Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nine for NINE

The first official trailer (not that blurry ET preview) has arrived for Nine the musical.

Nine Trailer from Daniel Shannon on Vimeo.

Naturally as a musical and actress nut, I'm beyond excited. It's a doubled whammy. My excitement is slightly tempered by the instant recall of that 2005 migraine known as Memoirs of a Geisha (Rob Marshall's got some atoning to do).

But it sure do look purty, don't it?

9 reasons I must see Nine right now

9. To witness the return of Sophia Loren (see previous post)

8. Because of the extreme likelihood of technical Oscar nominations. I need my own opinion on the cinematography, set, costumes, sound, editing but I can't get that until I see the damn thing. It's all about context. Especially when there's so much razzle dazzle.

7. To ogle the costuming. I'm not really one for gawking at Kate Hudson but I'm trying to be inclusive with these 9 photos. I'm a swell guy.

6. Perhaps I'll finally understand the world's Marion Cotillard fixation? Perhaps not. I won't know until she's singing "My Husband Makes Movies"

5. To parse the garish shots of Fergie as Saraghina, including the black and white beach shot. They make me curious to see whether Rob Marshall is going to either:
  • ape Federico Fellini's 8 ½ whenever possible
  • mimic the stage musical (the trailer looks really stage bound! Why does it look like all the musical numbers take place there? Is he using that Chicago framing device again?)
  • awkwardly stitch them together into a glossy Frankenstein movie
  • create a new beautiful hybrid we'll fondly call

4. For the possible thrill of watching Daniel Day-Lewis give a loose funny physical performance. Can he sing? Can he dance?

3. To enjoy the chemistry between Dame Judi Dench and (Sir) Daniel Day-Lewis. It looks pretty appealing, yes?

2. To see, hear, eat, breathe, obsess over, drink up and drool on Penélope Cruz and her hopefully ace rendition of "A Call From the Vatican" (Though Jane Krakowski sure is a tough act to follow)

1. Nicole Kidman, duh.

A glamorous actress I love playing a glamourous actress who sings songs I love? I'm in. In fact, I don't just need to see this movie right now. I need to see it now and then I need them to respool the projector and show it to me again. And then I need to upload the soundtrack to my iPhone.

In a perfect world all of this would be happening today on May 14th rather than 194 days from now but this is not a perfect world.

Tell us your 9 immediate first reactions to the trailer. Don't censor yourself. Just nine bullet points off the top of your head...


adelutza said...

1. I love Sohia Loren
2. Penelope looks amazing
3. Can Penelope sing?
4. I need to learn how to sing
5. Judy Dench looks way younger with that wig
6. Who is Fergie?
7. Marion Cotillard should not be in the same frame with Nicole Kidman
8. Nicole Kidmane should be in every frame
9. Is it November already?

Cory Rivard said...

In the heart of not censoring myself... my 1-9 are the shot of Penelope Cruz... lying on the ground... legs...
I'm going to pass out.

Cengiz said...

9. Can Penelope Cruz really pull this off?
8. Fergie sounds surprisingly good.
7. Daniel Day-Lewis Oscar #3?
6. "Beeeeee Italian"
5. Technicals look amazing.
4. The chemistry between Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Day-Lewis
3. Santa Sophia!
2. Please dont suck!
1.5. The muscal numbers ("A Call From the Vatican," "Folles Bergere," "Be Italian" and "Guido's Song") look to be staged well.
1. Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard, Dame Judi Dench, Stacy Ferguson all look DELICIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

1) the trailer looks very promising
2) Nicole looks amazing
3) Penelope looks amazing as well
4) Fergie seems better than expected
5) it could be Sophia first interesting movie since...well many movies ago...
6) Dame Judi seems to have a great chemistry with Day-Lewis...
7) even if it's a women trailer, it could be Day-Lewis show!!!
8) Kate Hudson seems better than, I'm just joking...
9) Cotillard is so lovely...

mirko s.

E Dot said...

1- 9: The trailer made me all hot and bothered. Someone wipe off my seat.


adelutza #8 & #9 -- RIGHT? CAN WE GET ANOTHER AMEN.

cory I think she's already done her job and you haven't even heard the orgasmic squeal at the end of the song ;)

cengiz #2 Exactly.

mirko #8 actually in all fairness maybe it'll just be a cameo and she'll be fun merely whipping her hair around before quickly exiting the screen? CROSS YOUR FINGERS.

Guy Lodge said...
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Guy Lodge said...

1. I still hate Fergie.
2. Judi Dench is so much more compelling when she's being campy.
3. Nicole Kidman is an honest-to-God movie star. The other ladies are still growing.
4. Sophia Loren excepted, of course. But does she have anything to do here?
5. That one B&W shot of Kate Hudson looks cheap and really jars in the trailer for me.
6. Not because of Kate Hudson, I should add. I wish people would stop hating her, even though I doubt this will help her much.
7. I have it on good authority that Daniel Day-Lewis can sing. Or at least COULD, a long time ago. I'm not going to name-drop and reveal how I know this.
8. As much as I liked "Chicago," I want to see Rob Marshall use a different frame of visual reference here.
9. For all that, this looks like a blast.

Wayne B. said...

1. Judi had me giggling about her "Directing movies is overrated; love her chemistry with DDL.
2. Love Kidman's entrance; that dress makes her column look amazing.
3. LOVE :P Fergie's makeup; wicked cleavage.
4. Cruz appears amazingly sexy; showstealer?
5. Does Sophia Loren have access to a fountain of youth?
6. Costume department has an Oscar nomination in the bag.
7. YAY! New songs to download for my IPod.
8. Those dance sequences make my stomach quiver.
9. This is an actressexual's dream; how I adore spinning ladies.

cal roth said...

I hate it even more after the trailer, because I know for sure the whole Fellini magic is being put again onscreen translated into unbearable hysteria.

The music is so bad. I love the cast, but I feel embarassed for them.

I want so much this to be a major flop. Hollywood needs punishment. Now. Enough is enough. Stop chopping great foreign masterpieces into this kind of shit. 8 1/2 was much more than a fashion show. Oh God, it's so offensive.

DJ said...

1. Nicole Kidman looks GLAMOROUS!
2. Penelope Cruz when she circles Day-Lewis.
3. Penelope Cruz on the bed.
4. Judi Dench is perfect at campy
5. Fergie seems out of place.
6. The visuals!
7. Day-Lewis is in.
8. Dench is in.
9. Penelope is in.
10. God, Kidman better be in.

DH said...

1) I can't believe they let Fergie sing on the trailer
2) I can't believe Fergie looks like she might actually pull this off
3) Penelope Cruz looks amazing- the shot with her on the ground - nice
4) Looks interesting but not nearly as appetizing as Chicago
5) I love Daniel Day Lewis but I don't think I'll like him in this
6-9) I'm going out on a limb and guessing the movie is going to be a disappointment

Anonymous said...

1-8. Nicole Kidman, Nicole Kidman, Nicole Kidman!

9. Is Fergie supposed to look like that?

pineapplesundae said...

Sorry for using the anonymous option...just call me pineappplesundae!

mrripley said...

i think the supporting actress noms fro mthe trailer for nine will be dench and kidman maybe cotillard or loren

Michael B. said...

Great trailer. Does anybody know what movie it might play with this weekend?

And I see that Anthony Minghella gets sole screenplay credit for the movie...

Anonymous said...

9.It looks amazing.
8.I think Fergie might actually be good.(First Mariah in Precious trailer,now Fergie,what's happening?:))
7.Seriously,who would have thought 4 years ago we would all be scremaing how awesome Penelope is?She totally is.
6.Tehnical nods are assured.
5.Judi is probably the most likely to get nominated.
3.Love the costumes and song staging and everything:)
2.Please let it be November and please let it be truly great.
1.Nicole is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and basicaly should be in every scene of every movie,her talent and glamour are almost incomparable.(so sad she dropped out of Woody movie)


Agent69 said...

I still feel DDL is miscast.

Davey said...

1. I can't wait for Dame Judi Dench to grace the screen and be Oscar nominated again.
2. Can Daniel Day-Lewis really sing? What about Antonio Banderas?
3. Fergie might actually not be the weak link here like I automatically thought she'd be with this cast.
4. Penelope. A. Call. To. The. Vatican. Must. See. That. Soon.
5. Nicole's stunning and fierce, per usual.
6. Sophia looked a bit lost.
7. Marion's brilliant. Duh. Recognize and catch up already.
8. Um, I need to see some more Fellini films.
9. I need to see a Fellini film. "ashamed"

renzo said...

Judi Dench with a lesbian wig and a bad Sicilian accent ?


Kurtis O said...

9. Judi Dench will be sexy/smart until the day she kicks the bucket.
8. There is no such thing as too much Penelope Cruz.
7. The film better be incredible, and Nicole Kidman better bring the house down because, I'm sorry, but I'm sick to death of being disappointed by her movies.
6. This is the first title featuring Kate Hudson that I've wanted to see in years.
5. Sophia Loren looks A LOT better than she did at the Oscars.
4. If Daniel Day-Lewis scores big in this genre, it might just be safe to say that he truly is the world's greatest living actor.
3. Will Marion Cotillard stand out, or simply add to the ethnically diverse palette?
2. Presuming it is indeed sund by her, the song in the trailer is the best thing to ever burst out of a certain Fergalicious mouth.
1. Though plenty of prestige trailers have yet to be released, and though "Precious" comes in at a very close second, this is currently my most anticipated film of 200NINE.

Clarence said...

9. Because I saw it on Nathaniel's blog and his actress fascination got to me.

8. Because I want to see Kate Hudson do something credible after Almost Famous

7. Because I'm still shocked that Daniel Day Lewis is in a musical

6. Because Fergie's rendition of "Be Italian" sounded incredible that I might actually like her acting here.

5. Because Nicole Kidman is here.

4. Because I love the song "A Call to Vatican" and I want to hear it with a Spanish accent along with the fact Ms. Penelope Cruz is singing it.

3. Because Sophia Loren is here.

2. Because I never knew Judi Dench can sing or dance.

1. Because I'm intrigued by Marion Cotillard. I'm sorry but I'm still hung up on La Vie en Rose. From then on, I just want to throw rose petals at the mention of her name.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

9.Kate Hudson looks like she's playing Anne Hathaway.
8.I wanna party with Anne Hathaway!
7.I missed Sophia Loren.
6.Will Fergie pull off a Queen Latifah in "Chicago"?
5.Must finally buy "8 1/2"!
4.I want to be Daniel Day Lewis!
3.Why the hell did I feel butterflies about Marion Cotillard?
2.Nicole Kidman is breathtaking.
1.Why would anyone break up with Penélope Cruz if she can do that leg thing?

Terence said...

1. The trailer is incredibly sexy
2. Will it stay true to the musicals true spirit?
3. Daniel Day Lewis, not playing an intense person...wait do those belong in the same sentence?
4.Penelope Cruz playing Carla
5. Fergie sounded pretty good
6. Judi Dench and Sophia Loren!!!
7. Nicole Kidman getting teh musicals best song
8. Marion Cotillard as a cheated on spouse
9. Who am i kidding? Its a award winning musical, directed, produced, and acted by award winners based on an award winning film=jackpot!

lukas said...

This trailer is Pure Straight Propaganda. For the first time in my entire life I feel the need to burry my head between Fergie's gigantic tits (although a good pounding by Daniel/Guido all'italiana would be nice !)

Peter Chan said...

1. Looks like a giant glamour Chanel ad.
2. Anthony Minghella can win a posthumous Oscar!
3. Daniel Day Lewis looks zexy without speaking a word.
4. I wanted to see one more Oscar nominee/winner... jk
5. Nicole sings again... yay!
6. Dion Beebe can light my next party.
7. Still puzzles me how Fergie was cast.
8. I agree with everyone else, is it November yet? If not...
9. I'm going to watch the trailer over and over again.

Anonymous said...

I'm here to add another "wow" to Fergie. It's very hard to get a "wow" in what, 2 1/2 minutes? But I was definitely feeling a "wow." Can't wait to see more from this film and can't wait to actually see this film!

Anonymous said...

1. Maybe a thrid Oscar for Daniel Day-Lewis? he looks sexy and great
2. Marion is beautiful and I hope her role will be outstading
3. Penelope Cruz is sexy
4. Sophia Loren's return
5. Fergie a la Magnani
6. Kidman etheral presence
7. Finally a good role for Kate Hudson
8. Return to musical wave
9. Chemistry between Day-Lewis and Dench, Cotillard and Cruz respectly

DJ said...

QUOTE:::: 9.Kate Hudson looks like she's playing Anne Hathaway.:::::

That doesn't make any sense. I'm not a big fan of Kate, but trying to play Anne? Really?

DJ said...

Question: I've never seen the stage musical, so who has the best musical number out of all the ladies?


DJ -- The biggest showstoppers (at least in the stage show) are

FOLIES BERGERES which is sung by the DENCH character and
A CALL FROM THE VATICAN which is sung by the PENELOPE character

that said, the most beautiful song is KIDMAN's "A VERY UNUSUAL WAY"

Ian said...

Dench looks like she's playing "M" to Daniel Day-Lewis' character. Wish she at least had a different accent.

adelutza said...

I was looking up the soundtrack of "Nine - the musical" on Amazon - was it Banderas that played "Guido"? How could I have missed this????? Anybody can tell me how he was in this?

seasondays said...

1. DANIEL DAY LEWIS is amazing, his body language speaks volumes
5. i thought FERGIE would be the weakest link and she isn't
6. JUDI DENCH will be nominated
7. PENELOPE CRUZ will steal the show
8. i don't care if it's exactly like CHICAGO, with a cast like that i would pay to watch them stand up in line for two hours
9. more than a trailer, they are just teasing us with little flashes

Howler said...

1. What's Daniel Day-Lewis doing in this weird position? Never mind. He looks cute.
2. These women are going to eat Daniel Day-Lewis up. How come?
3. I want to eat Daniel Day-Lewis up with these women. Or at least hug him.
4. No..., wait. I want to be Daniel Day-Lewis, I want these women to eat me up.
5. I'm confused about my sexuality. Am I an...
6. ...actressexual? Nicole looks sensational.
7. Penelope looks sensational. Who looks better? I'm confused again.
8. I'm loving it, but doesn't it look like "Chicago Redux"? That'd be boring.
9. God, I'm such a pessimist. I need Poppy. Anyway, I can't wait.

Liv. said...

1. !
2. !!
3. !!!
4. !!!!
5. !!!!!
6. !!!!!!
7. !!!!!!!
8. !!!!!!!!
9. !!!!!!!!!
i believe that pretty much sums it up.

Rachel said...

I'm afraid of PENELOPE CRUZ's singing. JANE KRAKOWSKI sang the shit out of "A Call From the Vatican". I don't think the squeal will work the same without the belting that comes before it. If going for authenticity, I don't know of too many spanish actresses that can also sing. Also, KATE HUDSON's dancing looks good but she looks like she doesn't belong. Like a Hilary Duff impersonator. She'll have to show me why she got this role over Hathaway (since we know she can sing). Fergie looks great though. And "Be Italian" sounds great with her voice.

Aside all that, I'm loving the look of it and I'm very excited to see it.

Fabrizzio said...

1. oooh
2. love Judi Dench
3. A song!
4. so. pretty.
5. that costume is weird
6. I can't tell if I like this song
7. OOOH.
8. penelope and nicole are gorgeous.
9. I think I like this song

DJ said...

I'm most curious about when different groups of the actresses will be together on screen (i.e. Cruz and Kidman or Kidman and Cotillard, etc -- how will their chemistry be?)

I don't know if any actress will necessarily be a scene stealer, though, since they all pretty much will get their own scene.

JoFo said...

1. Maybe I'm straight?
2. Fergie looks trashbag sexy... in a good way.
3. Costumes are lucious.
4. It looks a little like a series of film clips... hope not
5. Nicole Kidman should be in evey movie ever.
6. Is it weird I'm also finding Day Lewis sexy? I guess that nulls point one.
7. Nine... Oscars?
8. I love it when brilliant actors can suddenly sing well too.
9. From the looks of it, you could make a best supporting actress lineup from one film.

Anonymous said...

I dont feel like putting down one thing.....but i would like to point out DDL LOOKS HOT!

Seeking Amy said...

1. Penelope looks soooo delicious
2. I want to give Marion a hug! So beautiful and delicate.
3. DDL is such a mystery in the trailer, trying to hide the goods?
4. Nicole Kidman, I can't wait for Unusual Way
5.Fergie isn't annoying me, maybe she'll be like Queen Latifah and surprise everyone? She certainly sounds much better than I expected.
7. Is Judi in circle surrounding Daniel?
9. Why is everyone so good looking in this?


seeking amy #9 because they're movie stars. #3... mmm, now you have me worried.

jofo #1 HEE.

rachel yeah. Krakowski is not someone you want to follow when it comes to musical theater. But... who knows. Penelope has been on a roll.

Liv you're so eloquent and I totally agree!

No Bad Movies said...

I'm not even a fan of musicals and I'm jacked for Nine. That trailer was impressive. The set decoration, the cinematography, choreography, the ladies, DDL. It's too much, my brain is going to explode !
No serious, looks real impressive. 2009 Oscar nomination leader. If you disagree, tell me another film rivals it. I say it easy has 10 nods in the least.

Fernando Moss said...

Seasondays: LOL On your #8, but I completely agree.

1.(with Janice's voice) OH MY GOD!
2.This looks gorgeous...
3.Penélope, Penélope, Penélope...
4.I think I understimated Fergie...
5.DDL looks sexy...
6.Penélope... oh my...
7.Penélope's spreading legs...
8.Nicole, Sophia, Judi, Kate...
9...Damn I love Penélope!!!

Andrew David said...

When the bell tolled and the Weinstein logo flashed up, did anyone else get chills down their spine? The man's assembled an army of Oscar winners -- other films feel free to tremble.

Unknown said...

1. Judi Dench is brilliant in 4 seconds flat
2. I'm dying to see this
3. The musical numbers look remarkably Chicagoesque
4. And not in a way that makes me happy
5. I'm still dying to see this
6. Nicole Kidman rocks my world
7. Sophia Loren is still a diva
8. Fergie looks like she needs to be edited out
9. Penelope is making me love her more and more

Anonymous said...

1. Penelope Cruz looks like a man!
2. Fergie was an actress before a singer.
3. I'm sick of Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz and add Amy Adams to that list as well. (Three mediocre actresses)
4. Looks like Chicago Part 2
5. Nicole Kidman is ugly!
6. Sophia Loren looks like an Ommpa Loompa
7. Harvey Weinstein
8. Most of the women in the film save for Sophia Loren, Judi Dench and Fergie look anorexic. Anorexia is not sexy.
9. This will be the overhyped one that is a huge disappointment.


DJ said...

6. Is it weird I'm also finding Day Lewis sexy? I guess that nulls point one.

I second this! I never that DDL was attractive, but he is in this!

Derreck said...

i'm sooooo hurt that i missed commenting on this the entire day. i've been salivating ever since i've seen it. my expectations are now through the roof.

adam k. said...

1) This will get sooooo many globe noms.
2) It will also win the best musical globe, no matter how spotty it might be.
3) Judi will be oscar-nominated.
4) DDL may very well not be.
5) Sophia's whole face looks painted on. But at least it looks better than her frightening oscar face and demeanor.
6) Everything's so purty.
7) EveryONE's so purty.
8) Why is Kate Hudson in this? I mean really.
9) I wanna see it.

adam k. said...

Also, whatever her singing, at least we know definitively that Cruz can dance. That helps. She got her start as a dancer.

Glenn said...

Everyone's already said all the possible things I could say. It just looks fantastic.

No Bad Movies said...

Remember...Oscar loves these kind of movies. They are very aware and familar with the Oscar winning and nominated actors/actresses involved. They are also aware of of the technical people involved that are also Oscar winners and nominees. You have to remember how THEY think, not you. And they eat this type of movie up. The trailer shows you panache. Beautiful cinematography and choreography, sets. DDL looks cool. Judi Dench uber cool. All the ladies are sexy. Did you see Cruz thighs ! Strengthened them up in rehearsals looks like. Not twigs anymore. Also this doesn't look anything like Chicago to me. Look more like All That Jazz if I had to make a comparison. I have more than 6 reasons, I have 12 for sure.

1) Best Picture
2) Best Actor ( previous winner )
3) Best Supporting Actress ( previous winner )
4) Best Director ( previous nominee )
5) Best Adapted Screenplay ( previous winner )
6) Best Art Direction ( previous winner )
7) Best Cinematography ( previous winner-Dione Beebe )
8) Best Editing ( previous winner )
9) Best Song ( Be Italian )
10) Best Costume Design ( previous winner )
11) Best Sound ( Previous winner )
12 Score

Twelve reasons in the least.

Alex Constantin said...

it looks way too stagey to be that good :( too bad

No Bad Movies said...

Too stagey ? What's that ? It's supposed to be. It's from a Broadway musical.
Alex, I'm so confidant in Nine and those nods I mentioned, I'm contacting my hookup in Vegas and the sportsbook and putting money where my mouth is and betting 100 bucks that Nine recieves the most Oscar nominations. That's how confidant I am in the film.


moviefreak... but the stage musical is only stagebound because it IS a stage musical. It actually takes place in apartments, spas, etcetera...

the trailer looks totally glam but i personally am a bit worried that they're going to perform every number on a stage. Which I don't get at all.

unless they're making the musical numbers be "soundstagey" to coincide with his movie visions. But still that seems too much like Chicago's framing device and I think the past few years should have let filmmakers know that people are ok with people singing onscreen again. Why does the singing have to be "imagined?"

of course i'm making a lot of assumptions here ;)

but it looks beautiful at least.

Janice said...

Question, Nathaniel - You said in your Moulin Rouge tribute of yore that Nicole had a pleasant singing voice, not a strong, rich voice that could convey yearning, etc. Do you think she has the goods then to be able to convey "Unusual Way"?

Other than that (and still wondering "What the heck is Goldie Hawn's daughter doing in this?") my excitement has multiplied x1000. I hope the movie is great - I don't need another high-profile letdown after "Australia".

cal roth said...

I'll laugh so hard when the critics bash all over it and kill its chances. I can feel now the poison in every word of Manohla Dargis' review. Or Ed Gonzalez's!

Janice said...

//"Is Judi in circle surrounding Daniel?"//

Seeking Amy - if you put the apple trailer on pause and then slowly back it up, you can see the answer to that is "Yes".


Janice... i'm a bit worried about that yes. But on the other hand, maybe Kidman's voice has improved after all that Moulin Rouge experience and living with Keith Urban ? Can singing ability be passed through sexual intercourse? haha

But otherwise she's perfect for the role so I'm crossing my fingers.

Cal -- but which part will you laugh about? Because yes, obviously some people will be out for blood since 8 1/2 is sacred ground.

jimmy said...

kate hudson? feh. yuck....why is she in this.

Anonymous said...

Some of the scenes in the trailer reminded me of "The Talented Mr. Ripley", which I thought was really visually stunning. So, if nothing else, this film should be gorgeous to watch.

cal roth said...

I'll laugh about all of you, because you'll be waiting for it to won the Oscars for 180 days and the dream will be over in just a weekend. Critics will not be kind not only because Fellini is sacred ground (as it should be. Remakes like this shouldn't be allowed. Imagine Cries and Whispers the Musical), but also because this is a Rob Marshall movie, the Geisha guy.Wake up: this CAN'T be good.

It is not intelligent and brilliant razzle dazzle, like Moulin Rouge. It's just hysteria. It's Rob Marshall.

cal roth said...

Ok, I like the cast, but think over it: the movie will only be good if the director is good. Imagine this dream cast directed by the Wayans brothers. Geisha is worst than White Chicks.

Mike Sanders said...

Hey Cal, I'll make you a gentleman's bet. I say if it's not the Oscar nomination leader, then it will be one of them. I'm sensing no less than 10. You heard it here on 5/14-09. Yes, this movie will have high standards, but think about all invloved. From the acting to the technical aspects, and many are Oscar winners and nominees. No slouches in the bunch in key roles. I don't know why people would try to hate on a movie with so much talent resonsible. These people worked very hard for months in rehearsals. Looked pretty good to me. Now honestly... With all that are involved and people that really care about what they do and are very serious in their acting and filmmaking, who would not give it 110% and just be good ? Of course they would. Ok... be LOGICAL on how these people ( Oscar ) think. They love movies like this. It has the filmmakers, the sets decor, the lensing, the acting and singing. Oscar eats that stuff up. It is what it is, regardless of what we feel or think, it's not us voting. Anyway, I really liked what I saw. This coming from a non-musicals kind of guy too.


Cal... i 100% reject the notion that it CAN'T be good. they already proved with NINE in two Broadway productions that a musical version of 8 1/2 could be good.

The stage musical is actually good.

but of course the movie might be bad. We won't know for awhile.

(and no movie is worse than White Chicks. I've never wanted to set fire to a set of negatives more)

No Bad Movies said...

Nathanial- don't even take a sip of the haterade. Please, the movie might not be good ? Do you hear yourself ? I think the movie just being good would be lower than standards. But in no way with the personel surrounding it and the integrity of many involved will it be bad. They'd shelve it or push it to next spring if they didn't feel confidant about it. Will it be the best film of 2009 ? I surely am not making that claim, but it being bad ? Not a chance. And I am with the other guy in predicting it to be the Oscar leader in nominations. Just off the top of my head I see at least 8and at it's killer best possibly 12

Alex said...

1. The only singing in the trailer comes from Fergie? Really
2. The only speaking in the trailer comes from Judi? Really?
3. Kate Hudson looks like she's in a different movie all together. Her costume, set behind her, everything.
4. I want to see Judi order a milkshake only to see Daniel drink it up.
5. Nicole Kidman is fabulous.
6. If they push really hard, can Judi be campaigned in lead to give Nicole and Penelope shots at that Best Supporting Actress slot? Or could this be the first film since Tom Jones to nab 3? I hope so.
7. If they wanted Marion dubbed in La Vie En Rose...nah, she probably just didn't sound enough like Piaf.
8. Did anyone think Sophia Loren would actually make another movie?
9. Fergie playing a whore? Whaaat? Epic acting stretch! ;)
10. The Broadway soundtrack will be the only thing playing on my iPod for the next 48 hours.

cal roth said...

OK, I'm bitter. 8 1/2 was a deep, complex and personal movie. Then Hollywood comes with the director of one of the worst movies ever, takes away all the things that made 8 1/2 such a great experience and fill these blanks with glamour and music. This is SO WRONG.

Oh, Eye-Candy! Oh, Divas! 8 1/2 is visually stunning and had a cast of some of the most beautiful women ever seen, but, you know, it wasn't really about that. It was all about the things that happen deep inside an artist's soul. And now we have Rob Marshall dealing with this material. Don't come with "All That Jazz is masterpiece". It only worked because Bob Fosse made a movie as personal as Fellini's and was a true artist. Rob Marshall is a professional. A bad professional. A bitch.



1. Marion is an acting GOD and i hope she stands out and gets lots of screen time
2. Judi Dench sounds fantastic
3. Fergie looks like Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her. 2 Thumbs Up.
4. Penelope Cruz just made me hard
5. Maybe Nicole Kidman can break her trend and hold her own against greats like Dench, Cotillard, DL
6. Sophia Loren hasn't actually been in anything good for ages and the fact that her face is a wax-orange in the trailer worries me.
8. Nice costuming, the colours all work
9. Kate Hudson was an incredible, scene-stealing, powerhouse, can't-take-your-eyes-off-her ACTRESS in Almost Famous and in her recent film roles she has proven that she's not actually an actess at all but a MOVIE STAR instead. I for one, hope that she can surprise me again. Plus, if her voice is anything like her mothers in that special with Liza Minelli, then i'll be impressed.



cal get it all out. take a deep breath. Maybe we should hold like a weekly group cinema therapy session here. Hmmm.

ALL THAT JAZZ rules all!

wendy james -- i forgot about how beautiful Goldie Hawn's voice is. Maybe Kate Hudson will sound great?


alex re: #1 & #2
this might mean that they're hiding something. But then on the other hand. they need something rousing that's not totally specific and misleading (so BE ITALIAN is probably a good choice) for the trailer. And you can only fit so much into a short trailer.

a greatest hits trailer might not have flowed as well

moviefreak well. Many films with oscar laden cast & crew have failed before. Pedigree isn't everything.

THAT SAID... i love the stage musical and I hope for the best and at the very least it'll be nice to stare at (most of) these ladies for 2 hours!

antho said...

i'm dying for it.

01. Marion Cotillard - the talented french actress
02. Nicole Kidman - after à lot of flop, maybe a hit ?
03. Daniel day Lewis - the most versatile actor
04. penelope Cruz - sexiest ever
05. Kate Hudson - I knew she had talent somewhere
06. Dame Judi Dench - Notes on a scandale, Mrs Brown, Shakespeare in love ... ahh
07. Fergie . why not ?
08. Sophia Loren - a classic Legend
09. 7 oscars, 1 grammy, 8 gonden globes, and maybe more


antho --- so many awards. it's crazy whenever a movie is that overloaded with past trophies. so much to live up to.

Anonymous said...

1. Fergie is killing this song! (in a good way)
2. Penelope Cruz in nearly nothing hanging off of ropes???
3. Wow! Penelope Cruz can do that with her legs???
4. Why is Daniel Day-Lewis not saying/singing anything?
5. This movie looks pretty.
6. Nicole Kidman actually looks good and non-botoxed up for once!
7. I just came.
8. How many more days until November 25th?
9. I want more! *Watches another 50 times back to back*

Terry said...

Nathaniel, just like Tommy tells Henry in Good Fellas, you worry too much.

The movie is going to be just fine. Just don't EXPECT it to be the best thing you have ever seen. If you don't go in with super expectations usually it goes the other way. I wasn't expecting to be as entertained by Star Trek and now I have seen it 3 times. The second viewing, I caught a bunch of stuff I missed the first go around btw.

When talking Oscars you have to think of the entire film as a whole. Actors, filmmaking crew, writing. Nine has it all. It doesn't hurt that it's a popular genre with the voters too. You mentioned there have been other films that had great casts that didn't do anything come Oscar time. Not with a cast like this one though.
Plus, 7 of the people in the principle roles are previous Oscar winners. The set decorator, cinematographer, editor and writer have all won. Hudson and Marshall have been nominated. So the voters are extremely well aware of these people. In front and behind the camera. That always helps the cause.
It just looks a killer, fun and sexy film. Can't wait.

Glenn said...

Nine isn't a remake of 8 1/2. Just throwing that out there.

Anonymous said...

Wow she looks amazing! She is the epitomy of Hollywood glamour in the 21st century! Such a class act! Love Nicole Kidman!

Anonymous said...

Nathanial sucks up to Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pheiffer too much. Utter fanboy ramblings....*yawn*.

Meg said...

1. Marion Cotillard
2. Judi Dench
3. Daniel Day-Lewis
4. Marion Cotillard
5. Penelope Cruz
6. Marion Cotillard
7. Nicole Kidman
8. Marion Cotillard

Don't understand the obsession? Have you SEEN La Vie En Rose?!?

Anonymous said...

1. super gay
2. Chicago 2
3. actresses galore
5. Sexy
6. Why Fergie Fug?
7. Kate Hudson lowers the street value.
8. Sensory candy
9. Gorgeous!

Michael in DC

Unknown said...

I LOVE YOU for not making me feel weird about my obsession with NINE since mine is as obsessive as yours

I cant wait for my husband makes movies and so depressed about Simple :(

great post

Spencer said...

9. Cinematography (I've always loved Dion Beebe)
8. Judi Dench in a comedic role
7. THE SONGS !!!
6. The fact that its based on 8&1/2 (one of my favs)
5. Marion Cotillard ! (she fits the role PERFECTLY)
4. Kate Hudson (I don't normally like her, but she really stands out in the trailer)
3. Rob Marshall's sophisticated, modern adaptation of Chicago gives me hope for this
2. Nicole Kidman (hopefully she can make a comeback in the next couple of years)
1. Penelope Cruz !!!! (she has one of my favourite songs and i have a feeling that this is gonna be another great year for her)