Hartford and its Train Station never once force me into thinking about Cathy Whitaker (i.e. Julianne Moore in Far From Heaven). Hartford and its train station, you see, look nothing like the location and images we see in that splendid Todd Haynes masterpiece. I now occassionally do think of the films as "Far From Hartford".

Nevertheless, when I return to the train station to make the trip back to New York I’m thinking I should wear a purple scarf. It’s my last trip to Hartford (the home of the fictional Whitakers) since Nick is moving to Chicago. At the very least I’ll ask Nick to put some gloves on and wave me goodbye. As the train pulls away I’ll imagine the camera swooping back and up. My iPod will fill my ears with Elmer Bernstein’s brilliant score in tandem with the trains departure.


Yaseen Ali said...

Heehee, post of the month. You and Nick simply must do that.

And I'm also glad to know that I'm not the only one who listens to film scores on my mp3 player. Whew.

Nick M. said...

That quote in the title is just odd. I'm not a big fan of Connecticut, and I'm hardly a hater, but "adoring" that vapid, bouregois box of green and gold? It simply doesn't make sense to me. In fact, I'm going to be there next weekend.

Ali and Nat, I would hope we are not the only ones who listen to film scores on our iPods. Occasionally I feel as if the music I am listening to is the instrumental soundtrack of my own life.

Yeah, so what if I'm delusional -- I'm a cinephile, after all.

Glenn Dunks said...

I have a bunch of film scores on my iPod. I own the albums so why not? When I was in new York I went for a walk through Central Park listening to Alexandre Desplat's Birth score. it felt appropraite.

(you must replicate Heaven)

adam k. said...

I listen to tons of film scores on my iPod. Mostly BBM lately. Birth, Empire, and West Side have also been big at certain times.


nick m
this title is actually a quote from FFH rejiggered --i have no particular feelings about connecticut ;)

Nick M. said...

I'm aware of its origin.

It still baffles me out of context.

adam k. said...

Update on my iPod: I am now listening to the Constant Gardener soundtrack. I actually REALLY like it. I have to hand it to AMPAS this year on score, they nominated five really good (and in some cases, atypical) scores, and also gave the statue to the most deserving. Good for them. Even if they suck on the whole.