Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Direct (?) from Eliza Dushku's twittering fingers...

I love getting soaked in the rain too (although imagining Eliza Dushku wet? Even better) but what's most exciting here is the "DOLLHOUSE talks". Normally I wouldn't think much of an actor relaying such a message but she is also the producer of Dollhouse so one would assume she's part of said "talks". Maybe there's hope?

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p.s. 2 My gf/bff Amy tells me 'Twitter is Facebook on crack so you should definitely NOT be using it'. But, you know... I only learn by making my own mistakes.


Runs Like A Gay said...

Go on, tweet to your hearts content, become a twitterer, we won't mind.

Just remember us occasionally in the non-twitter world and write us a decent post with paragraphs and punctuations and logical arguements every once in a while.


with all i do for you here now you're complaining about (in) decent posts? ;)


Jason Adams said...

What a tease! Has she said anything else? Nat you're crumbling my anti-Twitter stance here! I suppose she's not going to announce a second season via Twitter but ACK that's torment knowing they're talking. Maybe the rain was some sort of metaphor for the happiness she was feeling that they want to give the show another season! Yeah that's it! I solved the puzzle!!!

I need to step away from the coffee-maker today, I think.

Carl said...

I might just be the last technically-inclined Luddite left on the planet. Is it wrong of me to be willing to wait to hear that "Dollhouse" was renewed until a few hours after it is announced? Or a few days? For something that will not have its first broadcast until September?

Does anyone even wait until 25 December to start shredding wrappers and ribbon any more?

(But I am sure hoping that it comes to pass.)