Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Triple: Pulp Fiction

It's Amanda Plummer's birthday. You know. Weirdass Amanda. The indeliby shy "Lydia" from The Fisher King (I personally think Robin Williams owes her his Oscar nomination. Seriously.) and "Honey Bunny" in Pulp Fiction and assorted weirdos in other films, too. Which brings me to my three favorite scenes in Quentin Tarantino's cooler-than-thou breakout smash...

The Robbery
I can still feel that jolt ripping through the theater on opening night when Tarantino froze that frame 70s style just as Plummer went ballistic in the diner. What a way to open a film. I can't even tell you how many times my roommate and I did the dialogue to this scene in college. We were always turning random events into "Pumpkin" & "Honey Bunny" spaz outs 'If any of you f***ing pricks move. Then I'll execute every last motherf***in' one of you!" When you need an actress to go way the hell out there, please consider giving Ms. Plummer a call.

The Dance
"I want that trophy!" Can I just say that a part of me died when Travolta and Thurman tried to repeat this classic screen moment in last year's Be Cool (which wasn't). That just ain't right. It's like trying to colorize a black and white picture. Don't mess with the best. Move on gracefully from past triumphs.

The Overdose
Because it set Uma up for my favorite post-Oscar nomination announcement quote of all time. Uma on the PR circuit 'to be included with all of these remarkable women is like a shot of adrenaline to my heart.' Hee.


John T said...

OK, I'll bite-what was the quote?

Anonymous said...

It's in the following sentence.