Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Moment of Triumph on perhaps the most hilariously self-deluding lawsuit of all time. You mean public image is different than private persona? UNTHINKABLE!

Dave Cullen, an award winning journalist and writer, has been a champion of Brokeback Mountain from the get go. Here on his forum they're discussing the new box office milestone for BBM(in the top ten romantic dramas of all time now -yay!) and also a letter and e-mail campaign to members of the Academy (especially those who publicly endorsed Crash), proud homophobe Tony Curtis who refused to see Brokeback (shame too since he's Jamie Lee's dad and she's Jake Gyllenhaal's godmother), and Kenneth Turan (in support for his terrific skewering of Hollywood's faux liberalism.) [ *thanks to Wayman for this tip*]

The Gilded Moose continues to have a better sense of humor about the Oscars than I do. (Poor Mrs. G.)

Modern Fabulousity always has the scoops on theater. Check out the plays and musicals who may be enjoying red carpet glory in June.


John T said...

Ooh-I'm boycotting Oprah-that's it for that. Gotta love that Diane Keaton and Emma Thompson were both Brokeback supporters though-I guess talent recognizes talent.


and Jack Nicholson. pro Brokeback.


but seriously people. click on those gilded moose links. really funny.

and we need to laugh about the oscars. enough crying.

Middle-P said...

i am upset that brokeback lost still, but i really think that the letter writing campgaign is a little much. while i hate their choice and think it had some conspricicy with it, i really do believe the academy is entitled to their opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I wonder if Oprah will be as passionate about The Color Purple as she was with Crash.

I've been following your fascinating coverage of the build up to the Oscars and I just want to say how much I've enjoyed it. Your recent post that sparked much debate was truly insightful (as was the debate itself among the various posters). So thanks!

Loved the Moose links, too. It made me feel so much better about the Academy Awards. Not about the awards themselves or the ceremony, but just my personal feelings and connections to them. I guess it is important to just step away from them for a moment and laugh.


Anonymous said...

So it lost the big prize. Does that take away from the successful run it had?

You know Raging Bull didn't win the Oscar.

Crash isn't that bad. I don't like the ripping on the winner cause you lost thing. Crash has passionate supporters. Much like Brokeback did. Show some respect to them.

We have to move on and quit crying about it.

Glenn Dunks said...

I especially love the Reese Witherspoon one. It certainly came as a shock to ME that she's from Tennessee. You mean to tell me she's not from Los Angeles originally?!