Friday, April 11, 2008

Something I Love About Mulholland Dr

The way David Lynch is always hiding Rita (Laura Elena Harring), the camera continually forced to move to capture her.

She wants to be found and seen but she comes hidden, with an obstructed view.

just a random thought for the afternoon


Anonymous said...

the film features one of the rightly praised performances of the decade (Watts') as well as one of the most underrated (Harring).


Anonymous said...


the film features one of the most rightly praised performances of the decade (Watts') as well as one of the most underrated (Harring).

J.D. said...

This movie hurts my brain.

In a good way. But it still hurts.

mB said...

I think I love this movie more than I should. Mainly because it's such a mindfuck. But ... in a good way.

Glenn said...

I've seen it over 30 times (he whispers).

And YES to the observation. Keen eye.

Anonymous said...

i was never hung up on watts in it though and i have watched it a few times her audition scene is good but the rest just ok for me anyway thought she was better in the painted veil and worse in 21 grams.

Glenn said...

See, as astounding as the audition scene is and the entire finale 30 minutes I actually think her best work in the film are those initial introductory scenes.

Lynch's style could have derailed the entire performance, but I think it shows great strength by Watts to have been able to carry off that perky "i'm a bad actress" nancy drew vibe.

Anonymous said...

Actually this is kind of scary..
beacause I saw it about 30 minutes ago!
What a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

I really liked the 'short cut' scence..
Naomi's performance is heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Naomi is so perfect in this. She as the such the right kind of naiveté and optimism to portray this character. She's also completely credible as a woman with homosexual tendencies, it doesn't seem like it's just something Lynch threw in for shock value or voyeurism.

I love her look at the party towards the end, when Harring and Theron are kissing. Such a mix of envy and loneliness.

Brilliant altogether and awfully snubbed by the Academy who prefers over-the-top acting ("I have a hurrican in me" = LAME)