Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Andy, Donald, Jamie, Jeremy and Matthew

The Countdown has begun.
It's my take on which (male) actors are among the 100 most valuable of the past five years (i.e. my favorites. If i like them, they're valuable ;) It's my film experience after all). Read it to see #s 100 through 96.

If your fav didn't chart... well, they still have 2006-09 to prove themselves. This is but a test drive for the decade awards.


Glenn Dunks said...

YAY! Glad to have this feature back. Your best one ever.

So happy to see my boy Jamie on there. I love him something shocking. Billy Elliot is a biiig fave of fine. That scene where he gives his (male) friend a peck on the cheek is priceless.

Fact - I am only 5 months and 1 day older than Jamie!

Anonymous said...

About Donald Sutherland, being in trashy projects. He is hilarious on Commander in Chief. He chews scenery like nothing I have ever seen. As the over-the-top evil Republican Speaker of the House, he practically twirls his invisible mustache with every move, but he does it with such panache and wit that it is a treasure to behold. I seriously rediscovered my love for him simply because of this performance.

Anonymous said...

No argument from me on "Macfadyen" he's great!!

Good in P&P and Enigma, but a real stand out in the Brit TV series MI-5 (Spooks). Check it out.

And not being a Colin Firth fan, almost anyone would have been better as Darcy. Firth leaves me cold. Now his brother Peter Firth, from his Joseph Andrews, Equus and Tess days, when he was in his 20s, that's a different story. Peter's also in some of the MI-5 series. And now that he's in his 50s has become an interesting actor again.

Glenn Dunks said...

You're preaching to the Colin-Firth-is-overrated choir here. So blah. The real accomplishment of Macfadyen is that i was all "pfft, whatever" at the start and then by the end i was indeed swooning for some Darcy action.

How on earth did i type "fine" instead of "mine" in my post up there? Those letters are on opposite sides of the keyboard!