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Top Ten: PIXAR

tuesday thursday top ten: for the listmaker in me and the listlover in you

What follows is a reworking of a post originally published in 2007. It's two years later and you know what that means: Pixar has given us two more classics. UP brings their feature film count to ten. You know what Ten means: Top Ten Time!

Pixar by Preference

Cars (John Lasseter, 2006) 117 min.
Pixar's only dud. Chief among its problems: the anthropomorphics were forced. Let me get this straight: Cars as bugs on windshields of cars as cars who act like humans and they even sleep in hotels for cars -- What? What? It's not quite Shark Tale in the realm of painful "they're just like us!" pandering but it's not 'good' either. I would give it a second chance except it's also Pixar's longest feature... too long by about 23 minutes. Thankfully, they seem to have reversed their bloated running time trending. It peaked here and began coming back down to 90 minute levels.
Best character: n/a
Oscar noms: 2 (Original Song and Animated Feature)

Good Movies

A Bug's Life (Lasseter & Andrew Stanton, 1998) 96 min.
Not as memorable as the other films but a solid entertainment.
Best character:
Heimlich "finally, I'm a beautiful butterfly!"
Oscar noms: 1 (Score, Musical or Comedy)

08 Finding Nemo (Stanton & Lee Unkrich, 2003) 100 min.
Pixar's biggest hit and the appeal is obvious. It's consistently funny and it looks like a million billion bucks. And I'm not just talking about the color palette (fish were such a brilliant subject for an animated film) but the intermittently serene bliss of the uncluttered frame. Animated films tend to overstuff and err on the side of visual and narrative chaos, desperate that the littlest eyes in the audience might wander. Pixar is more confident than that (though I could've done without some of Nemo's lamer gags like "surfer" turtles. 'Whoa')
Best character: Dory, possibly the best celebrity voice casting ever for a toon. In non-Pixar efforts the casting is usually only about the marquee value of the name. Pixar almost always does right by casting. It's character first. Ellen DeGeneres's whole comic persona serves the fish and not the other way around.
Oscar noms: 4 (Animated Feature*, Score, Sound Editing, Original Screenplay)

Toy Story 2 (Lasseter, Unkrich and Ash Brannon, 1999) 92 min.
The last time I made a Pixar list I asked if it was as great as some claim? But unfortunately I didn't seek an answer for myself. I loved its basic story concept but I don't remember it well.
Best character: They're mostly holdovers but I do remember that that Barbie sequence was bananas.
Oscar Noms: 1 (Score). 1999 was the year that prompted the Academy to create an animated feature category, which became an official category in 2001. The collective critical response to Toy Story 2, The Iron Giant and Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke which were all released stateside in 1999 was basically along the lines of 'these animated movies are as good as any live action movie'. AMPAS decision seemed like a good move at the time, but now the category has become a ghetto preventing films as rich and lauded as WALL•E from landing in the Best Picture category where they belong.

Very Good. Sometimes Great.

06 Up (Pete Docter & Bob Peterson) 96 min.
This ranking might be too high or too low. But the film is brand spanking new. I'll need time to settle with it... float back down to earth. I always feel high in the sky after a Pixar... even the ones that don't include helium balloons. Our Vodcast Review
Best character: Carl Fredricksen. I love how square his face is, how it ages and how expressive it remains throughout the film, despite being as boxed up as his life in his old house.
Oscar noms: We'll know in January 2010. I'm going to guess three (Score, Animated and one Sound categories)

Monsters, Inc. (Docter, Unkrich and Lee Silverman, 01) 92 min.
One of the most underrated films of 2001, arguably the best cinematic year of the decade. How can this be underrated when it made hundreds of millions and people generally like it, you ask? Because they should love it. It's got all the Pixar strengths in abundance: inventive screenplay, memorable characters, complicated gags, glorious production design. Those people (including Academy voters) who thought Shrek was better? They're monsters! My screams when it lost the Oscar could power Monstropolis for a year.
Best character: Boo
Oscar noms: (Original Song*, Animated Feature, Score, Sound Editing)

04 Ratatouille (Brad Bird, 07) 111 min.
Left the movie theater with a huge smile on my face... interrupted only by an occassional shudder from the heebie-jeebies. You know, hundreds of rats... in a kitchen... touching food! Pixar is totally gourmet. You always feel that the films are crafted with great skill and love. They make a mint but it's plain as day that's not their soul purpose. It's not an assembly line. One hopes this anti fast-food approach eventually rubs off on the increasingly soulless direct to DVD Disney.
Best character: Gusteau
Oscar noms: 5 (Animated Feature*, Score, Sound, Sound Editing, Original Screenplay)

For the All Time Lists

03 Toy Story (Lasseter, 95) 81 min.
I'm not sure if it's the 99th best film of all time as the AFI claims but I'm glad animation is represented on that list. We were both excited to see it as we were ahead of the populace on the Pixar curve. I don't remember how I obtained it but I had a bootleg VHS tape of all of the Pixar shorts that had been made before they risked going into features. I had already converted my whole family to the cult of Pixar and even considered buying stock in the company went it first went up for sale even though I was a poor college student (Oh, to have done so). As long as I live I will never forget the first time I saw the film. I went with my brother. The moment that lifted it into a complete comedic classic was 'The Claw' My brother and I literally hurt from laughing. That's a good kind of pain.
Best character: Buzz Lightyear
Oscar noms: 3 (Score, Original Song, Screenplay... and a special Oscar for John Lasseter for making it all happen)

02 The Incredibles (Bird, 2004) 115 min.
From my top ten of 2004 review: "I saw The Incredibles three times within the month of its opening. And every time something else opened the following month that only looked sort of appealing I thought to myself. "Self, you can always go and see The Incredibles again"
... Gah. Pixar is so awesome. Group hug!

Best character: Elastigirl. She keeps this family together... and not just with those rubbery arms that can literally do so.
Oscar noms: 4 (Sound Editing* Animated Feature*, Sound Mixing, Original Screenplay)

01 WALL•E (Stanton, 08) 98 minutes
One of the best pictures in recent years from any medium or genre. Since it's still fresh in mind I'm guessing we've discussed it enough for awhile. I was wild for it as you know. See my annual awards for further proof.
Best character: Read my ode to EVE here if you missed it.
Oscar noms: 6 (Animated Feature*, Score, Original Song, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Original Screenplay)

Next up for Pixar? I hope they don't spoil their status as "most consistent studio on the planet" but they're moving into two pictures a year now, instead of one. When Disney sped up in the mid 90s, things started going downhill.

2010: Toy Story 3 which will be directed by Lee Unkrich, who is finally getting his own movie after co-directing three of their giant hits.
2011: Newt about the last remaining male and female blue footed newts... who hate each other and Pixar's first fairy tale (moving into Disney's realm, eh?) The Bear and the Bow
2012: Brings a weird double feature: the one I'm least excited about, Cars 2, and the one I'm most excited about John Carter of Mars. The latter will be a real departure for the studio, a sci-fi adventure / adaptation that's not specifically aimed at children. UPDATE: Apparently Andrew Stanton is being essentially "loaned out" for this one and it won't be a proper Pixar film after all. Live action. Barsoomia is tracking the project closely.

Pixar shorts top ten, a
bonus list. Here's my top ten.
  1. For the Birds (Ralph Eggleston, 2000) 3 min. Oscar winner
  2. Knick Knack (Lasseter, 1989) 4 min.
  3. Boundin' (Bud Lucky and Roger Gould, 2003) 5 min. Oscar nominee
  4. Tin Toy (Lasseter, 1988) 5 min. Oscar winner
  5. Geri's Game (Jan Pinkava, 1997) 4 min. Oscar winner
  6. Luxo Jr (Lasseter, 1986) 2 min. Oscar nominee
  7. Lifted (Gary Rydstrom, 2006) 5 min. Oscar nominee
  8. Presto (Doug Sweetland, 2008) 5 min. Oscar nominee
  9. Red's Dream (Lasseter, 1987) 4 min.
  10. One Man Band (Mark Andrews and Andrew Jimenez, 2005) 4 min. Oscar nominee

Your Pixar Experience

Which was your first in theaters? Which film has shifted the most in your opinions about it over the years? How would you rate them on a scale of dud to all timers? Or are you, like Armond White, tired of hearing about their awesomeness? If so, how soon do you think a backlash will happen?

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Fox said...

What if newt was about Newt Gingrich? That would be fun!

And is that John Carpenter of Mars referencing THE John Carpenter?


OOPSIE. ha ha.

slip. John Carpenter of John Carpenter's Ghost of Mars. Different than JOHN CARTER OF MARS. oy.

Rafael said...

It is inevitable that Pixar will go down one day (just hope not anytime soon, let there be one more decade of greatness!).
And is kind of scary that they are looking into new genres and making two films a year, including sequences (*ugh). I even heard that they had a Brad Bird live action on the sleeves. is that so?
Anyway, we will always have this 10 masterpieces to look after into film history. All hail the best of the new millennium American Films!

Anonymous said...

Interesting list but have to disagree on Finding Nemo, which to me, is their finest work. Makes me cry all over the place, laugh, the shark chase in the sub is wonderfully put together and a ton more.

Kevin D. said...

Question Nathaniel, Did you prefer Coraline or Up? I'll be seeing Up this weekend to compare.

E Dot said...

I wasn't as in awe of 'The Incredibles' as you were. I thought the animation was fantastic, but I wouldn't put it before 'Finding Nemo'. 'Cars' is the only one I haven't seen yet, but I'm in no hurry....

RahulB said...

I remember seeing A Bug's Life and being really pissed off that the ants only had 4 legs.

I preferred Antz that year - because any movie that can have Sylvester Stallone and Woody Allen as best friends is a movie to watch.

katjenlily said...

Toy Story 2 came out when I was 9. It's the first movie I really remember having an effect on me in the theater. I very clearly remember getting this weird expansive feeling at the end of it, that "movie" feeling. I still have the ticket. I really hope that young kids today are having the same experience at WALL*E and Up.

Everybody lauds Pixar for making children's movies that appeal to adults, but very few ever mention how valuable their films are just as quality children's movies.

Jordan Wellin said...

Finding Nemo is their greatest, I think. It combines all of their elements (great visuals and storytelling), and I also think it's their funniest, though Ratatouille and Wall-E are somewhat more auteuristic.

Cars was just not good at all. Formulaic (Doc Hollywood, anyone?) and a bad voice cast, as well (do I really need to hear Owen Wilson's voice anymore than I have to?).

Pixar, though, does have a great track record with the Academy, especially when it comes to music. I think Michael Giacchino's score for Ratatouille is one of the best in years, and songwise, was there anyone who didn't cry in Toy Story 2 when Sarah McLachlan sang "When Somebody Loved Me"?

adam k. said...

Edna Mode is not the best character in The Incredibles?? For shame, Nathaniel.

I wanted to buy stock in Netflix a few years back, and truly wish I'd done so.

As for my first Pixar, I remember in elementary school (or maybe it was middle school?) my whole school got to go on a mass field trip to see Toy Story. I don't remember it too vividly, but it was a good time. The whole idea of going to see a movie on a film trip was just out of this world, but I guess Toy Story was just THAT special.

My favorites are WALL•E and The Incredibles right now, but Toy Story was too long ago for me to remember. I remember being one of those people who only liked Monsters Inc. and was not particularly crazy about it, so my apologies. I just didn't connect to the characters all that much, I think.

Ratatouille is one that I don't enjoy anymore nearly as much as I thought I would. I loved it when I saw it in theaters, and went on to buy it, but while I still respect the hell out of it, I just don't find it all that enjoyable to sit through. It's the end that makes it brilliant... but the film as a whole isn't big on rewatchability.

adam k. said...

film trip = field trip. Duh

Katey said...

I'm surprised by your ranking of Finding Nemo more than anything else on this list... I think out of all the Pixar movies it's the one that I just open-heartedly LOVE.

And Jordan, re: Giacchino's Ratatouille score, just wait for what he does in UP. It's all basically a simple waltz theme played out in a million permutations throughout the film. This guy gave us Star Trek AND Up in one month (and the Lost finale, if you count TV). What a gem!

Kent said...

Monsters Inc was the first Pixar film I saw in theaters. I've seen it countless times since. It just gets better.

WALL-E remains my favorite Pixar film.

Jeff Doten said...

John Carter of Mars is LIVE and now from Disney. Go to for news.

Andrew K. said...

Not to rain on the parade. i know this is a Pixar discussion, but i want to know. Nat, what do you think of Corpse Bride? It is one of my favourite animated films - behind Beauty & the Beast and The Sleeping Beauty and just in front of Toy Story 2.

Carl said...

I think I saw all of them during their initial theatrical release, except "A Bug's Life"....I have still not seen that movie.

Of the eight I have seen, I still think "The Incredibles" is the best. The animation matches the ability to realize the characters perfectly (only "Finding Nemo" is better in this regard, and only when they stay away from showing people). And I am in the vocal minority who believes the story and screenplay are far superior to that of "Wall-E".

I figured that this year would see a drop in quality and be a cinch for a backlash...I am tentatively happy to be wrong, at least until I see it for myself.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

The first Pixar feature I saw was Toy Story if I'm not mistaken.

My top ten list:

1. Wall-E
2. Finding Nemo
3. Ratatouille
4. (Up? - haven't seen it yet but I'm predicting it in #4)
5. The Incredibles
6. Monsters, Inc.
7. Toy Story
8. Cars
9. A Bug's Life
10. Toy Story 2

Sara M. said...

Wasn't Chicken Little a Pixar film? I thought it was hilariously stupid, but if not a choice. I can understand why. It was the glasses wasn't it?

Richter Scale said...

Nat, Toy Story 2's nomination was for Best Original Song, not Score. The song was "When She Loved Me" by Randy Newman (the best part of the film, it makes me cry) and you should definitely re-watch the movie, because to me, it's a much richer story, and I love that story about a toy realizing that his kid won't love him forever. There is also great comedy, much like the first film (which I still love). And, Toy Story 2 is the only Pixar film to win the Golden Globe for Best Picture- Comedy/ Musical (before they came out with their Animated Feature category).

As for me, my favorite film from Pixar is Wall-E (haven't seen Up yet and it doesn't come to Mexico until June 5th) and I saw all Pixar films in theaters except The Incredibles (for some reason, they didn't release a subtitled version of that here in Mexico, and I wasn't going to see it dubbed). I did eventually see it on DVD, and I love it. I also recently re-watched A Bug's Life, and as entertaining as it is, it doesn't have the staying power. And, by the way Nat, as much as I love Monsters Inc, I also love Shrek. I love how inventive it is, the characters, the humor, and it's one of the few Dreamworks films that I feel doesn't put the celebrity voices and pop culture references over the story. I've re-watched both over the years, and love both (I made a Top Ten of 2001 post on my own blog recently).

Anyway, I can't wait to see Up. I also love Finding Nemo and Ratatouille.

Deborah said...

I haven't seen them all, but I loved Monsters, Inc. beyond all measure. I think it was so sad that it was less popular and talked about than Shrek, which is a cold-hearted machine (they were released around the same time as I recall). It may be the first one I saw in the theater.

I have a Sully & Boo pair of Micro-machines (not machines though) on my desk. Love.

I love the Incredibles very much as well. Funny and full of life and oh-so-stylish and smart. Great soundtrack.

The others I like very much but don't love. Haven't seen Wall-E. Don't shoot me.

Urey said...

"Finding Nemo" would have been second to me only to "WALL-E", but that's a nice list.

And not to be outdone, DreamWorks has announced their upcoming slate of films:

"How to Train Your Dragon" (2010)
"Oobermind" (2010)
"Shrek Forever After" (2010) (I liked "Shrek Goes Fourth" better for the title)
"Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom" (2011)
"The Guardians" (2011)
"Puss-in-Boots" spinoff/ prequel (2012)
"The Croods" (2012)
"Madagascar 3" (2012)

Ryan Ray said...

Not really looking forward to Pixar stretching itself thin with so many releases, but who knows, perhaps they will continue their streak of quality. I haven't seen Toy Story 2 at all (yikes...)

7. Cars: Actually fell asleep during the theater. Never happened before or after!
6. A Bug's Life: Haven't seen it in awhile, but it was enjoyable.
5. Wall-E: Not a huge fan of this as most people are; it was amazing until Fred Willard showed up. I normally like him but not in a Pixar move. Thanks.
4. Toy Story: Probably lost some of its awe for me over the years
3. Monster's Inc
2. The Incredibles
1. Ratatouille: Have a soft spot for this one. Just a preference

Ryan Ray said...

Oh I completely forgot about Finding Nemo! I agree with what Nat said about it, but I guess I loved it much more. Between The Incredibles and Ratatouille for me!

Alison Flynn said...

I think Wall*E and The Incredibles ties for my #1 Pixar. Wall*E is an absolutely stunning film. And I can watch The Incredible time and again, and get something new out of it every time. A brilliant film.

I got more out of Finding Nemo the second and third times watching it. A good film, but not in my top 5 Pixar.

Also maybe I'm mixing it up but I think The Bear and the Bow is going to be the first Pixar to be directed by a woman director. Yay!

Jim T said...

Nice post Nate. I like it that you mentioned future films though I think the animated film I'm anticipating the most is Rapunzel which is not a Pixar movie.

The first (and only) Pixar baby I watched in theaters was the first child, Toy Story. I was 10 or 11.

I've seen almost all of the others but not in a theater. Finding Nemo is my favorite and there was none I didn't like (haven't seen Cars).

Wayne B. said...

First experience was "Toy Story" when I was ten years old and back then the animation was the best thing since sliced bread. "Potato Head" used to annoy me so much though.

I do think a backlash is inevitable; every empire falls eventually. Disney for example.

Jason Adams said...

Toy Story 2 beats the original for me.

And because of that, I NEED them to make a sequel to The Incredibles. The possibilities!

Becky said...

I was just at a conference where the keynote speaker was a software development manager from Pixar. When you mentioned they're moving to two pictures a year I immediately thought that must be because of all the cross-training & streamlining of the animation process he talked about. It was a fascinating & entertaining presentation & definitely puts my mind more at ease with news of an accelerated production schedule.

My favorites: Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., & The Incredibles.

Catherine said...

I think my favourite Pixar might be Monsters, Inc, actually. Mike Wazowski is such a gem of a comic character, the whole premise is such a cute twist on an old cliche, it has the most adorable Pixar creation in Boo and there's loads of nerdy injokes (Harryhausen's).

I love Billy Crystal's work here (Mike is on a par with Dory, in my mind), especially this scene: "Oh, hey. We're rehearsing a - a scene for the upcoming company play called uh, Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me. It's a musical. Put that thing back where it came from or so help me... so help me, so help me and... cut!".

Also, the supporting characters are all great (and the voicework hilarious). C'mon! Roz the receptionist? Jennifer Tilly as Mike's girlfriend? Steve Buscemi?

G1000 said...

What's with all the hating on "Cars"? I thought it was better than "A Bug's Life" and both "Toy Story" movies.

My list

1. Finding Nemo
2. The Incredibles
4. Ratatouille
5. Monsters Inc.
6. Cars
7. Toy Story
8 Toy Story 2
9 A Bug's Life

Jim T said...

Nate, why don't think Up will get an original screenplay nod?

Jordan Wellin said...

Is Armond White the worst film critic of all time or what? I don't understand how someone who deliberately hates great films (he said that Twilight was better than Let the Right One In) can get so much attention.
Come the end of the year, I'm sure that Monsters vs. Aliens will be on his Top 10 and Up will take a backseat.

Patrick said...

I've seen all of Pixar's stuff in theaters, so Toy Story was my first, but the first I have distinct memories of seeing was Finding Nemo. I was a freshman in high school, and about half of my marine science class skipped to go see it together, so we all collectively shuddered when that friggin' singing manta ray started singing about different phyla and ocean life. The best viewing experience though was The Incredibles, which was another one a bunch of us skipped school to go see. We were sitting in front of a group of about 4 five year old boys, who could not shut up, which would normally be infuriating but they were so clearly infatuated with the movie, and so captivated, it basically de-aged our group to match their reactions. All of those little moments where you want to say "wow" out loud- those little boys did, and they so clearly wanted to be Dash, I got swept right up with them, which is why that moment where he first runs on water, and he doesn't realize at first but then looks down and sort of chuckles to himself- that's one of my favorite moments in movies ever.

Ranking is pretty much impossible for me when it comes to Pixar, but it basically comes down to three tiers.

The best: Monster's, Nemo, the Incredibles, Ratatouille, Toy Story 2

Then Toy Story, Wall-e

With Bug's Life and Cars bringing up the rear. I like Cars a lot more than most people seem to, and only Monsters Inc made me cry more. And I think some technological milestone must have been reached with that one, because that was the film when Pixar landscapes started making me swoon right there in the theater.

DH said...

I agree with some that Finding Nemo needs to be higher on the list. I also think Toy Story and The Incredible should switch places for spots 3 & 2.

And Cars wasn't the most magnificent thing on earth, but come on people, it was by no means that bad.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I would place Finding Nemo in the top 3 or 4 at least. Not only for it's appeal, but all that underwater animation is some of the most difficult stuff to do, not to mention giving fishes faces.

You see what happened when they tried to give cars faces. It would seem easier, but it just didn't work.

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

I haven't caught Up yet, but I'll give you my Top 5 so far:

1. Presto
I adored Wall-E (see below) but these 5 minutes of uninterrupted mind boggling slapstick genius gave me the kind of gleefully warm feeling I haven't felt since I was first introduced to Bugs Bunny (esp. as Bwunhiwde) and Daffy Duck (esp. when running Amuck). Was it seriously up for an Oscar? Surely it won?..

2. Toy Story 2
Nath, just watch it again. Today. I'll watch it too, if it helps

3. Wall-E
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

4. Finding Nemo
Upon first viewing, I merely liked it. Then about a year ago, I came across it while channel surfing and i couldn't bring myself to change the channel til the end of the credits. This isn't just pleasant and efficient as I initially suspected - it's rich, wondrous and remarkably touching.

5. A Bug's Life
A nutty delight from start to finish - I don't get the neglect.

Of course I also like The Incredibles a fair bit, and maybe when I give Toy Story and Ratatouille another shot, one of them might also creep into the Top5. Re: Monsters, Inc. - I can only go as far as 'like' - sorry - and this is only after a second viewing. The first viewing made me temporarily swear off cartoons with snarky standup comic voice celebrities.

Cars, on the other hand, beautiful though it was to look at, retroactively destroyed my childhood.

Henry said...

I think you ranked Ratatouille too high at #4. And Ego was the best character, not Gusteau.

I've seen every Pixar film in the theaters except for Cars. Easily Pixar's lone dud.

I had that "all smiles after leaving the theater" feeling after Toy Story 2 and I remember thinking, "Hey, that was better or at least level with the first one." I remember seeing all of the kids in the theater for The Incredibles getting bored and restless by the middle parts of the film; I think Finding Nemo is still the best theater experience personally (and I think you ranked it too low on the list) because a bunch of people took their infant children to the theater to see it and, amazingly, they were all quiet (and spent the length of the film mesmerized by the colors); WALL-E gets better every time I see it. The theater experience was meh, but it's a film that gets so much better with each DVD viewing. Go Pixar! I can't wait to see Up this weekend!

Glenn said...

I distinctly remember Nat thinking Finding Nemo may have been the start of a downward trend for Pixar, so the #8 placing didn't surprise me.

First Pixar movie for me was Toy Story in a cinema. I don't remember the experience, but I did love it and I watched the VHS copy I got so many times. The first Pixar experience I truly remember was Toy Story 2. As Katjenlily said, I just got this... surge or feelings. It's still my favourite Pixar.

9. A Bug's Life (B+)
8. Cars (B+)
7. Wall-E (A-)
6. Finding Nemo (A-)
5. Monster's, Inc. (A-)
4. Ratatouille (A-)
3. Toy Story (A)
2. The Incredibles (A)
1. Toy Story 2 (A)

I looove Cars though and it's #8 placing doesn't do it justice. And while A Bug's Life is an easy #9 it's not because I don't think it's great, it feels bit more minor. Waiting for Up, but it's not released here until September, I believe.


@Glenn... well i was wrong about that "downward trend" if i said that because ratatouille, incredibles, wall-e were yet to come. but i just never could really fall for Finding Nemo. Something about it was too sentimental for me maybe? I'm not sure. I really don't like the turtle sequence. But i love the fish tank section and the seagulls "mine!"

i'm not sure. i just don't love it.

@everyone... is anyone annoyed at how bad that Finding Nemo stuff is at Disneyworld though? I mean the ride would have to be the most boring thing ever if you were over the age of 3 and the stage show is a complete messy disaster. the bug's life stuff is better but it seeems the Pixar stuff at DisneyWorld is just lame. But maybe that's because the modern stuff at DisneyWorld is lame period (that Stitch "ride" is so stupid, too) when compared to the really old rides (i still can't get over how beautiful the Peter Pan ride was... among others)

Jordan Wellin said...

Peter Pan is so the best ride of all's such a relief to get in that air conditioned ride and ride away into my childhood dreamworld.

Finding Nemo's ride is awful, you're right NR. I was with my 5 year old bro and he wanted out of there so badly. And who can blame him.

Lindsay said...

I don't get why everyone loves Ratatoullie. And how the heck could Finding Nemo EVER be 8!?
My List:
10. Cars
9. Ratatouille
8. Bug's Life
7. The Incredibles
5. Up
4. Monster's Inc.
3. Toy Story
2. Toy Story 2
1. Finding Nemo

Also, the last five are all number one for me.

Brenda said...

I'm a mother of five, ages 6 -18. I've seen them ALL in theaters and a MILLION times on DVD with my kids. NEMO is unquestionably the BEST! So clever and pretty. I laughed from beginning to end in the theater first time and every time since. Dori is AWESOME! But watch again and focus on Marlin. He is so subtle, underrated and HILARIOUS! My whole family of 7 has recently obsessed and rated our favorite Pixars. We even completed a 2000 piece Pixar film puzzle. Ha, ha! Here's my Top 10:

10. WALL E (not very fun, not pretty)
9. Cars
8. Bug's Life (still LOTS of funny stuff though)
7. Toy Story (yes, I love "the claw")
6. The Incredibles (Greater good?' I am your wife! I'm the greatest good you are ever gonna get!)
5. Toy Story 2 (I am your Father! --HILarious)
4. UP (touching, tearful, funny, UPlifting)
3. Ratatouille (funny and surprisingly pretty)
2. Monsters Inc. (CLE-VER, I call my son "googley-bear")
1. Finding Nemo (so many levels of awesome)

Numbers 2 through 7 were very hard to rate, they are all so good. I almost called them all #2.