Saturday, March 11, 2006

You May Have Noticed...

...that I spend too much time on the net. I'm not ready to do anything about this addiction just yet so I just console myself in knowing that I get to read lots of good stuff, whilst avoiding things I really need to be doing.

Best Things I Read/Saw Yesterday (In No Particular Order)
"Freedomland" -Nick (brilliant exposing all the wrong turns)
"The Felicity" -pop on the rocks sees Transamerica
"Something Blue" Blue Velvet Remix
"SXSW Review: Prairie Home Companion @ Cinematical
"On Gay Pride" -the last debate (tip: tinman)
"The Well Keeps Springing"-Reverse Shot on the dwindling foreign scene
"Why Costume Designers Hate the Oscars" -Slate (can't believe I missed this one. Thanks Stinky!)
"Malick as Messiah" Dave Kehr on the recent J Hoberman piece re: the fanaticism surrounding The New World

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John T said...

The article on the Costume Design was fascinating. I have to agree about Erin Brockovich-the fact that it and Traffic, were both overlooked in favor of something like Anthony Powell's outlandish 102 Dalmations is a travesty.