Monday, March 13, 2006

Cylon is the Future of Man

It's becoming quite clear that my mission in life (or at least in first-quarter-2006) is to get as many readers as I can watching Battlestar Galactica. The second season of this stellar show (among my favorites ever) ended on Friday night. Season 3 doesn't begin until October which means you have six months to get caught up. Rent the DVDs from Netflix or download the episodes from iTunes. Or something. Just see. this. show.

The best compliment I can pay Battlestar Galactica is that watching it reminds me of watching P.T. Anderson movies or Buffy the Vampire Slayer (even though it's nothing like either) in that even when I think I know where it's going, I am often surprised at how it gets there. And sometimes I just lose my bearings entirely.

This will sound contradictory but, true to form, the Season 2 Finale was unexpected and atypical. The final super-charged moments pull off a really superb trick: No actions other than arrivals and departures are taking place. But it's more nerve-wracking than any action sequence, like the weight of what's coming will crush you. Plus the narrative rug pulling suggests such a new and startling direction for an already great series that I'm more pumped about it than ever. This then is what season finales should always aim for.

I frakkin' love this show. It should collapse under the weight of Emmy trophies. Not that the Emmys were ever or will ever be this cool.


Glenn Dunks said...


1. It doesn't screen on Australian tv (i don't think so anyway)
2. Space isn't my thing
3. I've got other shows to watch

Anonymous said...

well i've seen battlestar galactica before and i must say that its quite kewl its not my fave tv show but i really got hooked on it ( tough i've only seen season one... dont have much time for tv right now hehe,...) i think that its a great show hope to see season two soon... :-P

OhMyTrill said...

you've convinced me...just need to get it from Netflix (its already on my list!) Can always use another TV show to obsess over.

Hero Supreme said...

i back up the praise. this is the best show on tv right now!(well technically its on hiatus now, but get caught up before october.)

its got action and drama, and makes you think. i cant believe i dont have to pay to watch it.


rico --yes. that it's on basic cable is such a plus. it's as mature as anything on HBO but you don't have the subscription fee. bonus.

Anonymous said...

I too have nothing buy praise for BSG. It suprises me every Friday how good it is. The acting, writing, etc. It just stretches my imagination and it is one of the best shows on Television right now.