Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Coming Soon #9: "Inland Empire"

Coming Soon But Not Soon Enough
#9 Inland Empire (Canal + . No release date announced yet but 99% certainty of premiering at Cannes this year.)

We have a repetitive theme going on here with this breath-holding countdown and it's this: Directors we haven't heard from since 2000/2001. Is this a standard turnaround time for auteurs? I guess it is. (This means that Todd Haynes, P.T. Anderson, and more are coming up soon. yee-haw) Still, five years is too long for impatient little me. Inland Empire has a strange cloud hanging over it . And that's this: It comes on the heels of Mulholland Dr, certainly one of the most acclaimed films of the decade and maybe, eventually, an all-timer. Not that Lynch is sweating, mind. He has a way of seeming...well, if not really above it all perhaps to the side. A smiling observant unassuming man. And a weirdo genius, God bless.

Lynch's name on an upcoming project is enough to insure fever pitch in cineastes the world over. But aside from the inimitable auteur, I'm looking forward to seeing what Laura Dern will bring once thrown back into the Lynchian universe to which she so clearly belongs. I haven't been excited about Laura Dern in a good long while [you'll recall she was #80 in my fav actresses of this decade list]. She was best in show in the recent We Don't Live Here Anymore but, alas, that isn't saying much given the limpness of the entire romantic quadrangle in that film. The last time I was truly and unrecoverably into her was when she made Citizen Ruth with Alexander Payne in 1996. The reason for my love initially was time spent with Lynch. My favorite performance of hers is possibly in Wild at Heart. Her "Lulu" was 'hotter than Georgia asphalt.'

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OhMyTrill said...

If I were making one of these lists this would be my #1...but maybe its because I'm a bit Lynch-crazy. Mulhalland Dr. is one of my all time favs along with Wild at Heart and Blue Velvet. And the thought that Laura will be appearing in this movie alongside Justin Theroux and Kyle MacLachlan (at least according to imdb) is almost too much to deal with.

I need a release date so I can start obsessing over it.

Javier Aldabalde said...

Julia Ormond stars too. I loved her back in the day. SHE should be Julia Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder how big Julia's part is in this movie?

I too loved her once upon a time, especially in 'Smilla's Sense of Snow' and 'The Prime Gig', and think it's about time for her to resurface (and no, a Lifetime movie does not count).

Fingers crossed that Lynch does not fail with this movie.


Anonymous said...

Spot on but whither thou, Baz Luhrmann?


Glenn Dunks said...

This is my #1 anticipated title of the year. Let's just hope it actually gets released!