Monday, March 27, 2006

Geelong in the Piazza

Over the weekend I met Glenn which was fun. He was visiting NYC from Australia. [you get no photos because I seem to have lost my camera cord. I lose everything. Argh] We went and saw The Light in the Piazza. When choosing the show Glenn had the good sense to reject the musicals that he'd already seen as films or were in the process of being made into movies. Because, you know, he has good taste. Unlike most tourists.

This was my second time seeing it this show. I urge those who love Broadway musicals to buy this CD --clearly one of the best scores of the past few decades. Victoria Clark is --and this will be tough for anyone who has seen this Tony winning show to imagine-- even better than she was when this swooning musical first opened.

Hollywood has no clue how to make movie musicals (recently they gave the white-hot musical comedy property Hairspray over to the director of The Pacifier, you know? Hollywood does not care about movie musicals. But this is the kind of musical I'd love to see get a shot at the silver screen. Great score, sensational lead performance, and since it's set in Italy, it'd be beautiful to look at it as well.

Exciting breaking news about this show by way of ModFab: being filmed for posterity before it closes for a PBS airing in the summer.

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Anonymous said...

If Victoria Clark had to be recast, wouldn't a movie of Light in the Piazza starring Meryl Streep be fantastic. It would be a movie musical classic.

Glenn Dunks said...

That's pretty correct.


(I have a picture)