Saturday, May 16, 2009

Red Rouge Carpet Lineup

More glitterati from Cannes.

No, that's not what Mariah Carey wore to the red carpet. That's her travel outfit on her flight over to attend the very successful Precious screening. This might be the first time I've ever understood one of Mariah's fashion choices. Comfort first when you're high in the sky... even if you're a diva. I included her in this red carpet lineup merely to get my bearings that somehow -- due to Precious -- I'll have to start talking about her now. There are so many singers I'd rather talk about if they'd only make movies (Gwen Stefani, Annie Lennox, Sufjan Stevens, P¡nk, Rufus Wainwright) or learn to act (Madonna).

Remember Bae Doona (waving to the camera) from that Korean monster movie The Host? -- or as the IMDB likes to call her Du-na Bae. Asian names are so confusing on that site -- she's now starring in Hirokazu Koreeda's latest called Air Doll, which is about a blow up doll who develops a soul. Great concept. How many hours until we hear about some American studio snatching up remake rights?

Ben Whishaw and Abbie Cornish got dolled up for the star-studded premiere of Jane Campion's Bright Star which seems to be divisive already. More on that when you scroll down. And finally American funny lady Elizabeth Banks & internationally renowned beauty Aishwarya Rai were photographed together at the Up premiere in different gowns a couple days ago. I guess they're not about to put the brakes on their red carpet chumminess. Here they in different gowns... and this event wasn't long after the other. Imagine how much luggage you'd have to bring to Cannes if you were a celebrity. Three outfits for each day... minimum.

More Cannes chatter
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Bright Star reactions at Cannes. Is Jane Campion (The Piano) finally making a real comeback? The movie is now scheduled to open stateside on September 18th.
Mike D'Angelo lots of tweeting from Cannes. Hates everything. Or merely tolerates. Only a 50/100 for Jane Campion's Bright Star? Boo. Or "assumed 'Boo' " rather since I haven't seen it. Still, the tweet is funny.

I do support such legislation. Or, rather, a 5 year ban. Needless to say, this ban would not go into affect until after Jane Campion is done returning to us. The cinema needs her.


Anonymous said...

Air Doll has been made in the US, it was called Lars and the Real Girl...or was it Mannequin with Kim Catrall...oh I don't know anymore.

Also, am I the only person who finds Elisabeth Banks a bit bland. Not bad but not an engaging presence.

Anonymous said...

I love Bae Doo-na and Hirokazu Koreeda!! I thought she was widely underused in The Host and she has not been in a feature film since so this comes with much anticipation.

Anonymous said...

Brianmaru I agree. Elizabeth Banks IS bland. She seems like the kind of second rate actress to guest star in CSI and then start playing the dutiful hot matriarch in her 40's.... I just don't get it. I actually wanted to cringe at some of her "funny" moments in Zack and Miri. THAT was a terrible movie. Homophobic, indulgent and just....unpleasant.

- Sean C.

greta said...

You never told us what you think of The Portrait of a Lady, Nat.
Do you agree that it's one of the most underrated movies of the nineties ?

Glenn Dunks said...

Elizabeth Banks is nice. That is all.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, and thank you Abbie Cornish for actually dressing in something that's not black! Lovely.

mrripley said...

sure it is one of THE most underrated and contains kidmans best performance and one of THE best non winning supp actress performances ever by barbata hershey,i find the film hypnoyic and always revisit once a year,by teh way how much 70,000 pounds be today as thats what kidman inherits.


greta -- I will do a Campion retrospective in the fall. I'm eager to rewatch everything. (plus I've never seen Sweetie)

NicksFlickPicks said...

Everything said here about The Portrait of a Lady is true. The only thing I'm not digging about all the Bright Star hype at Cannes (which I frankly wasn't expecting, so yay), is the press's almost universal need to write off her last several projects as "off-form."

@MrRipley: I teach this novel and film, so I've looked it up. Inflation comparisons work differently depending on how you're asking. Something that cost 70,000 pounds in the 1860s or so (which is about when Isabel inherits the money, I think, if the plot is catching her up to 1881) would cost about 5 million pounds now. But on the table of average earnings, a person who earned 70,000 pounds at that time would, in terms of prominence and proportional wealth, be more equivalent to someone who earns about 40 million pounds today (i.e., about 60 million dollars). It's not fully clear which of these comparisons is more helpful for thinking about Isabel's situation, but probably something more like the latter.

But enough about literary economics - @Nathaniel: Jane's back and Mariah's wowing them. My kind of Cannes.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I still say Madonna was awesome in Dick Tracy. it's not that she never learned to act. she learned AND forgot within a very brief span of time. "I'm wearing black underwear." hell yeah.


walter! you're actually right. I just try to forget that she forgot cuz it's too painful. as are her line readings in her "off form" projects ;)

nick I KNOW. good news about Campion... although i'm trying not to get too hyped up because it's a pretty biopic and i'm usually not wild about those the way other people are.

and interesting point about proportional wealth. It's so confusing now with so few people controlling all the money.