Friday, March 17, 2006

25 Actors. Not Enough Time.

Five more names have been added to the Top 100 Actors of the Aughts Countdown.

Because I am disappointingly not two people I can only cover so much at a time. We'll take a little break from this countdown now as we preview 2006 culminating in the April Fools Oscar Predictions for this new film year. [yes, despite the worst Oscar f***over moment of all time --they didn't just jump the shark, they lept over Moby Dick -- I'm still planning to cover next year's race.]

If you're still hung up on all these talented actors, though, please vote on the new poll @ the main site. You'll be restricted to my overall choices in groupings of 25, but when my countdown is finished there'll be an alternate "readers choice" numerical ranking from the four polls you'll be voting in. It all sounds needlessly complicated but that just isn't so dear readers. Complications are needed. Complications are preciousss.


Ramification said...

Sergi Lopez was great in Dirty Pretty Things (only time i've seen him in a film), which I recommend.

Calum Reed said...

Although I agree with you he was better in Artificial Intelligence, I love Osment in Pay it Forward. He's nothing short of brilliant. Although I'm one of the few people who really liked the film.

Nick M. said...

Campbell Scott was my favoirte actor for a brief period in 2003. Then I met him.

Unfortunately, his demeanor is very similar to his chaarcter in The Dying Gaul (but replace Hollywood Honcho with Indie Honcho).


ram -i do need to see that (and have fun on your date)

cal -i think he's good in that too. but the film is awful.

nick -ouch. hate that. this is why celebs should only be worshipped from afar.

Shawn said...

YES! Bravo Nathaniel on your Jeffrey Wright mention. ITA with you that his performance in AiA is one of the best ever. He was so brilliant in that movie.

Glenn Dunks said...

I only saw Munich less than a month ago and I still can't picture who that Lior guy is.

Can't wait for Strathairn's next movie, The Notorious Bettie Page, which you discussed the other day.


no, Lior isn't in Munich. He's in this movie called 'WALK ON WATER' but, like Bana, he plays a Mossad Agent.