Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Linkables and NINE

In Contention no Kidman in Woody Allen's 2010 picture. Sorry folks. I don't wanna say I told ya so. But...
Low Resolution on the Whatever Works trailer. Woody may be back in NYC but he's never really approached southerners and gay characters before, has he?
Boy Culture
a very gay 'blind item'
Cinema de Merde on X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Should you watch it? No, you should probably clean your room instead
And Your Little Blog, Too sees Debbie Reynolds in concert. Molly Brown, still Unsinkable
Hollywood Elsewhere on the talk about Sherlock Holmes "bromance" between Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr
The Quiet Earth Sweden has another vampire movie.
Art of the Title Sequence looks at the Hulk movies
The Post Game Show American Idol's God vs. Devil showdown. It's no secret that I don't care a whit about AI. I think it's rotting people's brains ever faster than the Hulu aliens could have dreamed. But despite that, I made it all the way through this article and enjoyed it which means ~ must read (if you're into AI).
Thompson on Hollywood keeps us up to date on Sony Pictures Classics. They're buying what's selling at Cannes. In addition to new films from Almodovar, Allen and Michael Haneke, they've actually bought both Coco Chanel pictures: Coco Avant Chanel and Coco Chanel and Igory Stravinsky. I know the spin is that they want them both but I'm guessing it's so that someone else doesn't release one of them at the same time as the one they really wanted. Or am I too cynical?

And finally, ET's Nine preview (via). It's hard to pull anything really fron this preview really... all quick cuts and circling ladies... bad sound. But the marketing team is leaning heavily towards Dame Judi Dench, don't you think?

This just in 05/14:


Victor S said...

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard Nicole had dropped Woody Allen's project was that she was once again pregnant.
The Second, as they say at "In Contention", was too bad they cant cast Naomi Watts in her role.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

I don't know who the hell is singing but I just peed my pants a little.

Anonymous said...

I guess Uma Thurman or Diane Krueger could replace Nic Kidman. Uma already was on a Woody Allen film.

I don't know what to think about the Nine preview, the names are strong, but then I think of Memoirs of a Geisha and then I think of the word bomb.


Derreck said...

i agree with Jose. just damn! i'm wondering if that is Fergie? but i've never heard her voice so strong...

but i want to see more! that preview was amazing and filled with glam actresses. damn, November can't come soon enough.

Seeking Amy said...

What part was DDL singing? I watched it twice and could not hear him.

NoNo said...

That was Fergie singing through the whole thing.

RC said...

that's really interesting on the judi dench push - i wouldn't have guessed she'd be pushed --- but why not? The critics, audiences, and academy love her.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound like Fergie to me... I suppose I could be wrong since I'm only familiar with a few of her songs, but it sounds a little bit too masculine to be her. I think it's Daniel Day-Lewis!

Seeking Amy said...

Yeah I knew that was Fergie but the post made it sound like DDL was singing in the preview.

Wayne B. said...

RE: Boy Culture link

Really? That honestly surprised me because I never caught that vibe from him at all! Very interesting ;)

DJ said...

I really wonder if any of the females will be pushed lead? Perhaps Dench? I'm really, really hoping they don't pass over Nic like they have been doing recently. I have a feeling Cruz and Dench will be in (darn for not picking the latter in my predictions!) but I hope Kidman will be in as well.

Anyway, I *loved* the Nine trailer. I'm surprised you're not gushing over it Nathaniel. It looks so glamorous.


well it's not a trailer but just super fast clips for an ET thing.

we'll see. i'll be more interested in an actual trailer


That can't really be FERGIE singing the whole time can it?

If so her voice drops an octave in the second part and gets much growlier. Doesn't sound like Fergie at all to me -- except for the beginning part.

anyone else feel like it's not all her?

i can't find my CD so i can't recall who sings "Be Italian" in the stage version.

DJ... and like i've said many times: without a MAJOR reworking of the source material (possible i suppose but i'd doubt it given the musical numbers), there's no way that Nine can have a female lead. There's just too many women vying for Guido's attention for enough screen time or plot importance.

Cengiz said...

Saraghina sings "Be Italian" in the musical and Fergie is playing that character. I think it is her that sings throughout the Preview. Guido and the younger version of himself only echo her in certain parts, I believe.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the song that the preview features ("Be Italian") and Fergie's character, at least in the the musical version, sings throughout and is backed up by children's voices.

We don't have children's voices in the preview, though; instead the supporting ladies are providing backup. So it's very possible that they took a liberty with the score and had Daniel Day-Lewis finish it off.

Not a terribly farfetched idea since the same thing was done in the movie version of "Chicago" every once in a while. I swear the soloist from 0:52 onward is a man.

Glenn Dunks said...

It sounded like Fergie in some of the afflections in her voice, plus that voice doesn't really seem like it would fit any of the others that we haven't heard singing (Cruz, Cotillard, Hudson or Day Lewis).

They make a mistake though. The cast has SEVEN Oscars between them. Day-Lewis has 2, Kidman 1, Dench 1, Cotillard 1, Cruz 1 and Loren 1. Not sure why they said five.

Allen said...

Uhh... the people at ET got their facts wrong. All together they combine for 7 Oscars.

Daniel Day-Lewis; 2
Marion Cotillard; 1
Nicole Kidman; 1
Judi Dench; 1
Penelope Cruz; 1
Sophia Loren; 1

But with that little mistake aside, when I watched the preview, I came. Then I watched it another 20 times, and came each and every time. This is above and beyond what I was expecting and I was expecting alot. I'm so excited to see this movie!

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, I just rewatched it and Mary Hart is only talking about the ladies. My mistake.

Also, I'm glad I predicted Judi Dench for Best Supporting Actress. She seems like a good bet after this footage. She's Judi Dench as they've never seen her before! (aka, singing on screen).

Glenn Dunks said...

There are three shots that I want hi-res versions of NOW. One of Penelope Cruz against the wall, the one of Cotillard bathed in blueish grey light (directly after the Cruz shot) and one of Day-Lewis looking like he's on the set of the "After You've Gone" number from All That Jazz. Random, but true.

Glenn Dunks said...

Full trailer right there, folks! Lookin' good, but it's worrying that Fergie is only one heard singing (or even seen for that matter). So while they're not selling it audibly as a big musical at least the visuals seem to give it away.

Rob said...

Full trailer on Apple as well.

And it IS Fergie.

Arkaan said...

The Weinsteins love Judi Dench, all but one of her nominations cames from Miramax/The Wesintein company. Doesn't surprise me that they'd push her this way.

alec said...

Oh my, Kidman looks uber-gamorous, she's Bardot-like, she hasn't looked that sexy since Batman Forever, and she filmed her part right after giving birth so she has more meat on her bones

Also she dropped out of the Woody project to focus on Rabbit Hole, which she's also producing. That was the right choice, it's such a powerful role.

With The Golden Compass and Australia being international hits (I'm not talking about USA), it's good to see her in a small indie drama and in a showy musical.

NoNo said...

No ET was talking about the awards among the women not including Day-Lewis so the numbers make sense when you look at it like that.

Anonymous said...

It looks so good. And the Nine Trailer is beyond my expectations:

and to download the trailer:

jimmy said...

actually sophia loren has 2 oscars. one's an honorary one....but for marketing purposes...might as well give her two. why she got an honorary one....before doris day is kind of beyond me. but i digress.