Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Witch, The Ducks, Our Streep and Some Others

Week in Review: In Case You Missed Anything...
Last Weekend smart moviegoers were attending Dave Chappelle's Block Party and cringing at the homophobia of "Black Sunday" while mourning the premature demise of Jack & Ennis (They're still alive in our hearts even as we attempt to get over it). If movies are always the cure for what ails you, go see Duck Season. It's terrific.

SJP had 'a history of' showtunes, robert downey jr, and sex in this city. Pfeiffer, apparently regretting her missed opportunity in Narnia, still plans to be a witch. Streep is more beautiful than people realize.

Plus: Bana can terrorize us. TV can amuse us. These Actors can thank us.


Anonymous said...

In case you missed it, Nate, Oscarwatch reports that our big-nosed wanna-be gay-goddess openly admitted to voting for the Oscars without bothering to see the 5 nominees (and yeah, apparently she skipped that gay cowboy movie).

adam k. said...

Wait, was Pfeiffer offered Swinton's part in Narnia? Or am I just reading too much into that comment.

She would've made a great White Witch. Although I can't complain at all about Swinton.


i'm reading in a couple of places that she was. but they're very random places. haven't heard anything official.

goran, who are we talking about? there's so many big nosed gay goddesses out there.

and don't get me started on the number one most despicable thing about the academy (LAZY and evil as opposed to just the evils of racism / sexism / homophobia) is that they don't require their members to see anything before voting --well, except in certain less heralded categories.

If they required voters to see everything, i bet you the patterns would be far less pattern-like and there'd be many more surprises.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I could swear I wrote it down - I meant Sarah Jessica Parker. (And now that you mention it, isn't that funny, re: gay goddesses and big noses)

Glenn Dunks said...

But SJP isn't in the Academy! Or... she really has no right to be.

But if the Gilded Moose is right, she did indeed watch Brokeback because her kid also watched it (scarily, the parts with all the male-on-male stuff)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard that thing about her kid watching it, and I have no idea how she ever qualified for an AMPAS membership, but why would Oscarwatch lie to me?