Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Self Styled Siren has a fascinating quote from William Wellman on the psychology of actors
<--- THR A relaunch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer without the Scoobies, Gellar or Joss Whedon. Ewww. Remember what happened last time they revived Buffy from the dead? She weren't too happy 'bout it, y'all. Learn from past mistakes or be doomed to repeat them.
Big Picture on Ulmer Scale of Bankability. Re: Nicole Kidman
Even overseas, people see her choice of roles as very erratic. She'll do a studio film, but followed by several films that don't even register overseas. She's just too unpredictable. A French executive I spoke to said, "I find her fascinating, but she's too quirky." That makes her a very risky bet.
Fabulon has some clips from a Bette Davis sitcom The Decorator
Risky Biz
on marketing Palme D'Or winner The White Ribbon

---> Elizabeth Banks has fun posts up with personal pics and views from Cannes.
...I just got back from the Festival de Cannes. It was pretty good...

We saw UP in 3-D (adorable) and Precious (the opposite of adorable, but great). So I guess it was better than good.
Hell on Frisco Bay sees a documentary about the Sherman Brothers (Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). I want to see this toot sweet.
DListed Cher & Christina Aguilera as co-stars?
I Need My Fix Heather Graham has some words for the producer of her latest

Corbis has a fun brief article by Fran Lebowitz on this ancient Warhol portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I link to this because the grim box office of Terminator Salvation (less than T3 many years of ticket price inflation later) suggests that without Ahnuld, there is no interest in Terminators. CGI Ahnuld need not apply. If your personal lack of interest involves the lack of a James Cameron behind the wheel, you can click over to Market Saw to whet your appetite for Avatar. The shot they have is supposedly of body armor worn by humans attacking an alien village. It's reminiscent of Ripley in her exoskeleton in Aliens, don'cha think?


Shawn said...

Doing a BtVS movie without the original cast would be horrible, but understandable as they all may want to move on and all that jazz. But doing a movie without Joss Whedon would just be unforgivable and completely and utterly insane.

Keelay! said...

Yeah...they shouldn't touch Buffy. It's far too precious. But I guess I could be alright with it if Joss Whedon became involved.


I just don't understand the point of it given that the finale of Buffy pretty much changed and resolved the mythos.

I don't understand the point at all aside from money. And when money is the only point things almost never turn out well.

The Pretentious Know it All said...
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The Pretentious Know it All said...

Does anyone think there's anything to those notions that "Precious" will receive a best picture nomination? I know it's early, but what are some general thoughts? None of the obvious year-end contenders excite me.


the know nothing -- it's not really their type of movie but then. who knows... stranger things have happened.

and if the critical hoopla keeps up well into December the sky might be the limit.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to brag a bit, but I've been a Buffy fan longer than most Buffy fans. Starting with the cheesy movie, that I watched over and over again as a kid.

I honestly wouldn't mind a reboot if it is done well.

Spiderman and Batman were both rebooted several times. So why not Buffy?

Derreck said...

ooh, "Precious". After looking at the trailers, i'm dying to see it...even though "Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry present" almost turned me off completely. It's like they were just saying "black people, this movie is especially for you!"

I've been hearing raves about Mo'Nique's performance (who i've always had a soft spot for) and well, it just looks interesting. Plus, the presence of Mariah Carey intrigues me.

Wayne B. said...

Wow If they actually make this "Buffy" movie without the original cast or Joss, my soul will probably die. kidding of course but seriously; I don't understand the destruction of meaningful art for the sake of commerce. Hopefully this idea will get shot down quickly.


anon 2:34... but no reboot could honor the mythology and make any sense (unless it was a period piece) or it was willing to give up the idea of "to every generation..."

so i say NO.

if you can't honor the basic mythology you shouldn't be rebooting. I'd much rather see a logical continuation of the mythology (like Season 8 was doing in the comics)

Anonymous said...

um, if they are remaking the MOVIE and not the tv series, then why not.

Anonymous said...

Besides the original cast starred Kristy Swanson, Luke Perry and Hilary Swank. I'm sure you guys don't want them back.

Remake or a Reboot from my understanding is starting all over not continuing the tv show (which I loved btw).


anon 6:39 you are correct: i don't want them back ;)

Glenn said...

Gawd, they could at least wait a while to reboot it. They're hardly giving people time to miss it.