Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Green with envy.
Now I have my own projects in progress at the moment. That's no secret. But I'm also easily distracted (It's that Gemini nature).

So cruising around to the places I go I discover that Nick Davis went and spilt the beans about his "Best Actress" project. Which I knew of. But which I was hoping to miraculously catch up with myself before he debuted. Grrrrr. (let's just say i'm several percentage points behind. several). I also discover that Ed Gonzalez has a top 10 list for every year (another thing I'm working on but since I don't see 800 movies a year --800!?! (No really, that's what he claims. I sit at my computer: blinking. in awe). Since I only see about 150....It'll take me years. And then I see that goatdog also has this sort of Oscar through time thing happening.

I need 48 hour days. 24 for movies. The rest for regular old life.


Emma said...

Oh, and link me!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't calculated it before, but after your post I went to see what percentage of the Best Actress nominees I had seen. For some reason--and without my knowing--I've reached 76%! I didn't realize I was so obsessed with Best Actress but I guess I'm as bad as you are.

Glenn Dunks said...

I have a word document on my comp titled Top 10s and I have every single year from, like, 1920, and whenever I see a film from a year that I like I place it on an ever growing top 10. THere are also honourable mentions because the lists can change and it's easier that way.

I'm not obsessed.