Monday, May 18, 2009

An Afternoon at the Museum

As you read this Katey and I will almost be finished with our critics screening of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smitsonian. Or as I like to call it Night at the Museum 2: Now With More Amelia Earhart. This is not to discount the efforts of Owen Wilson ( ) and Hank Azaria ( ) but... Amy Adams !

If one museum exhibit could come alive for you, which would you have it be?
Discuss in the comments.


Jim T said...

I don't know, maybe the gay museum in Berlin. I was unlucky and I went there when it was closed and I didn't get another chance, so I don't know what exactly is in there but hey, it's my element.

PS: Big sentence :p


i didn't even know there was a "gay museum" in Berlin. My bad.

I'd have to say something with dinosaurs because they're the only thing that ALWAYS make me feel like a little kid again. Or maybe something from any costume design exhibit. That could be very styling... especially if the mannequins took on the personalities of the people who once wore the gowns / movie costumes.

anyone else.

you're quiet on Monday!

adelutza said...

So how was the movie?

DJ said...

Definitely has to be the dinosaur exhibit! The mechanical dinosaur ride at Disney World alone makes me giddy, I can't imagine what real dinosaurs would do. :)


adelutza... i'm not sure i'm even able to say. how does one judge a movie for wee children when one is an adult?

i guess it was OK. it had a few moments.

Jordan Wellin said...

Nathaniel, Please say that Amy Adams will hopefully win an Oscar for portraying Amelia Earhart before (heaven forbid) Hilary Swank wins her THIRD for doing likewise...I can think of 10,000 other actresses I would rather see win 3 Oscars before Swank accomplishes such a feat, namely Queen Meryl.

Billy D said...

The Poiret exhibit at the Met, 2007.

Or the current show at Versailles--court costume. AMAZING.

Peter Nellhaus said...

Linda, of course, for something coming alive in a museum. This could be the thinking person's version of Mannequin as well.


whoa. LINDA is so real