Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Haiku Fun

Again, I did not write these. Written by guests of my Oscar party 10 days ago. I do not neccessarily condone the views therein ;)

"Snow falls on L.A.
emotional porno just
leads to shooting blanks"

Good Night and Good Luck
"'good night and good luck'
the film is its own haiku
(...and kind of boring)"

Brokeback Mountain
"Wyoming Relief:
When the pup tent's a rockin'
Sheep no longer scared"


John T said...

Too funny (especially the Brokeback Mountain-one HIlarious)

adam k. said...

The Crash one is a-MAZ-ing.

chofer said...

Nathaniel, I thought that you and every reader would like to know Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins are in Argentina to present the Mar Del Plata Film Festival.
LA NACION, one of the largest newspapers here interviewed them separately.
One of the questions, off course, went towards the shocking outcome of the Academy Awards.
The question was the same to both; so DID the answers.

I will translate it for you:

LN: As members of AMPAS, what's your conclusion of CRASH winning BP over the heavily favored BBM?

SS: Well, I think BBM is a good picture. But I think it's Ok CRASH won. Nevertheless, Good Night and Good Luck was the better picture. I voted it.

TR: I saw BBM and I think was good the end I am glad CRASH had won. I'm not telling you why. I prefer not to talk much about this, I don't want to get into trouble. I voted GN,GL tough.

Confused? Surprised?