Monday, May 29, 2006

Annette and Rupert

Today marks the birthday of two of my favorite thespians. They were born just one year apart making them 47 (Rupert Everett) and 48 (Annette Bening) years-old today. Nothing else really binds them together. They've never worked together. Only one of them is married to Warren Beatty. Only one of them used to be friends with Madonna. What do they have in common then? Well, they've both starred in separate versions of Dangerous Liaisons that aren't the famous one.

Basically they share only this birthday (and perhaps a secret justifiable hatred of Oscar voters) but it was a good excuse to put up a picture of their combined smoldering.


adam k. said...

Yeah, I think they are in fact bound by a secret hatred for the academy. Can't blame 'em.

Glenn Dunks said...

Rupert Everett is best friends with Madonna who dated Warren Beatty who is now married to Annette Bening. I rock (and you know it)

I'm not that fond of Rupert (I haven't seen any of the early '80s stuff unfortunately) but Annette is truly devine.


the must-sees to understand the rupert everett thing are:

another country 1984
dance with a stranger 1985
my best friends wedding 1997

Glenn Dunks said...

Well, i have seen My Best Friend's Wedding and Dance with a Stranger is in my DVD queue. So i'm getting there.

Anonymous said...

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