Saturday, May 27, 2006

Maybe She Lets Her Eat Cake?

Kirsten Dunst on Sofia Coppola:

"She really gets me as a woman and an actress, and she captures who I am more than anybody else I've worked with."

"When I watch myself in Sofia's movies, it's scarier, because I feel more vulnerable, but it's closer to who I am. It's more than closer to who I am. It is me.'"
I personally don't care what the reviews are like. I am still breathlessly awaiting the Marie-Antoinette film (see old post). The Virgin Suicides is what started my Dunst love so I trust that Sofia knows what to do with Kiki this time, too.

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Emma said...

I'm glad it's tanking. It's directed by Sofia Coppola, who'se blandness rating matches Liev Shrieber's, and stars Kirsten "I dumped Jake because he's boring" Dunst. What do you expect?

I'll see it anyway, though, because the OST will rule, and Jason Schwartzman's a cutie. And it can't be worse than Lost in Translation (U, 4th worst film of all time)

Anonymous said...

Well, I like Sofia Coppola's other works, but I have grown to intensely dislike Kirsten Dunst. Talk about a child star who didn't deliver on her potential as an adult. Whiny, pouty - god - I was actually looking forward to this film just to see her head cut off, but apparently Coppola doesn't even give us that satisfaction! What a waste!

Anonymous said...

Just saw it in Paris. I loved it a lot!

Emma said...

Woah, Dunst's character doesn't die?! I knew there wasn't a God.

Anonymous said...

Grrr, I hate being immature but Mystic Dollar Redemption, you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sofia + Kirsten forever

Glenn Dunks said...

According to Roger Ebert it's actually getting more and more positive words. It appears that most people were afraid to say they liked. Ebert even reckons it could pick up a prize including (wait for it) Best Actress for Kirsten Dunst! Now that would interesting. very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe M.A will win any prizes at Cannes. Perhaps the film will pull a MOULIN ROUGE and rebound finding popular support upon its release in the states, but I just dont see it recovering so quickly to win the Cannes Film Festival.

Anonymous said...

I saw the film in Paris on Thursday and it way better than I expected.

The trailer is quite frightening but don't let it keep you away from it. The soundtrack is gorgeous.

adam k. said...

I really don't get all the hate for Kirsten.

First of all, how is she ugly? So many people seem to think she looks like a dog... but I think she has this great "old hollywood" mysterious kind of look... and really, what features of her are not attractive? I would almost even call her "generically beautiful": she is a medium-tall blonde with a really pretty face and nice body. The only thing I could see people disliking are her weird teeth, but I think they give her character.

And also, how is she a bad actress? I guess I could see people disliking Bring It On (though what could she have done better in that, anyway?), but how was she not good Virgin Suicides, and Crazy/Beautiful, and the Spiderman films, and Eternal Sunshine? And Interview with the Vampire, for that matter? It's up for debate whether she's ever actually been "award-worthy" or not, but come on, she's a very beautiful and talented actress, and she deserves the career she has. Where does the hate come from?

But anyway, all this devisiveness is often proof of someone's greatness... unless the someone is Paul Haggis, the writer/director of Crash.


you'll get no argument from the blog in which this conversatino is taking place in re: to Dunst's talent (I place her at the top of the heap of 20something American actresses (seriously)

the ugly thing I think has to do with the teeth yes. And also there is, recently at least, some backlash from the Gyllenhaal hysteria feeding into the already growing Dunst dislike.

but if you can watch Virgin Suicides and crazy/beautiful and The Cat's Meow and think she's a bad actress you need to get your eyes checked. sorry.

P.S. she's also very good in Bring It On too. but i realize that's a more controversial statement since it's you know a comedy (!) and people always feel justified in hating performances from that genre.

Glenn Dunks said...

I don't get the Kiki hate either. And hating her because she dumped Jake Gyllenhaal is sorta pathetic.

The bad actress thing doesn't make sense as Adam said. Unless you're looking at her performances through the kaleidascope of hate then I don't see anything truly horrible.

See, my two pet hates are Paul Giamatti and Jamie Foxx. And while it's true neither are BAD actors, my distaste for them comes from the near-unanimous praise they get for doing stuff I don't find special. I don't see Paul playing a schlub as being spectacular. He wasn't bad I just didn't care for it.

But the people who hate Kirsten seem to be under the dilusion that she actually can't act for a dime. But, as i said, they're obviously watching her performances through their bias and that's never a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Hating her because she supposedly dumped Jake Gyllenhaall is incredibly lame. For all you know he deserved to be dumped.

I think she's a good actress, but she does seem to play the one character over and over - Charming, but whiny girl. That said, she has been in so many films I love that I find it hard to get annoyed with her. my two favourites being Dick and a film no one on earth but me seems to have seen, The Hairy Bird.


just to be clear. i don't hate Kirsten at all. I sometimes feel it's misinterpreted when i try to explain why people might hate her.

i personally love her.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I wasn't refering to you! I was refering to the first post. I know you love her. Sorry 'bout that. :)

Anonymous said...

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