Sunday, March 19, 2006

Supporting Actress Sundays

StinkyLulu invited Nick Davis and I to participate in an insanely long project called "Supporting Actress Sunday". I'm in. I never turn down chances to pay homage to the underappreciated supporting players.

and twosies beat onesies but nothing beats three.

Today Lu' is honoring Maureen Stapleton in 1970's Airport. Read more about this project here (You too can play along at home)


StinkyLulu said...

Thanks, Nathaniel!

A brief "out of my hands" disclaimer:
It seems that blogger's unresolved technical issues are corrupting the archive-link to the "Supporting Actress" project post that Nathaniel linked to...

If you get gibberish, just go the main StinkyLulu page & scroll to the entry of March 16. It's legible there...


StinkyLulu said...

Ok. Now it seems that the same technical issues have taken StinkyLulu entirely down.

(Once again. 3rd time this week. I'm trying not to cry.)

Keep trying?


god. i hate that crap (technical issues)