Friday, May 08, 2009


My weekly column at @ Towleroad covers Inter-Starfleet romances imagined and otherwise in the Star Trek universe (despite years of Star Trek watching I'd never seen the clip I've included of a famous "backrub" scene in the original series. Too funny). This is semi off-topic but it's too bad that futuristic sci-fi franchises --even those taking place in worlds where gender and race are no longer divisive -- still have yet to be progressive about sexuality. Even Battlestar Galactica tripped up there. Also: brief tidbits regarding Make me a Supermodel and general movie news.


adam k. said...

I would give BSG some flak (rhymes with frak!) about the sexuality thing. My take is, they tried. As it's a Sci-Fi channel show that sinks or swims on the viewership of nerdy 18-35 males, I give it great credit for even going there. And it did, at least twice. I just think it's unfortunate that both their gays ended up as ruthless perpetrators of war crimes (i.e. the gays are evil! Evil!! cross them at your peril!). But they were still über-compelling characters who I loved. And I still (and will always) claim credit for my Gaetar waaaay back before it was made clear.

As for this new Kirk and Spock... is it just me, or were Shatner and Nimoy way cuter? For a reboot that prides itself on being young, hip and sexy, I find it disappointing in this regard. These two look straight out of the WB. I'm not expecting much.

FrenchGirl said...

i always thought Kirk & Spock were a couple!

Wayne B. said...

Good for Brandon Routh, found him so funny as the "straight" man in Zach and Miri Make A Porno. Give this hunk more work!