Thursday, May 18, 2006

Once More Into the Link...

Just a smidgeon over a week until X3 opens... This is a link roundup not a mutant parade. But I have to mention it.

Cinematical Jackman's star power
My New Plaid Pants on the Superman poster.
The Gilded Moose on Hollywood's obesity
The Hot Button celebrates "premature week" with a look at the Oscar race. [here's my preview/predix from early April]
Four Four on the beauty of The New World

Michael Beaty says goodbye to Wil & Grace. I can't say I personally will miss them (Karen only for me) but I understand why people will. I feel about them kinda the way I feel about the Clintons. Disappointment. It's like this... when you're popular you can get away with anything. The lyrics to "popular" from the musicalWicked apply. They're meant to provoke laughter but they're actually full of truth. W & G could have been a ton more progressive and world changing than it was --it always shied away from taking gay relationships seriously. They were only ever for jokes. Notice how in the end, 8 years later, Grace's lovelife is still the only thing that we're really supposed to care about or consider on a dramatic level.

From the world outside of Hollywood
(brrr, I know... but they say it's good to be well rounded)
ModFab is scared of the 'Towleroad Clone Army' Funny stuff.

!!Ooh, also you must go and wish ModFab's emperor Gabriel a happy birthday!!

Spantalones wonders if you know your "Sleep Style"? Well, do ya?
Toronto Star investigates the power of Asparagus . I thought that that special pee smell indicated a personal mutation (Professor Xavier here I come!) But it turns out I'm just one of those "lively, enthusiastic, flirtatious, provocative and seductive" personalities that likes the vegetable.


Ramification said...

I agree with you that Will & Grace could have been much more progressive than it was but I still think the show deserves praise for its positive protrayal of gay people. I love what they tried to do with the Jack character.

That said, I imagine the show did not push the envelope because it was on a majr network that was afraid to show to the American public anything more than sexless / harmless gay characters on tv. In the end, I liked the show more because it was funny and not because of its political stance (or lack thereof)

Anonymous said...

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