Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marion Cotillard For Dior

"Lady Dior" that is. Oscar-winning Marion Cotillard is starring in a new online serial for her La Vie En Rose director Olivier Dahan.

You can see the first arch chapter here... "The Lady Noire Affair". Dahan still doesn't seem even remotely interested in (capable of?) coherency but that shouldn't surprise. I didn't love this blend of glamor, mystery and possibly shady ladies but it's short so I'll give the second chapter a whirl when it premieres.

Running serials as a cinematic medium are totally underutilized. I hope the web brings them back in vogue. More specifically, I wish they'd throw Clive Owen back behind the wheel for more adventures as The Driver, don't you? God, those were fantastic shorts.

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MeMe said...

I just don't get the appeal of her. She's pretty but not in a way a movie star should be pretty. A movie star has something about them that is so special. She just doesn't have it.

Maybe I'm just hating on her 'cuz everyone on IMDB is kissing her ass and throwing wins at her for Jeux d'Enfants and Un long dimanche de fiançailles ... Some even say she's a better actress than Nicole Kidman, wtf ?

Unknown said...

I think she is cute. I always think of her in the same way I think about Audrey Tatou (spelling?). Cute but nothing special. I am not sure if it is her role or what; but she is so out of place in that "Nine" trailer. Everybody screams "movie star" in that trailer but she is just..meh. I like her performance in "La Vie En Rose" just fine; not best actress material though. I have to see her in more movies to make a better judgment. But for now, nothing about her makes me go to see her movies.

Unknown said...
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Seeking Amy said...

I adore Marion. I definitely was pleased with her Oscar win, and she's had my attention for a while. She's very humble and I think she's very pretty. Her looks are a breath of fresh air meaning she doesn't look fake. Outta place in the Nine trailer? That's a weird idea to me, especially considering she's playing DDL's long suffering wife. It's not like shes playing Saraghina or something! I can't wait to see more of her.

Anonymous said...

I think Marion is very pretty, I guess to look like a movie star you have to have a bunch of fake blond hair and a bunch of botox. Nicole just isn't very attractive to me at all, even with red hair and without the botox she just looks plain. And Nicole is a decent actress, but Naomi Watts is better.

I seriously think that people's definition of beauty (especially on this site) is really weird. I prefer natural beauty.


anon 1:03... it's actually a strength that we celebrate beauty in a different way than other sites do, isn't it? I mean, Megan Fox and Jessica Biel shouldn't be everyone's ideals. And as movie websites go I definitely believe in less ageism when it comes to movie stars. I think you can find great beauty in any age range.

Variety makes life interesting. Variety the concept not Variety the industry bible.

but the concept of "natural beauty" is interesting. I'd agree that Marion Cotillard has it. But -- it's a personal thing -- i prefer slightly alien beauty when it comes to movie stars. I prefer it when they don't quite look like regular pretty people. Makes them more special. If you really stop to consider the faces of people like Sophia Loren, Michelle Pfeiffer, Audrey Hepburn, etcetera... they're actually a bit odd... but all those parts come together so well and do beautiful miraculous things with the camera.

and on that same note, weirder looking less-attractive people wthan those mentioned are sometimes better for the camera than pretty people are. They just need the chemistry with the camera.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, Jessica Biel is very plain looking to me too. She has a nice body, but that's about it.

As for Megan Fox she looks a bit fake, Keira may be skinny, but she has a beautiful natural face.

I also like alien/weird beauty. I'm not a big fan of Cate B, but she has that weird/Alien beauty and so does Amanda Seyfried.

Mike said...

I'm very fond of Marion Cotillard. I haven't seen much of her work, but was astounded by her power in La Vie En Rose. Biopics often spark debate as to whether the actor is acting or mimicking, but I thought the performance was a triumph, and am very satisfied with her Oscar win.

As for her appearence, I think she's beautiful. I, too, appreciate actresses with unique looks that distinguish them from "regular" people (Like the fascinating Helena Bonham Carter), but she's very pretty. I also appreciate her clothing choices. She dresses like a Hollywood goddess.