Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Walk Win the Line

"Love is a Burning Thing" but unfortunately the Walk the Line DVDs I have to give away are no longer hot off the presses. I'm a week late sending these things out. Sorry guys! The 3 winners (drawn randomly) of the Extended Cut Walk the Line contest held here at the Film Experience are...

Sebastian in North Carolina who wants to see a Karen Carpenter bio starring Evan Rachel Wood. Hmmmm. Love ERW and we all know she can play a convincing anorexic (hello Once & Again, one of the greatest television dramas of all time) but what is there left to say that Todd Haynes didn't already say (with dolls) in Superstar?

Jerry in Colorado
who is itching to see a Stevie Nicks bio starring [drumroll please] Sarah Michelle Gellar. Was it that musical episode of Buffy, Jerry?

you see Sarah's gypsy?

Sir Jorge in Seattle wants to see a bio of Mike Ness from Social Distortion. But there isn't an actor or actress who could handle it, he thinks. So maybe you should help with the casting on that one.

There were a lot of great biopic suggestions with your contest entries. I particularly loved the idea of Kristen Chenowith as Dolly Parton, Ryan Gosling as Frank Sinatra (he'd do it his way all the way to the Oscar, I'd bet), Maggie Gyllenhaal doing Dusty Springfield (interesting), Parker Posey as PJ Harvey, Ani DiFranco to be played by Lori Petty (never thought I'd hear that name again ! but, yeah) and Nico featuring either Carice van Houten or Chlöe Sevigny. What say ye? Would you pay to see any of those movies?

We can also help out Sir Jorge in the comments. Who could successfully convey the sex, drugs and rock n roll of punk icon Mike Ness?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Justin Theroux should play Mike Ness

Anonymous said...

By the way, have you seen the april's fool joke, Nat ?

Annette Bening cast as Hillary Clinton and Will Smith as Barack Obama in Oliver Stone's W.

I'm almost dissapointed it's not happening. Burstyn and Bening in the same film ! Don't you think Bening could actually pull it off ?


ooh Alex, that's actually a good idea (Theroux as Ness)

and yes. cuz Bening can do anything

Anonymous said...

Vin Diesel (with hair) as Ness, anyone? Does he really need to sing?

Please SMG, don't do it! Do you have any idea how much whiskey you would have to drink to sound like Stevie?

Anonymous said...

Lori Petty ?

Is that the 90's all over again ?

if only she could have followed the path of her Tank Girl costar..

Poli said...

Don't know if he can sing, but looking at the picture my mind instantly went to Daniel Craig.

Anonymous said...

polivamp, he sings in Infamous, the other Capote flick. he's actually quite good, I think, but country's different from rock.

Anonymous said...

I guess I missed the submission deadline, but ...
Idina Menzel as Joan Baez

Anonymous said...

I'll love a biopic of Stevie Nicks,but i dont' know could be the star, who could be Lindsay, and Mick Fleetwood, and Don Henley?
What happened about that Janis Joplin biopic? Maybe if Joss Stone could act.
Anne Hathawway could be LIza Minelli for that Nathan's movie.
Maybe in 20 years we'll be talking about Amy Winehouse's flick

adam k. said...

Hmmm, you know who I actually think would've been a great Karen Carpenter when she was younger? Ally Sheedy. They have that similar kind of damaged, wistful vibe.

I still think Emma Thompson should do Hillary Clinton, even though she already did on SNL or whatever it was. But Bening would be very interesting, too.

Can't quite see Will Smith as Barack, though... don't think he has the gravitas...

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I missed this one.
Evan Wood as Karen Carpenter is a pretty goodbecause she can sing the role, but, what I really want to see is ERW as a young Jean Seberg.
Will someone make THAT movie please?