Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Links 'R Us

I Don't Like You In That Way Jennifer Tilly is still hot
Blake Snyder the 3 most important movies of the past 40 years?
A Socialite's Life Jim Carrey and Rodrigo Santoro on the set of I Love You Phillip Morris. Oh dear. I do not trust these two with gay comedy. Ewan McGregor can stay.
MTV Movies Blog I follow Uma Thurman's career and somehow I never knew this: a great role that fell through
Moviehole the original magic twins will be doing a cameo in the remake of Witch Mountain. Yay! (on the cameo not the remake...okay so maybe it's not a "remake" but a franchise relaunch. But ewwww)
Vanity Fair celebrates many years of Madonna worship in their pages

Low Resolution a different kind of summer movie preview. The "I Ain't Seeing It" kind
Correct Opinion on the Lakeview Terrace trailer.
"Terminator Kama Sutra" (scroll down once you get there) --probably NAFW
speaking of metal...
Project: Rooftop a costume design contest for an Iron Man upgrade. Fun winning sketches.
Variety loves the quality and rock and roll spirit of Iron Man.


Adam said...

Jim Carrey looks totally cringe worthy in those stills! Yet I have my hopes that Ewan McGregor will pull us through with his lifelong dedication to having absolutely everyone see his dick. He cares about the gay community.

Anonymous said...

Kubrick considered Julia Roberts too.


Anonymous said...

Uma will have plenty of great parts in the future.

RJ said...


Middento said...

Um, Rodrigo Santoro. I would be *far* more interested if the director of Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Her and the cinematographer for Danzón were involved. ;)


OH GEEZ. what a booboo