Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Drift...

I am exhausted for no discernable reason today, so I give you... other people:

"Tom Cruise has telepathic powers" WWTDD? on Scientology's future surprise attack.
"Looking for the Off Ramp" -Dave Kehr on Crash. The last line is choice.
German "Lola" Nominations -europeanfilms. It sounds like we're going to be hearing more and more about this Requiem film.
"ModMusic" -new Sunday music download feature on Modern Fabulousity.
"When Cinephilia Goes Bad" -The downward slide of Jonathan Demme. [Arden is so cute when she's angry.]
"Randy Quaid Got Bent Over Brokeback" I Don't Like You In That Way on Quaid's idiotic lawsuit.
"MotherF*king Snakes -J.J. on the planned cult status of you know what...
Kirsten as Marie Antoinette Just Jared with new photos. [soon the world will catch up with my Kiki-love and stop with the hating. mwahhahaha -ed.]

And if you forgot your reading glasses. You Tube...
Michelle Pfeiffer used to date Animal!?! -70s dating game skit on The Muppets Tonight
Michael Berresse sings "Bianca" from Kiss Me Kate -He's currently in Light in the Piazza on Broadway. Love him.


adam k. said...

Randy Quaid's lawsuit is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of. Who the fuck is Randy Quaid anyway? Note to Randy, your name is not DENNIS. YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS. IN FACT, NO ONE EVEN KNOWS WHO YOU ARE. WHEN HAVE YOU EVER IN YOUR LIFE MADE $10 MILLION A MOVIE? Jesus Christ. What an ego trip. Not to mention that he had like three little scenes.

So I suppose Heath and Jake must've been taken for a ride, too, eh? How much should THEY be allowed to sure for? Ridiculous.

adam k. said...

Plus who is the "closeted homosexual actor" they're referring to in that article? Jake is not gay, people. LET IT GO.