Sunday, May 31, 2009

May. It's a Wrap

One more month and the year is half over! Yikes. I only have six months left to churn out some fantastic life-saving (my life anyway) "best of the decade" book for you to purchase. In case you missed anything, here's the best of May.

The Blockbuster Loop I buried the lead. Everyone thought it was about Christian Bale but what I really wanted to discuss was the loop!
May Flowers
My favorites were Vertigo and My Fair Lady. Yours?
9 for Nine I should talk about this everyday given your enthusiasm.
Juliette Binoche JA thinks she's the "best crier" in cinema. A lively discussion followed.
Terminator a retrospective and the debut vodcast.

'Precioussssss' the new movie looks great but I can't stop thinking about the white poodle and the girl in the pit.
John Cameron Mitchell on Nicole Kidman
"a stradivarius"
Signatures: Jamie Lee Curtis Adam chose a truly undervalued actress to celebrate.
Cannes Coverage the most we've done. If only I'da been there.
Triple Crowner this one was for the awards freaks. Who's next: Jane Fonda, Geoffrey Rush, Marcia Gay Harden, Dianne Wiest or John Lithgow?

Both serious and un postings (thrice ? weekly) about America's most acclaimed actress, her co-stars, her filmography. For those who share Katharine Hepburn's "click, click, click" reservations about Meryl's work, Streepless posting will continue. Topics to include: Sam Rockwell in Moon, Michelle Pfeiffer in Chéri, Sam Mendes' Away We Go, the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, Woody Allen's Whatever Works
This week:
Oscar prediction updates


Runs Like A Gay said...

Why has nobody left a comment here?

You've made an important step of mentioning Michelle Pfeiffer in Cheri, without devoting the post to her. This is a big thing for a Pfeiffoholic like yourself. Surely that deserves some recognition.

I'm actually really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the picture (in spite of my sarcasm) and the likelihood of an Oscar going the way of La Pfeiffer.

We got it here in the UK a couple of months ago, and my persoanl thoughts are that it's a very good performance, but quite internal and not the sort that the Academy goes for. It'll take some solid campaigning to even get a nod.

Pfangirl said...

Some great posts in May, Nat. Really an outstanding month of articles. Congrats and thanks to you and the other Film Experience bloggers.

Wayne B. said...

I'm looking forward to Streep month. Slowly watching her earlier work and starting to get what all the hype is about.

Wayne B. said...

Jane Fonda is going to become a new Triple Crowner... just a gut feeling.