Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This, That and The Other Link

Thompson on Hollywood really cohesive Cannes roundup on buzz winners and losers
EW funny stretch of a followup to yesterday's Buffy reboot news. What does Whedon think of it?
<--- Pixar an interview with Tim Hauser on The Art of UP
Lazy Eye Theater "don't terminate until you can see the whites of their teeth"
My New Plaid Pants a pearl of wisdom from The Others
Risky Biz Blog the 2009 Oscar race. It's not off to any kind of real start
The Evening Class on Latino images in film and Turner Classic Movies

These three go out to you Californians!
Movie|Line on California's Prop 8 Disaster "J.J. Abrams to Revitalize Supreme Court Franchise" ... a stress release laugh
Socialite's Life
Colin Farrell to be best man at his gay brothers wedding. Awww. No wonder he was so sincere in that A Home at the End of the World movie.
The Post Game Show "The Movement to Protect Singing"

yes please

And finally, a most unexpected but exciting news bit to brighten your morning: Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig to co-star on Broadway this fall !!!


Marshall said...

You've got to love that last quote in the Page Six article. Not that it isn't true, but it's something my Ohio grandmother would say.

PIPER said...

The concept sketches of Disney films are always fascinating to me. Would you call them concept sketches? I don't know. But I love the stuff. I could frame it all.

And thanks again for the link. I can't wait until 2013 when my teeth get really white.

rosengje said...

I squealed when I read that Hugh Jackman/Daniel Craig news this morning. If only there was dancing...

Unknown said...

Anyone else look at that pic and become astounded at how much Jackman & Craig look like David Duchovny and Callum Keith Rennie (of Californication)?

It could save someone a lot of money.

Henry said...

I had the same reaction to the white teeth of the ladies in Terminator as the linked article did! Honestly, it was a little distracting.

Iggy said...

Wow, I've just read Almodóvar's blog. He has written a long, very well argumented and juicy rant about the Spanish critic who panned Broken Embraces. I l-o-v-e it. I agree with him in every single thing he says. Unfortunately it's not translated into English/French.

I'll just translate a couple of bits:

About the critic:

"In the online version of El País where Borja Hermoso speaks directly, Carlos Boyero sums up, as a scoop, his report on the press screening to my movie and the subsequent press conference: "I'm not a masochist, so I don't want to see Broken Embraces again.""

"I don't give a damn if Boyero is a masochist or not, if he's got one testicle or four or the moisturizing cream he uses. But as long as he's paid to inform about the movies in the festival (even if he has seen one of them before, there's no way for him to know the press reaction to the screening if he doesn't attend it). Not being a masochist shouldn't exempt him from that duty."

"I'ven been silent so long, I'm fed up. We live in a free country. Critics and journalists aren't untouchables. No citizen should be."

Amen to that, it was about time a filmmaker dared to reply to that critic.

On a more positive side, he writes an article on the Nouvelle Vague (it's not in the English version either, but it's in French) which is worth reading or at least worth having a look, because it includes some pictures of Broken Embraces (huge) posters in the streets of Madrid.

Deborah said...

I am going to have sex with the news about Jackman and Craig on B'way.