Friday, May 26, 2006

Weekend Choices

Going out or staying in? Your new movie/DVD options:

In Theaters: At Least on the Coasts (links go to trailers)
Cavite A thriller set in the Phillipines.
An Inconvenient Truth buzz giant doc w/ Al Gore on global warming.
La Moustache A potential wannasee for fans of last year's TFE top ten'er Kings and Queen since it reunites that film's stars, Emmanuel Devos (FB silver medalist) & Matthieu Almaric.

In Multiplexes
XE: The Last Stand I've probably said enough pre-viewing. Keep scrollllling. There's plenty more here from past postings if you like Marvel's misfit mutants.

New to DVD This Past Week
Oh never mind. Go to the movie theater! It's a holiday weekend.

If you insist on staying home, rent an old movie. TryMrs. Miniver or The Magnificent Ambersons two greats from 1942 which will be discussed on Sunday with myself, Tim, and Nick over @ Stinky Lulu's. plug. plug