Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Mother, My Sarandon

True Story
For years I carried a copy of this picture you're looking at taped in my wallet. More than one person asked me "is that your mom?" when I opened my wallet. Those with sharper eyes or more pop culture savvy would look perplexed and say "um, why do ya got a picture of Susan Sarandon in your wallet?" Good question.

What happened was this. Before my days lording over The Film Experience I was obsessed with magazines. I had huge boxes filled with clippings and many scrapbooks of my favorite stars that I made in high school (and, this being the late 80s/early 90s, Sarandon was huge --Bull Durham, Thelma & Louise, Lorenzo's Oil --and, thus a frequent magazine fixture.)

Whenever I would clean my room I would find stray clippings everywhere. One day in a rush I found this picture of Sarandon and, not wanting to throw it out or dig out the magazine box, I quickly taped it into my wallet and ran out the door. It stayed there for years. Eventually the picture and wallet started to fall apart and both got tossed. But I was just thinking about this today on Mothers' Day because my friends used to yell out "Hey, it's Nat's Mom!" when Susan Sarandon would appear on the television.

My real mother probably wouldn't enjoy the comparison (their politics being polar opposites) but I used to get a kick out of thinking of the two in tandem. I love my real mom, her scary politics aside. As you also may have guessed by now I'm also quite fond of the reel one.

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Glenn Dunks said...

Your mom (i'll be American for a second) drove off the Grand Canyon! Sad.


yeah, but afterwards she slept with Jude Law so she came out all right in the end, don'cha think?

Anonymous said...

I used to (used to, used to!)imagine that Björk would write songs for me, with lyrics inspired to guide my life. Difficult times were always about "Come to me [I'll take care of you]"; and ecstatic ones about "Two suns shining just for you...".