Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beware My Power... Green Lantern's Might

I promise I'm not going to mock up every potential Green Lantern in shiny emerald spandex but I go weak at the knees for opportunities to photoshop ... and for Green Lantern, too, as you must know. I don't secretly dream of a Hollywood career but if I did, The Green Lantern is at the top of the list of superhero properties I'd want to pitch. That said, I'd rank it up there with Wonder Woman under the heading Will Be Nearly Impossible To Pull Off. Good Luck! so I'm not particularly excited about seeing Hollywood try.

So, this is Shawn Roberts (pictured left) who was all the rumor-rage a couple of weeks ago, round about the same time as the Bradley Cooper rumor that IMDB stamped. But, recent casting of Thor aside, Hollywood almost never goes with relative unknowns for expensive franchises (despite stars being expensive and the properties themselves being the selling point) so I never took the Roberts rumor seriously. I suspect if the movie ever happens, and if it's not Cooper, it'll be a very familiar face bathed in green light.

Anyway -- my god get to the point, man! -- some people are far more skilled with visual trickery than I. If you haven't yet watched this fan-made Green Lantern trailer which is basically a very enthusiastic campaign for the casting of the always charming Nathan Fillion, you should.

Pretty impressive, yes?

Fillion himself is quite enthused about it.


Alex F. said...

I love Nathan Fillion! I'm still mad about the cancellation of Firefly and I'm still wondering why he doesn't get more awesome gigs.


well clearly some people in Hollywood love him. He keeps getting TV leads... even if the shows themselves don't last.

Andrew David said...

aahahahahaa I actually lost it when the voiceover of Hugo Weaving as Elrond played. That was very well-made!

Carl said...

Damn! How close are we to the point where someone with too much time on his hands can actually make a quality feature-length theatrical release with their personal computer? Very impressive quality - now let's just get past the legal issues with for-profit use of performer's images and voices without their permission and we've got it made!

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel; A great Green Lantern movie should be the easiest thing in the world to make. The only thing really holding it back was the quality of technology/special effects, and that's obviously no longer an issue these days.

For me, the most important aspect that you need to remember for a Green Lantern movie to work, is that he's not really a superhero. He's a cop. One of thousands of space cops.

This is why the notion of focusing on a single Green Lantern, like Hal Jordan, makes little sense to me. On his own, Jordan is fairly boring and a generic superhero, and he's stories tend to be standard superhero fodder, with a bit of personal life/romance thrown in.

Green Lantern, as a concept has had it greatest creative peaks when it focused on the Green Lantern CORPS, not an individual Green Lantern. If anyone still reads the Green Lantern comics these days, it's arguably the most consistently compelling mythos in the DC comics catalogue today. And int's incredibly cinematic. Star Wars with Green power rings. And it's because it doesn't focus on small scale, earth bound penny ante superhero stories about Hal Jordan. It focuses on huge, epic, Universe threatning criseses, that can only be dealt with by the entire Corps. Within the corps, there are groups with groups...obviously the 4 human Green Lanterns from Earth (Jordan, Stewart, Gardner and Rayner) interact most with each other, and those interactions are an important part of the dynamic. Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner for example, could effectively have a similar dynamic to Spock and Kirk in the new STAR TREK. Two antagonist Green Lanterns with opposite personalities who cant's stand each other, but have to work together for the greater good.

They'll probably blow it and make a standard issue superhero origin story starring Hal Jordan and how he became GL (I'm falling alseep already thinking about it). But I'm tired of this origin story stuff. We'll get a pretty predictable first GL movie because of that. Galactic space cops is not a concept that needs much explaining. If they made a story that jumped right into the action, and established that there are already 4 active Green Lanterns from Earth, and there is a universe threaning crisis that the whole Corps has to deal with, then we could have the most kickass Space opera since Empire Strikes Back.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see Fillion as Green Lantern.

I loved this fanmade trailer.


@ Chris... this is vaguely along the same lines as how I would pitch it, yes. I think it's SUCH a mistake to turn an unusual superhero concept into a traditioanl superhero concept. There are so many superhero movies now that they desperately need to vary the template to insure a long life for the genre. I think everyone assumes this genre will be popular forever but that's not the way movies work.

All things are cyclical.

Wilford Brimley's Oatmeal said...

Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner for example, could effectively have a similar dynamic to Spock and Kirk in the new STAR TREK. Two antagonist Green Lanterns with opposite personalities who cant's stand each other, but have to work together for the greater goodI disagree as the conflict between Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan isn't because they're so different, but because they're of the same personality type with only subtle differences, they're both alpha males. Hal has the benefit of more experience and less brain damage wheras Guy has a whole list of grievances that are all Hal Jordans fault. Frankly, they have more of a Vegeta/Goku thing going on than a Spock/Kirk thing.


i love your screen name ;)