Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dollhouse ???

I've been a bad fan. As my enthusiasm for Dollhouse grew larger, my posting about it dwindled to nothingness. I knew that the show would get better. Whedon's work always does. The people who abandoned ship early due to the "icky premise" should've known that Whedon himself would have been aware of the ickiness and would turn it to the show's advantage.

I'm following the actors on twitter (Eliza, Miracle, Dichen, sadly no Enver...) and feeling guilt because they need all the attention they can get. I stopped writing about it because a) there were too few comments on those posts and b) I got scared of cancellation. See, television has taught me not to trust it. Movies are easier for me to love. They're complete and forever. TV requires the assemblage of multiple itty bitty pieces. It requires the long haul and too many TV shows don't get anywhere close to being a complete experience due to early cancellations. Most TV shows are jigsaw puzzles with pieces missing. They're broken.

If you love Joss Whedon's stuff, you'll want to read his 7 Things I Love About Sci-Fi article. It's brill.

update 05/12 still on bubble. talks ongoing.


Derreck said...

Since Pushing Daisies got cancelled, i don't think i can ever learn to love again. Every time i go out and give my heart to a new, different series, it gets cancelled.

Oh, how will miss the sweeping romantic theme song and swooning over Ned and Chuck.

I still remember one episode where Chuck asked Ned,

"What do you need to be happy?"

and then Ned (Lee Pace) givs her this big, goofy adorable smile and says,


I hardly ever swoon, but that most certainly did it for me.

Ooh, i found the video.

*sigh* It seems as if people only want to watch cops, lawyers and doctors.

par3182 said...

seven things?

oh, it's on...

Carl said...

This first, to get it out of the way...I want to see more "Dollhouse" next year. I suppose there is a chance that "Dollhouse" will get a full second season, but the love/hate relationship between Joss and Fox (damn, that should be the title of something) makes any call at this point a fool's errand.

I understand that there is another episode in the can - being held hostage as a teaser for the DVD release of the complete season/series, depending. Shame on Fox for making the fans pay for what they should have been able to watch during the season.

As to the number of responses on posts related to "Dollhouse" on your blog - I can understand it without liking it, since the audience is more cinephilic than videophilic. I, for one, liked the coverage, and would not object to seeing more.

Interesting stuff on the Maxim website...wonder what their thing is about the number seven?

Seeking Amy said...

I'm right there with you Derreck on Pushing Daisies. How I will miss the random moments of Olive bursting out into song and the oh so cute ways in which Ned and Chuck were "intimate".


Amber said...

I wasn't completely sold on Dollhouse until the Briar Rose episode. Then I was like YES! Give me more!

Chris Na Taraja said...

Watch a series on DVD instead. That way you know what you're getting into ahead of time. I really can't commit to a weekly show, especially if the networks can't commit to us!

I'm currently watching season 5 of Angel, and I hope to see more of Joss Whedens shows in the future.

Shawn said...

I am glad that your love for Dollhouse grew. I admit, I was a bit saddened that you stopped talking about it just as it was hitting it's wonderful stride.


I know. If it's renewed I will try to catch up with the posting and get more consistent. if it's not i will let sleeping dogs lie

Emily said...

I liked your Dollhouse coverage better than I liked Dollhouse, actually. I'll be disappointed if it's canceled, though, if for no other reason than I think Joss Whedon should always be working.

Q said...

If it is renewed, which I hope to God it is, I can't see it surviving to a third season, but hopefully Fox will stick it out for another 20 episodes and Joss and the team can wrap up with one very satisfying mega-miniseries.

Anonymous said...

Big fan of the show and hope so much for its renewal! but after a 2.7 million rating for the season finale.......i doubt it =[

Reel Whore said...

I read yesterday it was renewed, hooray!