Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Coming Soon #2: "Marie-Antoinette"

Coming Soon But Not Soon Enough
#2 Marie-Antoinette (Sony / Columbia. Arriving in October.)

If you haven't seen the jaw-droppingly brilliant teaser trailer, drop everything and watch it now. It cleverly mashes 80s new wave with 18th century eye-candy (hey, they're both retro) for the tale of this frivolous teen-age queen. It's a bold move --not everyone gets how brilliant age appropriate the teaser is. But it shows again that Sofia is for real.

Could Coppola actually be three for three? The Virgin Suicides showed great promise for the famous offspring of Francis Ford and it also delivered a major performance from Kirsten Dunst. We all know what happened with her follow-up Lost in Translation. For her third trick, Sofia returns with her original star, "Kiki", in tow. This recipe looks risky but let us eat cake!

The Film Experience Kiki
A collection of previous Dunst-related posts

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chofer said...


My MOST ANTICIPATED movie of the year is your numero 2.
I wonder which one is your number 1!!

My expectation is so HIGH, I'm afraid I walked out dissapointed!!

Such expectations concern, in no particular order, this items:

1) SOFIA COPPOLA. I absolutely adored THE VIRGIN SUICIDES and LOST IN TRANSLATION. The latter, I don't know why, is a misunderstood (by audiences at large) treatise in the quality of caring and longing, between seemingly odd people, in foreign places (just like BEFORE SUNRISE). A character-driven, instead of plot-driven film. Why some people can't get that kind of movies? Is its simplicity TOO REAL for their tastes?

2) The teaser. New Order's AGE OF CONSENT is a masterstroke. SOFIA unsderstands POP MUSIC in film better than any director working today (with Wes Anderson and Pedro Almodovar not so far behind)

3) The story. If I had the chance to go back in time and revive history, I would have landed in FRANCE, circa 1789. I watched every movie concerning directly or tangently the REVOLUTION, from DANTON to LA NUIT DE VARENNES.

4) Marie Antoinette. I'm a sucker for HER. One of my favorites books is THE CONFESSIONS OF A QUEEN, by VICTORIA HOLT. Get it, and read it!!

Nick M. said...

I agree that the trailer is absolutely brilliant -- but I have a strange suspicion that this will be a complete catastrophe.

Nonetheless, I'm seeing it opening weekend.

Ramification said...

My big worry is about Dunst, she has underwhelmed me in everything I've seen her in since The Virgin Suicides, so maybe getting back with Sofia Coppola can be a good thing.

Chofer have you read Antonia Fraser's biography its also an excellent account of M-A's life.

Anonymous said...

I smell huge catastrophe coming every which way from this one.

It gives me a Vanity Fair, Memoirs of a Geisha vibe- big, fancy, period production, high profile cast/director, and some questionable casting choices. I'm no fan of Kiki's, and I don't think she's right for this role at all, just like Reese in Vanity Fair.

chofer said...

Hold on people, give her a chance!!
She's no Ron Howard, for God sake!!

I will be the first in the suicide line if this is a trash:)

Rami, I didn't read the book yet. I look forward to.
Tell me, does it tell Louis was a caring if inept (and impotent) husband?? Poor boy, king at the age of 18 (or was he 19?) My memory fails me.

chofer said...

CONFESSIONS OF A QUEEN DID say Louis was UGLY, as someone can be.
So I guess Jason Schwartzman is PERFECTLY CASTED.
Also, that MA turned in a very short period span from spoiled, frivolous and unassuming kid to a worried and compromising woman (so worried that her hair turned to grey OVERNIGHT!!)Only it was TOO LATE for a change.

OhMyTrill said...

I'm 99% sure I know what #1 is...guess we'll all find out pretty soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm expecting this film to be as misguided as Marie Antoinette's famous statement, truth be told.


ah but even if its a disaster it will be a fascinating disaster. which is why i absolutely cannot wait.

i love a point of view.

Anonymous said...

I want to see a list of most anticipated performances Nat!

P.S: If you make one, I better see Winslet and Kidman on there LOL.

John T said...

There are two that seem such obvious choices for number one, and yet neither have shown up on the list, I cannot decide which one it will be?!? Oh, the waiting...

Anonymous said...

The new PTA movie with Daniel Day-Lewis. I'll put a make-believe fiver on it.

Glenn Dunks said...

Marie-Antionette was myy #2 as well (Inland Empire was #1)! Cannot wait for this. I like to see the trailer as an obvious riff on Marie-Antionette's pointed greed and the '80s obsession with "greed is good" ya know. It makes perfect sense. And the fact that she uses New Order's (aka, one of THE greatest bands ever - still around, too!) "Age of Consent" is just brilliant. Sofia is great.

And yes, even if it is a disaster (which it has the possibility of, but i so hope it isn't) then at least it'll be pretty, which I didn't even think Memoirs of a Geisha was all that much of.

I love that she has such a bonkers cast. Kirsten, Jason Schwartzmann, Judy Davis (who needs to be in more movies plz), etc...

About the chart, clearly Mission Impossible 3 with the unholy mix of Tom and Phillip Seymour, is gonna be #1, right?!

But seriously, could #1 be Alfonoso Cuaron's The Children of Men with, amongst others, Julianne Moore? Or Todd Haynes' Bob Dylan (sort of) biopic with, amongst others, Julianne Moore. Or the return of La Pfeiffer? Or perhaps the Gondry and Bernal team up of The Science of Sleep? Is Nat a Milos Foreman fan? He has Goya's Ghosts this year. Or, yes, the previously mentioned Paul Thomas movie...? Hmmm....


you're all so wrong. mwaaaa ha ha ha ha

chofer said...

No, it's gonna be Spiderman 3 OR FAST FOOD NATION (hey, you're and indie kind of man, don't you?:)

But I'm sure Nat WILL surprise us, really.

Won't you?

(For the record: I would like to see in ANY blog some recognition to THE BLACK DAHLIA; the James Ellroy book is fantastic an Brian De Palma one of my favorites "underrated" directors)

OhMyTrill said...

come on people...isn't it obvious what number 1 will be...what is Nathaniel completly obsessed with above all else? What movie is coming out this year that just happens to be about this very subject?

Whatever...maybe I'm completly wrong.

adam k. said...

Ohmytrill, I am with you. It's totally obvious what #1 will be. Think, people, think.

Though I do wonder why the Bob Dylan movie was nowhere to be seen on the list.

par3182 said...

#1 - jennifer, catherine, christopher, eugene, parker. surely...?

Glenn Dunks said...

OMG, of course! lol, and that was in my top 5 anticipated titles as well!

Chofer, Spiderman 3 will be a 2007 release.

Ramification said...

Chofer, the description of Louis is the one that I remember the most from the book, I read a long while back I think I might crack it open again over the weekend!

chofer said...

Off course!!! FYC!!!

Anonymous said...

it is confirmed that marie-antoinette is nominated at cannes this year.

Steven said...

I saw the movie in France last week, and it was not very good at all. I think the critics are going to destroy it when it comes out.