Friday, May 29, 2009

Drag Me To Link

Getty Drew Barrymore and Emmy Rossum attend the reject Prop 8 rallies. I think this is the most animated I've ever seen Emmy Rossum's face. It can only mean one thing: supporting gay rights makes you a better actress!
Gawker Wikipedia cracks down on Team Scientology
Pretty on the Outside imagines a Playbill for the new Hugh Jackman / Daniel Craig Broadway outing.
World of Wonder and Gawker finally other people besides me are beginning to talk some sense about celeb du jour Adam Lambert's dumb coyness. I seriously have been annoyed at the way the gay community has been kissing his ass for months.
Just Jared Jude Law hones his Hamlet. Oh, I wish I could see it. And I'm totally sick of Hamlet.

The Rocchi Files Open Letter to Pixar (great stuff)
Lou Romano production art development for UP. Just beautiful
The Celebrity Truth Steven Spielberg's Tintin movie, with Jamie Bell in the lead is now scheduled for Christmas time 2011. Unfortunately it's a motion capture thing. Hopefully Jamie Bell will look more human than Tom Hanks did in that Polar movie
AfterEllen the hottest sporty women in sports movies or some such. Thumbs up on the high rank for "Missy Pantone" in Bring It On. But then I'm always up for Eliza Dushku.
i09 Spider-Man 4 to focus more tightly on Peter Parker
Cinematical fun piece on horror replacement actors to celebrate Alison Lohman's role in Drag Me To Hell which, as you may know, was originally Ellen Page's.

And finally, just for fun... here's a sampling of the variety of things people -- complete strangers , I just did a title search -- are tweeting about Drag Me To Hell.


The Pretentious Know it All said...

Go Emmy Rossum! This almost makes me want to support her filmography. Not quite (I'm still not touching that Dragonball movie with a fifty-foot pole) but almost. Good on her!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to drag me to see Jude Law as the Crazy, Sexy, Cool Hamlet. I'm already there.

Fernando Moss said...

Nothing about the Bening's birthday?

Jason Adams said...

People really seem to be losing it over Drag Me To Hell.

Not that I'd understand that at all.


Jorge Rodrigues said...

Yeah, is the movie Drag Me To Hell THAT good?

It premieres in Portugal next week I think... If it's good I'll check it out.

Cory Rivard said...

That's hilarious. Honest to God, the first thought that entered my head when thefilmexperience blog came up was, "Is that Emmy Rossum?"... followed by, "I've never seen her with so much expression before. What movie is this?"
Director's take note. To derive passion out a Rossum performance, threaten to take away human rights. OSCAR!!!

Ozzie Totten said...

Pretty sure American Idol wouldn't let him be gay while on the show. Remember that guy who got kicked off like 2 seasons ago when it came out that he had once worked as a gay stripper? I mean, it is FOX, I wouldn't be surprised if they sat him down and said "if you say it, you're out".

Ozzie Totten said...

Sorry, that post is about Adam Lambert. Forgot to say that.

Arkaan said...

Being sick of Hamlet is like being sick of life. I love this play.


@arkaan. i'm guessing you don't live in a theater town (am i right?) there are bazillions of plays. not a bazillion better than Hamlet but come on... give other art a chance once in awhile.

@cory thanks for relating to my pov there ;)

fernando the bening and i haven't been speaking this year. hopefully we'll patch things up.

Jordan Wellin said...

Come one Nate, The Polar Express is a masterpiece. And I'm totally being sincere.

mcnellie said...

I like your links and your posts but dude, you gotta find a way to express agreement w/ people that isn't the tired "NOBODY except ME has been saying this or noticing this or gets this actor until FINALLY NOW." It's pop culture. A lot of people talk and a lot of people pay attention. Lots of us have the same ideas as you and have blogged about it. Don't assume you're the only one who's been saying stuff or whatever just b/c you like feeling alone in your rightness or you haven't looked around for people on the same tip as you. Sometimes even before you!


mcnellie point taken. but it's a natural byproduct of having an off consensus opinion to think you're totally alone in it.

"I am alone... i am UTTERLY alone"
-lydia deetz

trust me it's A RELIEF to find out that i wasn't the only one. I guess i wasn't reading the right sites last month because every where i went it was praise for adam lambert like he was a gay hero (which he is not)

but maybe my ignorance is that i really don't like american idol so i was only reading posts about it from sites that i read regularly. i wasn't seeking them out.

Derreck said...

Am i the only one who thought Emmy Rossum was fantastic in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA?

i guess so. lol..

Alice Norin said...

We all sick of Shakespearean.
but Jude Law is getting rave reviews for Hamlet.
bring it to NY please....Broadway.

Anonymous said...

How do you feel now? You and your dumb gay ilk are the reason your community doesn't move forward...Adam was smart and is using his sexuality to jumpstart his career and has established an identity outside of Idol...don't look for him to join you in your marginalized hell...Adam is about to serious bank and he doesn't need you or your approval to do it....


anon I feel proud of him for doing the right thing.

good on Adam for being able to join the miniscule percentage of the world population able to make serious bank... but you know... you DO KNOW don't you (god i hope you know) that that doesn't make him any better than anyone else. Money = good. It just equals money.

but your other comment is the more offensive one.

I think it's hilarious (and sad) that some people still refuse to get it: declaring that you're gay shouldn't be considered to have "marginalized" themselves anymore than any straight person who does the same thing by making their sexuality known to the world (i.e. ALL STRAIGHT PEOPLE with their wedding rings, their holding hands in public, their loved ones photos on desks, their baby strollers, their bachelor parties, their dating in public places, their joint tax filings, etcetera)

I know that a lot of straight people are smart enough to have realized this by now but there's still some holdovers who think saying your gay is somehow this terribly uneccessary thing.

Marginalization only exists because some people (maybe you're one of them?) have issues with other people being gay or have issues with protecting the sanctity of the closet (hint: it isn't a holy place. it's a slow death).

If everyone was ok with everyone else living their lives the way they want to (as long as they're not hurting anyone else) then we'd all be better off... and nobody would have to say anything publicly ever... they would just live publicly (as all straight people do)

but until that day, gay people need to "come out" so that it's more and more common and less and less a "marginalized hell" as you so charmingly consider it.