Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rapidly Moving Horoscope

Yesterday was "Bike to Work Day." But if you're name isn't Pee Wee Herman this may not have crossed your mind. But that's just one tiny piece of National Transportation Month. Whether you're a biped or a quadriped, or even if you don't have any legs at all, you get around somehow. This week's theme is movement. Whatever you do this week, don't stand still. The planets aren't. This weekend we move from steady stable Taurus into juggling airy Gemini. As always the movies are here to guide us. They fit right into this theme. They don't call them motion pictures for nothing.

Weekly Movie Horoscope
May 17th -May 23rd 'get up and go' edition

Aries (3.21-4.19)
The force is with you impulsive ram. Your mental mode of transport should be that nifty land cruiser favored by young Skywalker on Tatooine. Like him, you'll need to converse with others to shape your big plans. You're too reckless and impractical alone. Replace the abrasive whining with teachable softness this week and you'll get to your destination very quickly.

Taurus (4.20-5.20)
Don't clam up right now, communication is everything. The sun is moving out of your stable sign into Gemini this weekend, so expect your steed to buck a little. That's right. You're on Seabiscuit this week. What? You think it's silly to suggest a bull atop a horse? Don't be so inflexible. Stay as light as a jockey and you'll win any race this week.

Gemini (5.21-6.20)
With the sun taking up residence in Gemini for a month, you're ready to shine. Before you get all psychedelic and bursting with color, submerge it like a submarine. Wrap up loose ends now. If you do you'll reap musical rewards all summer once you come up for air. One more thing. Your love life is not a group project. If they don't like your Yoko, tough crap.

Cancer (6.21-7.22)
Be honest : You know what you have to do so you'd best get to doing it. You'll need a moment alone to collect yourself but afterwards, it's full speed ahead. A great summer of transformation awaits. Believe it or not, you'll have raw animal power, too. This'll sound strange but as a creature of the sea you might understand. Hitch a ride on the backs of turtles just like Nemo's daddy did.

Leo (7.23-8.22)
You can't expect stability (at all) right now. The road may get difficult but you'll have a roaring good time. A good vehicle to keep in mind might be Bonnie & Clyde's car. Sure, it ended up bullet ridden but it made for a passionate ride. To prevent that sorry fate, acheive this tricky balance: Avoid joint business ventures (like bank robbing) but embrace all other communal activity this week.

Virgo (8.23-9.22)
This is a big time for your career/work. Put your heart and soul into it and make sure your voice is heard. To this end you'll want a symbiotic ride. Herbie is just the thing. He'll anticipate your needs and help you avoid direct conflict. It wouldn't hurt to flirt a little this week. Herbie gets around quickly. So do you as the sun moves into Gemini.

Libra (9.23-10.22)
Here's the scoop on your balancing act. You need to stay cool to gain ground. Best way to do that is in the air. Keep your head above it all --it's probably best to work alone, avoiding earthly temptations. All of this screams "invisible jet!". Whether you're a man or a woman, you'll be a wonder this week for family and friends. That love interest of yours? Smile and wink back.

Scorpio (10.23-11.21)
Expect big changes and be prepared to relinquish control --probably too someone who holds your heart (even if this scares you). In fact, here's how you're getting around: you're inside Howl's Moving Castle. Sudden changes in direction are very likely. This ride is rickety. The universe wants to jolt you into a new way of looking at where you're going. Embrace the unruly magic.

Sagittarius (11.22-12.21)
Embrace this with your normal enthusiasm archer: Put on rollerskates! Break any routine and plant new social seeds. What's better for mingling than roller rinks? You may want to play it hot & horny like Rollergirl but I'll tell you it's more of a Greek muse/Xanadu type situation. A transformation is coming up to test your heart. Olivia had some tough decisions to make in that disco musical, too.

Capricorn (12.22-1.19)
Make like Batgirl on a motorcycle this week. But beware of having too many secrets. I'm not saying rip off your mask, but be a little flexible and let your hair down. Feel the wind. You'll make great progress if community is your focus this week, so find extra time to spend with your own personal Commissioner Gordon or Batman. You'll iron out past kinks.

Aquarius (1.20-2.18)
Don't hate me you airy thing but your mode of transportation this week is your own damn feet. Health and fitness are super important for you right now. As are your personal relationships which are going to get a workout. This jogging, running, walking shouldn't be solitary. The key to your success this week is community. Train with others. Motivate them. Be energized in return.

Pisces (2.19-3.20)
Those changes you've been dreaming about? Make them. The time is right to take flight. Venus is currently connecting with your Neptune god so you should be feeling energized and less timid about a new adventure. Maybe you'll meet someone new? With Chitty Chitty Bang Bang you'll be fine on water, land, or air. Have an adventurous weekend.


As always if you know someone who needs this joint planetary/motion picture guidance, e-mail this link. Have a great week.

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Glenn Dunks said...

"That love interest of yours? Smile and wink back."

How will he see me in my invisible jet?

Ramification said...

I was just about to ask the same question ...

Javier Aldabalde said...

Animal instinct.... oh yeah.


it doesn't matter if you're seen, so long as the message is a wink and a smile.


do i have an overflow of Libras in the house or something?

let's hear from readers --what sign are you? Am I alone in my twinness? Are there any Aquarians or Leos in the house (i'm crazy for u --just sayin' xoxo)

Do you like the horoscopes? It's a lot of work for me (fun but still...) if you don't.

Javier Aldabalde said...

I'm a Cancer! (how gross!)

We are hopelessly in love with the Kate Winslets and Rachel Weiszs of the world.

Ramification said...

I think Glen will agree with me that Librans rock :) .. I like horoscopes and signs