Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Year of Wishful Linking

Underwire apparently some fans think Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles can be saved from cancellation. I dunno. That season finale sure felt like a goodbye.
My New Plaid Pants congratulate JA on one year without cigarettes. He celebrates in the only way he would... sexy cigarette pics!
StinkyLulu a special smackdown coming on May 31st
CHUD worries that David O'Russell's Nailed will never see movie theaters or even DVD

Go Fug Yourself on Winona at the Star Trek premiere
...looking sheepish and as if she's not quite sure whether she's on the list -- despite the fact that she is IN THE MOVIE
Oh, Noni. Stitch that star mojo back together. Everyone is rooting for you. Almost everyone I mean.
popbytes Madonna back with Jesus... and crazy couture?
i09 and Jezebel on new superheroine meets Sex & The City comicbook Marvel Divas
BlogStage I no longer have to be jealous of you Los Angelenos who got to see Carrie Fisher's memoir show "The Year of Wishful Drinking". It's coming to Broadway this fall. This is the only Carrie Fisher book I haven't read. Not sure what I'm waiting for. My favorite is Surrender the Pink.

You've already read my ill-informed thoughts on Broadway's trophy races (I miss theatergoing so much!) but here are some other rundowns worth perusing: Justin Plus One offers informed opinions from someone who sees more theater than anyone else I know. Lots of love for Next to Normal and God of Carnage and complete disdain for Billy Elliott. Boy Culture hates 9 to 5 and lurves Billy Elliot. Gold Derby investigates the history of shared acting nominations in lieu of Billy Elliot's best actor citation. Everything I Know... has a long history of mixed feelings about Next to Normal but gives it the thumbs up in its Broadway incarnation.

If you are in NYC and want to see any of the shows, the cheapest though often chancy route is "rush" or lottery tickets. Here are the policies for current shows.


Jon said...

it's called surrender the pink ... but now you've got me thinking of what a tori amos/carrie fisher collaboration could look/sound like.


HA! that's what i get for typing so fast... Under the Pink is my favorite TORI AMOS CD... save for those recurring moments when I'm convinced that Boys For Pele is best.

Jason Adams said...

Boys For Pele is the best.

I'm so excited that Carrie Fisher's coming! Whoo!

And thanks for the link!

Dean said...

Random, but have you seen Nothing but the Truth yet? I just saw it as it came out on DVD a couple of weeks ago and think it's one of the best of 2008. It's such a shame that financing for the film broke down because Kate Beckinsale was totally worthy of a best actress nomination, and in my opinion the win. All the supporting actors were excellent too. You really should check it out.

Karen said...

More Noni on the red carpet!

Andrew said...

Nothing but the Truth was fairly good - Vera Farmiga was great. The movie started taking some liberties towards the end which broke down its credibility a bit, but for most of the first part it was a very intelligent plot. Well acted all the way through.