Friday, May 22, 2009

Central Park

Ahhh, nature (or as much nature as NYC allows). Are you outdoorsy in the summer or do you spend all your time in air-conditioned movie


Anonymous said...

Really cold (severely air conditioned) movie theaters always remind me of watching a movie in India. But alas, people don't care about movies here as much as they do there.

Bailey said...

I am not outdoorsy at all, but last summer I had a weekday off and decided to have a fun miniature picnic in Central Park with my asshole muppet-looking ex-boyfriend. We sat in a somewhat secluded area, away from people, smoking a joint and eating food, until this odd Asian man in an all-white uniform came and sat down 3 feet away from us, brandishing a ginormous pitcher of iced tea. He proceeded to lay down a blanket and strip off all of clothes down to his underwear, folding and stacking everything carefully as he went. He then kinda casually rolled around on the blanket, drinking glasses of iced tea and acting like we weren't even there. I don't go to Central Park anymore.

Andrew K. said...

We don't have summer where I live, but we still call the period from mid June to early September summer, and I think it's the worst time of the year. Nothing good comes of summer - annoying little children take over the neighbourhood, there is a large amount of crappy movies out, there aren't any new shows on TV, there's the disgusting heat and people have that alarming need to be happy all the time. It's almost as bad the Spring season. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up in September.


encore. i so agree.

the only thing that keeps me going in summer is air conditioning and quoting Sandra Bernhard "superstar summer of success!" with friends.

bailey try the more populated areas. still nothing like CP in NYC

anon my only qualms about airconditioning craziness in theaters is that i like to wear sandals and yikes. SO COLD.

Liv. said...

whatever the polar opposite of outdoorsy is, that's what i am.
and during the summer i try to stay home and watch movies that i legitimately like instead of going to the 'lots-of-shit-gets-blown-up' movies that my friends love. but sometimes a hot summer day warrants a lot of shit getting blown up. and hot buttered popcorn eases my pain.

Seeking Amy said...

Summers in over here Washington state are quite nice. It's never humid, and where I live the air is fresh and "neighborhoods" fail to exist. I usually spend my days outside, and I don't think I'll be at the theater as often this year. Not too much of interest to me, until August at least (QT...)