Monday, May 22, 2006


Arun said...

Gawd, I love her in this. So fragile.

adam k. said...

Aww... In the Bedroom. Tomei looks beautiful in this photo.

I have a question, Nate: who was your REAL silver medalist behind Winslet in 2001? You had Winslet/Tomei/Mirren, but then somewhere I know you typed that you thought Mirren was a close second to Winslet in who you deserved the oscar. I personally think I'd go I'd go:

1) Winslet
2) Mirren
3) Tomei
4) Smith
5) Harring

McDormand was good, but I barely register her now, while Harring's smouldering Mulholland turn still burns bright.

p.s. I know I too much about past FB awards. Sue me.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I love that opening scene. One of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Nathaniel is too kind to feature a haunting image from my favorite (Moulin Rouge was a very close 2nd) film of 2001.

What a treat to see it on this blog!

Yes Schultz, the opening scene is cinematic gold.

And speaking of FB awards (my pulse quickens at their very mention)I think his majesty Nathaniel made quite commendable choices in 2001’s supporting actress category although I wished he'd but his Beautiful Mind animosity aside (as I did) and gave Connelly her deserved slot on the top in the top 5. Oh well. Tomei and Mirren made it and that’s what matters most.

My choices:

1. Tomei (If you ever... talk with you...) SLAP (Cinematic gold)
2. Connelly ("Baby...your sick")
3. Mirren ("The perfect servant")
4. Winslet ("Make love?")
5. Diaz ("I swallowed your cum")

Anonymous said...

In the Bedroom = masterpiece

Marisa Tomei's performance = heartbreaking


i think i might leave my medals as is that year... honestly i see Winslet/Tomie/Mirren as a trinity of grandness and it's basically a tie for me with shifting loyalties depending on my mood. But it's always those three.

adam k --i hear you on McDormand. She's probably the one I'd drop in retrospect ... and it would be for Haring.

rayn --i can't get with the Connelly love. I liked her a lot in Requiem but most of the time I find her average. Beautiful and capable but not "special" as a performer. At least to me. I'm willing to be swayed by future performances of course.

Anonymous said...

After so many years of slams for her "undeserved" Oscar for 'My Cousin Vinny,' I was thrilled beyond thrilled to see Marisa Tomei find a role into which she could sink her teeth and, by extension, prove she's no one-hit wonder. Simply fab in this one. But what has she done lately? I worry that she has gone the Elisabeth Shue route into B-movie obscurity (sigh).


Glenn Dunks said...

Meh to the movie and to Tomei, but not Wilkinson.