Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Curio: A Carey Mulligan Makeover

Alexa here. Instant remakes of foreign films are almost always pointless, but it's encouraging that David Fincher and (possibly?) Carey Mulligan are attached to the English remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But with all this Mad Men anticipation in the air, I've been thinking of Carey's 60s schoolgirl makeover in An Education. Viola Vintage will custom make the dress for you (although the fabric could use a change):

With an updo and some inspiration, you'll be ready for some Jenny-esque, coming-of-age lazing about, as in this photo homage by
Luka Fontò:

And who knows, maybe Carey will inspire us to go a bit more emo with our look in 2012.

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hmmm yeah that fabric up top does not seem particularly well suited to mimic'ing the Mulligan dress.

the fabric in the photo homage is closer (though depicting a different scene. odd)

how was it that this film didn't get a costume design nomination again?